What the Main Focus of an Ideal Cyber-Security Firm Should Be

Whenever we start discussing about cyber security consultancy firms, the main focus always prevails around all the statistics regarding cyber security vulnerabilities faced by all the industries around the global market. Talking about these statistics have always been beneficial because in one way or the other, these facts and figures showcase the current state of cyber-security issues. Speaking about the same, let’s take a look at some of these figures, and understand how they have impacted every industry around the globe. Industry-Wise Profit On Each Cyber Vulerability According to a recently published research report during the period of May 2019 and May 2020, the cross-site scripting weaknesses have been the most lucrative for all the bounty hunters around the world along, giving them a monetary edge of over $4.2 million. The main vulnerability of almost all the cyber security consultancy services around the world was exposed when according to a mid-2020 article that showcased cyber security trends mentioned that every four out of five network breaches were directed towards the flaws that were reported by the victim organisations in the year 2017. In a nutshell, we can say that in the past few years the global market has witnessed some of the biggest cyber-attacks and at a constant rate than ever. If we dig deep into this matter look at other literary shreds of evidence, we can find some valuable insights in a report published in January 2021. According to this report, one of the most profitable sectors for cyber-attackers across all the industries has been the electronic and semiconductor industry that pays up to $4,633 for every critical issue faced in form of network breach. The cryptocurrency industry and blockchain industry pays up to $4,481 which makes them the third-most profitable industry for these attackers. The most lucrative industry is the computer software industry that coughs up to $5,754. However, it is not about the amount of money that they are paying, but about the type of services that they are getting against it. What to Focus On? Now that we have learned about the profit margin of all these bounty hunters, we can safely presume that the cyber security consultancy sector is lacking somewhere because these figures are indicating that the vulnerabilities are going unnoticed even after rigorous efforts. If a flaw that was registered four years back is becoming the major issue for recent cyber security attacks, then obviously the small medium and some of the established organisations in the consultancy niche are not being able to understand where they have to focus while delivering their services. Even after the fact that the cyber security consultancy services in London have been the most approachable and appropriately effective option for all the service seeking companies around the world, there is a certain gap that needs to be filled as soon as possible. According to an Internet security report about the second quarter of the year 2020, almost 10 million zero-day malware detections accounted for almost 2/3 of all the registered cyber threats. This means, that mostly almost all the threads in 2020 went unnoticed by those who were to be interested in mitigating the vulnerabilities. What Can Be Done? Every industry in the global market should take these facts into consideration before being actively involved with the quest for be most suitable consultancy firm for their business. It is high time to understand that you require the best of the best from the consultancy sector. Assured GRC can provide you the assistance that you have been looking for because we believe in being updated with everything that’s going around in the cyber security sphere of the global market. Doing so, helps us in improving our services as well as the approach and the overall methodology that we use to plan every service that we extend. This is what makes us the best data security consultancy in London and around the world. Our highly trained professionals strive to understand the ulterior goal of our clients before getting into the process of acting towards its execution. If you are an organisation that is looking for the most professional cyber security consultancy services for your firm, you can always visit our website or reach out to us at +44 (0)203 4759 932. We are always looking forward to your queries and meeting your requirements for protecting your firm from any cyber-attack whatsoever. Connect with us today and give your firm the prediction that it means.

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