Tackling Risks the Professional Way

Tackling risks have always been adopt ask for every organisation in the global market. And This is why, the role of consultancy firms has been prominent in the past couple of years. In this context, the risk management services in the UK have been the best examples letters they make have the United Kingdom one of the most resilient nations against cyber security. It might seem that including cyber security issues is not important in this conversation, but network breaches have been one of the most prevalent threads across all the industries in the global market in the current scenario. If we continue this particular discussion in the financial sector for example, we will notice that in the past few years, network breaches have always been the primary factor for the deteriorating condition of the financial sector as a whole. THE ROLE OF A CONSULTANT IN DETAIL For instance, let us not confine ourselves to the financial sector alone and focus on the global market as a single unit. This way, we will be able to gauge the importance of a consultancy firm in effectively mitigating the instances of getting exposed to any sort of risk. Every industry in the global market has the notion of getting hold of the best consultancy services all the domains within their organisation that requires expert supervision. And for that, they tirelessly look out for the most suitable option that can not only offer the best services in the entire consultancy sector but also understands what the future holds in terms of risks and threats. In other words, a consultancy firm that has enough experience in the corporate sector, is always receptive towards any suggestion given by its clients. And by abiding by these suggestions, they are able to predict how their clients would behave after they have given all the supervision they could provide. Preparing an organisation for every situation is an important step taken by every consultancy organisation that holds the place of being the best at what it does. This is where Assured GRC has proven itself. When it comes to assisting our clients, we offer a wide variety of services including extending advice on project risk management and assisting them in defining the various options of treating the risks that they are exposed to. This helps us in making sure that the risk management security aspect of our client’s firm is well treated. THE APPROACH THAT MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE When we claim that we offer the best consultancy services in the niche, we make sure that each and every promise that we make to our clients, hold credibility, and always serves the purpose of being useful to them. As far as our approach goes, we fathom the importance of being a one stop solution for every service seeking organisation, and make sure that we cater every we should that they face. As a consultancy firm, we make sure that the identification of all the assets within the scope of risk management programme are identified properly so that our clients understand what the valuable assets are, and the impact of the threat that they are going to face. But before we identified these assets, identify the scope of the risk assessment process that our client’s organisation is going to implement. After we have identified the scope and the assets that fall within the scope of the risk assessment process, our employees make sure that all the vulnerabilities in those assets, are taken into consideration. Our professionally trained employees understand that every measure taken in this respect, is a well-thought decision. This is why, the next in our approach, is to predict the frequency of the threat that these assets might face. Getting an idea of the likelihood of the threat, gives them enough data to identify its overall impact, if the organisation has to face the threat in our absence. What makes us the best risk management consultant for any organisation, is our detailed approach because every step is in chronological order. We know that identifying the risk appetite of an organisation is one of the most important decisions, but we do that only after making sure that all the have measures to control a given risk are in place. If yours is an organisation that is looking forward to hiring the best consultancy services in the entire global world, you can show me visit our website and checkout our services that not only helps us to serve the finest risk management services in the United Kingdom but also have the best consultant to guide through general data protection regulation in the UK. Connect with us today at +44 (0)203 4759 932 and allow us to show you how the finance professionals in the consultancy sector can make a difference hello when it comes to preparing your organisation for any unforeseen uneventful situation.

The SMB Sector, And Unavailability of a Consulting Firm

When the discussion about cyber security consultants around the world starts lingering around the main concerns, what it really means is that candidates in the consultancy sphere are neglecting one thing or the other, when it comes to delivering their services to other organisations. There are many firms around developed economies who strive prove themselves suitable for this job, but everything boils down to the approach ability factor. Bing accessible to every organisation is the most important achievement auto consultancy organisation because it only makes them experts but also helps them in gaining the trust that business entities put in professionals. When it comes to resilient nations like the United Kingdom itself, we can see Matt companies like ourselves hello always up for undertaking any firm that is looking for quality services for various aspects like risk management and business continuity. But when we widen our horizon of thought and look at literary shreds of evidence that talk about the availability of a consulting firm, we see that we have a long way to go to reach out to every company across all the industries. Assured GRC has always felt proud on its risk management services and other consultancy strategies but the main concern that we still have is about being available have at every corner of the global market. How Unavailability of a Consultant Creates the Biggest Gap Unavailability of a consultancy firm is an important factor when it comes to all scales of organisations because a consultant is an integral part of an organisational structure. Therefore, Assured GRC fathoms this gap and strives to offer strategies that are optimised for every organisation across all the scales. The main reason why unavailability of a consulting firm is an issue is because everybody in the global market understands the fact that small and medium scale organisations make up a larger portion. And these organisations are the most vulnerable and exposed to cyber-attacks. We can point at factors like lack of professional guidance, and negligence towards cyber criminals, but the main issue always remains the inaccessibility of quality consulting services. When we look at vulnerability statistics, we notice that almost 95% of all the network breaches are directed towards small scale organisations. Obviously, it is true that these organisations don’t have enough knowledge and resources to research about such threats, but they also do not have enough funds to afford quality services. And that is why they are not able to hire the best consulting organisation in the market. As a result, almost 43% of all the SMBs fail to have a stable cyber security defence plan of any kind whatsoever. This figure was mentioned in an article published in December 2020, this means, the scenario is deteriorating at an exponential rate. Other Facts to Consider What makes us the most lucrative option among other information security management system services in the UK, is our ability to be prepared for any concern lingering in any industry in the world. As a consultancy firm, we conduct preliminary research to find out loopholes like these and train our employees to mitigate any such scenario that might affect our existing and potential clients. But to give a proper idea about how unavailability has grown as the biggest threat, let us look at some facts and figures. • A survey of 3083 small and medium scale businesses around the UK and the US showed that almost 23% of them when neglecting the use of endpoint security mechanisms. Almost 32% of these organisations have stated that have they are completely relied on consumer grade cyber security solutions, which of course isn’t completely safe have fun should not be considered as a viable option for any business entity in the world. • The same survey stated that almost 18.5% of small scale businesses have are continuously experiencing cyber-attacks. But the situation gets worse when 60% of them believe that their firms are not a soft target for cybercriminals because of the scale on which they are operating in the global market. Now, it is easy to understand bad in such a scenario, the role of a consultant is the most important factor because they are the only ones who can make business owners understand the cruciality of being exposed to these attackers. • A study published in 2019 stated that have the number of SMBs that witness network infiltration and other cyber-attacks, increased by 63%. This figure was 58 in 2018, and 54 in 2017. Your Partner in Crucial Times Like These You should always understand that looking for a suitable consultancy firm is always the most important decision that your organisation can take. Therefore, if you are looking for the sale, you can end your quest by connecting with our professionals by visiting our website or calling us at +44 (0)203 4759 932. Not only risk management services, but we at Assured GRC, we also provide the best consulting services regarding general data protection regulation in the UK and also around the world. Connect with us today to know more.

Importance and the Process Of Coming Up With A Risk Register

Whenever risk management is considered as a service in an organisation, and is given the due respect; one of the most important components that should be present in an organisation and is always presumed to be present in any company that is planning a well structured risk assessment plan, is the risk register. Risk register is essentially a written document that holds the credibility to record all the information about all the hazards and risks including the nature and impact in a way where it can be used as a tool to look at the actions that needed to be taken in order to protect the organisation. This register also holds immediate corrective actions that a business can rely on, if they are out of ideas to counter a specific attack or risk. This is why; all the risk management services have always been started with the presence of a risk register. But even after holding such importance, some of the organisations don’t really pay attention to this very component. IMPORTANCE OF RISK REGISTER When it comes to review a risk register, and organisation can get the following benefits by doing so: • Identify all the potential environmental and behavioural trends and issues. • Can document an even safer work procedure. • Make all the important components like regulators, investors, company stakeholders and other important members of an organisation acquainted with the fact that all the risks are being managed efficiently. • Devise such plans that can help in mitigating or eradicating the chances of facing a risk beforehand. • Assess all the risks that hold the capacity of being a subject to business changes. • And finally, gaining the benefit of devising safety objectives that are effective in nature. HOW TO DESIGN IT THOUGH? Just like any other risk management service, designing a risk register is also one of the most important tasks of a risk management consultant. Therefore, if your organisation is planning to hire a professional from the consultation business sector, you must have the idea about the optimum points that are needed to be considered while designing a risk register that will prove to be helpful for your organisation. On that note, below are some of these points that you can refer to while asking about the techniques of designing a risk register, while hiring a suitable candidate for your company: • An identifier for the risk that will induct it full stop in other words, a short description or reference about the risk. • A suitable title for the risk. • A well thought description of the risk. • The areas of the organisation that are going to be affected by the risk. • The classification of the risk. • The proposed plan of action that has the capacity of managing the risk. • The date of opening and closing the risk. THE SUITABLE CANDIDATE Now that you have understood what are the pointers that you are required to consider before hiring a candidate who can come up with the best ideas about your risk register, it’s time for you to end your hunt and consider coming up to the best without pondering much. Assured grc have always been motivated towards providing all the organisations with the best physical security services and risk management ones too, because obviously, our expertise allows us to do so. Our immaculate risk management consulting approach that starts with identification of the risk, and covers all the way through training your employees to tackle the risks, is what makes us all the more approachable in a competitive market, where all the candidates are claiming to provide all the organisations with the best consulting services in every field possible. But if you are still too sceptical about hiring our top-notch services, you can visit our website and take a look at our services for yourself. Our professionally trained employees strive towards providing you with the best services in the risk assessment field; so much so that our client base has widened its roots throughout the corporate world altogether. Call us today at +44 (0)203 4759 932, and give us the opportunity to provide you with the services that make us one of the best consultants in the UK. Out of all the services that we are widely known for, the ISO 22301 certification consultancy services have also been the prominent ones. Reach out to us today and get the opportunity to experience the expertise and professionalism that you have been looking for.

Why Choosing the Right Consultancy is The Best for You?

As we speak about risk management and its role in the overall development of an organization we tend to see that each and every effort made by the professionals in the particular organization is dependent on the effect it will have on the overall efficiency of the work environment and the structure of the concerned organization. We all know for a fact that after the pandemic, the market has not only been stagnant for a long time but also has experienced some significant changes in terms of the ways in which important steps like risk management and crisis management are taken. On that note, the shift to the digital platform and the allocation of all the employees on the remote platform has made it important for every company to focus on the new risks that might take place because of the increased activity and interaction on the overall digital platform. GET THE BEST HELP YOU CAN FIND Surely, when it comes to planning regulatory Risk Management Services you are required to take external help so that you can have expert supervision at each level of execution. It’s not like your organisation, or your employees are lacking somewhere but hiring a third party organisation to help you with your endeavour, can help you focus on other important management decisions which require your expert supervision. So now that you have understood that a professional consultancy firm can be an effective way of planning your risk management plan it’s now time for you to look around in the global market and choose the best suitable option for your company. WHOM TO CHOOSE? When it comes to choosing the best consultancy firm for your organisation you should keep in mind a few parameters which every third party consultation service providing company should fulfill. Coming down to the services that a consultancy company should provide, you should keep insects that the service palette is according to the operation and the current situation of your organisation so that you don’t have to waste any time 10 making the consultancy firm understand the basic operation of your organisation. Speaking about the same, let’s take a look at the services an ideal organisation should provide: • Assistance in defining all the risk assessment options available for your organisation: when it comes to integrated Risk Management Services, all risk management in general, for any organisation the best consultancy company is always the one that has enough resources to identify all the options available for your company to identify all the risk and vulnerabilities that it is exposed to. There might be some instances where if you don’t have enough help from the consultancy firm that you hired, you missed out on most of the lucrative of Sins available for your company full stop and this includes risk assessment as well. Therefore any company that claims to offer the best consultation service for assessing and devising a risk management plan should always be capable of finding out all the options for its clients. • Training your staff for operating in the relevant risk management process and procedures: any consultancy company that has offered to help your organisation in coming up with efficient strategies for the overall risk management process, should always be able to train your staff to work in the plan that they will come up with. This will help your organisation blend in with the new plan and will effectively result in mitigating all the risks and threats in the near future. • executing risk assessments according to the procedures of your choice: if a consultancy organisation always keep in check, all the choices made by your organisation while planning the risk assessment procedure it gives them the opportunity to provide your organisation with the best resources men procedure because any process that has been chosen bye by the professionals of your organisation is not only suitable but also the best one full stop and when the best procedure is being executed by the professionals in this field your organisation gets the ultimate results. On a concluding note, whether it is risk management, or grc consultancy services in London, if yours is an organisation in the United Kingdom you should always go with the professionals. The above analogy surely things a better picture about the importance of this statement. So, if you are opting for the same you should check out assured grc and the versatile services that we have to offer. Our expertise is not only confined to risk management services but also includes important consulting services in the field of cybersecurity and crisis management. Call us at +44 (0)203 4759 932 and know more about our services.

How Cyber Attacks are Hampering The Entire GRC Model of An Organization

Whenever we talk about cyber security attacks and their penetration on the overall market, we base our analogy on the freshly updated statistics laid down by credible sources all on the digital and print media. But even after taking a look at them, many organizations still lack the attention they need to put while maintaining their network infrastructure., When it comes to protecting your organization against a particular kind of cyber attack, the entire process is dependent on the fact that you assess the threat in the nick of time. But that’s where the organizations and the digital risk management consultancy services face the problem. FACTS SUPPORTING THE ISSUE AT HAND When it comes to cyber attacks, one thing that remains constant in each of the cases is the fact that none of the professionals or organizations has exactly identified the threat, at the point of breach. The fact that 2019 alone suffered from a loss of $470 million in spoofing frauds, is the proof that the attackers might have access to their surrounding network pretty easily. With being said, every network in a stipulated area is exposed to the threat of being monitored by these attackers. The procedures have been improving from their end, and have turned out to be immaculate enough to avoid any breach of identity, in any scenario whatsoever. If we take a look at some of the common attempts of scanning and breaching a particular network, everything from network mapping till hacking the particular network counts as viable aspects to consider. But the fact that everyone is aware of these terms doesn’t really assure their security. When we take a look at the risk management services being extended to a stipulated organization, these attacks harm them the most. RISK MANAGEMENT AND CYBER ATTACKS Risk professionals work tirelessly to mitigate any potential threat headed towards the organization. But they can’t really do their job if they have the fear of being watched by an anonymous third-party entity. Considering the current market scenario, as the workforce of an entire organization has moved to the remote platform, the threat of being attacked has risen too. According to a research report published by Check Point, Apple, Netflix, and Yahoo have collectively reported 25% of all the brand impersonation fraud via phishing attacks in the first quarter of 2020. Netflix, who was on 7th rank last year, topped the chart as of now, with almost 10% of the entire brand impersonation attacks happened till now. This shows it’s not only about the risk management services but the entire GRC model of the organizations that is being targeted by these attackers. We all are aware how important an addition cyber-security risk management is in the risk management model of an organization, but when we trace the severity of these attacks, we can notice how the governance risk and compliance altogether have been impeached by these attackers, simply by keeping an eye on each movement in the stipulated LAN of the organization. Let’s suppose all the employees who have been working remotely since the past six months, suddenly have to be cautious just because a group of hackers might be watching every step they take. This jeopardises all the functions because it creates gaps between the actual point of initiation and the time of delivery. If everyone in an organization have to be sure whether or not a particular file, document, or image is secure, it will be reflected in the delay of shift timings of the firm. On the contrary, if the top-level management directs their subordinates to take all the possible measures to secure themselves, and carry on with the work, it might lead the organization to face a serious cyber attack that might erase its entire existence from the market. WHAT SHOULD BE DONE? When companies like Netflix and Yahoo have successfully become the target of such heinous attacks, the only others can do is learn and try to be more resilient while devising cyber-security measures. On that note, if you want to make your overall network infrastructure stable enough to survive such attacks, you might take a look at Assured GRC and our expert consultation services that covers all aspects of cyber-security and risk management. Call us at +44 (0)203 4759 932 and enjoy our services today.

Focusing on The Digital Transformation of The Corporate Environment

When we talk about the current market scenario and the post-pandemic situation in particular we know that all the organizations have done immensely spectacular while fighting with this stagnant market condition and have undertaken important measures about the decision at every step whatsoever. The remarkable response to the pandemic was among the biggest surprises that shook the Global market entirely. When it comes to the steps taken by all the players we can say that transitioning their workforces to remote platforms overnight was among the biggest measures taken to mitigate the immediate risk of not meeting the customer requirements. Speaking about the current pandemic situation, it has already started calling organizations to boost their actionable measures to the cloud and rapidly adopt press tools so that the entire workforce can communicate effectively and collaborate whenever required. Speaking more on technological advancement the introduction of 5G in the global market has made it mandatory for all the organizations to embrace the emerging advancement and use it to its full potential. Therefore, it won’t be wrong to say that the new operating environment is enforcing the need of evolving with the dynamic market on all the organizations at an equally focused approach. FROM RISK MANAGERS’ END How the changing market conditions treated the organizations providing Risk Management Services the same as they behave with the organizations in the global market. In other words, risk professionals have lately witnessed the need of evolving with the changing Technology similar to what their clients have been practicing. when all the companies are buckling up to you undertake digital initiatives it became important for them too as it turned into more of a responsibility to take up the mantel of overhauling the standard operating services and meeting the procedures to support the digital transformation strategy of their clients. On that note, let’s take a look at some of the points to consider for all the organizations out there who still face difficulty in coming up with a stable risk management strategy. • Devising a fresh risk assessment: All the organizations should re-evaluate their risk profiles and their respective risk appetites. In layman terms, if an organization is persistent towards maintaining its brand image, it is required to start focusing on those risks which seemed too insignificant in the pre-pandemic scenario and deprioritize the ones that seem irrelevant in the near future, in the digitally equipped global market. • Automating all the required functions: As far as GRC is concerned we all know that all three services bring the most value to the organization. That’s why it is important for all the companies to focus on automating such services so that the overall process isn’t only smooth as butter but resilient as well. This list indicates nothing but the fact that all the organizations should readily be prepared for all the possible scenarios and be prepared for any sudden shift in the operational environment of the corporate world. As far as risk management consultancy services concerned, they should also start focusing on making their overall endeavor of providing quality consultancy services with utmost resilience so that, the organizations on the receiving side of the laid down services should get what they have been hoping for. OPTIMIZATION OF THE OVERALL RISK FUNCTION PROCESSES AND CONTROLS We all know for a fact, that throughout the pandemic, all the organizations in the market have intensified sensitive aspects like remote allocation of workforces, migration to the cloud, and many other digital aspects. Therefore, it is required by the risk professionals to keep a track of all the fluctuations and act accordingly. Below are some of the ways any new firm providing risk management services should optimize their overall risk functions. • Specialize and tweak the risk functions: Every risk professional out there, needs to be smart enough to understand how they can pace up with the talent they have with themselves and provide immaculate services including efficient governance processes, other controls. They should also focus on working in close collaboration with their clients so that the overall process is streamlined inside the organization. • Ensure that the client’s risk, compliance, and internal audits are collaborating: According to a recently published risk study, in the pre-COVID scenario, only 27% of the entire risk functions contributed towards effective risk management via well defined governance. This is why it is important to understand that the GRC services and internal audit should always move forward so that disconnected efforts don’t raise instances of duplicacy and business fatigue, or exposure to new vulnerabilities. On a concluding note, it’s only a matter of time when all the new organizations will have to start focusing on their risk management services even more. Till then, it’s better to be equipped with adequate information than to wait for the risk or crisis to show up. If you want to get the best risk management consultancy services, you can always look up Assured GRC. Call us at +44 (0)203 4759 932 and get to know further information.