6 Main Components of Information Governance Framework

In today’s cutting edge world, companies are facing challenges unimaginable to their predecessors. The pace of business in the digital age demands constant and accurate access to information which is mandated by law to be protected and properly stored. Do you want to leverage your business’s collected data to function day-to-day while still maintaining data security and avoiding the back-breaking costs of data mismanagement and breaches? Information Governance is the solution!

What Exactly is Information Governance?

Information governance (IG) is used to describe how organisations ensure that statutory and regulatory information management requirements are met and how information is controlled, protected and utilised to benefit both employees and customers. This programme is emerging as the solution to enable simultaneous data availability and data security. If you want to make your business safe and successful, hire an information governance consultancy to make your business safe and successful. Get your IG right and be perfect on the way to GDPR compliance. But how?

Here are six main components of Information governance.


Strategy is one of the main parts of IG which sets out a holistic approach to how information governance will support an organisation’s objectives and reduce risk and cost, whilst increasing efficiency and compliance. A strategy is essential to define the principles and direction for the document and records management.

Policies and Procedures

When asked about IG, most people think of policies and procedures. Policies are essential to describe the information governance service in London, and data protection rules for an organisation relating to how information is grabbed, processed, stored, shared and destroyed. Procedures carry policies and provide organisation-specific instructions on how to implement the policies. It is essential to note that policies and procedures are only effective when the other information governance elements are implemented such as roles, training and monitoring.


Three main controls are essential for Information Governance Framework. Business Classification Plan Business classification plan provides a function-based view of information across an organisation. They can be browsed to locate information, and support the implementation of retention schedules and access controls. Retention and Disposal Schedule A retention and disposal schedule provides guidance and authority for the disposal of organisational records, based on legislative and business requirements. Access Control Model Access controls deliver information protection where needed. The model should define: ● The principles on which access is determined ● Who determines the access that should be set ● Who is responsible for ensuring the appropriate access is implemented ● How the access controls will be implemented and documented ● A procedure for auditing access periodically.


For effectively delivering an information governance consultancy framework, there are many roles needed including Information and Records Manager, Senior Information Risk Owner (SIRO), Data Protection Officer (DPO), Information Asset Owner and Information Champion. These roles deliver ownership and accountability for many elements of IG with advice for employees on their legal data protection obligations.


When it comes to building knowledge of good IG practices and enhancing employee information capabilities, training plays a vital role. The success of the IG framework depends on staff recognizing information as an asset of strategic and operational value. Make sure all of your staff is aware of your organisation’s policies and procedures with information governance consultancy. Besides, they have the skills to confidently use information systems and tools.


If you leave your organisation unmonitored, your information environment will become unstructured with disparate repositories, high levels of re-work and end-user frustration. With a monitoring and audit programme, you can ensure your processes are in place to check the information governance consultancy framework is being successfully implemented. To leverage good practice and successfully deliver the framework, you can adjust practices and processes as per your business’s needs. So, these are the six main components of the information governance framework. If you are looking for reliable information security services in London, get in touch with an experienced consultant.

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Key Benefits of Information Security Management Services

ISO 27001 is the global standard that gives the specification and prerequisites to implement ISMS – and system of procedures, reports, innovation and individuals that assist with overseeing, screen, review and improve your organization’s data security. Each innovation-driven business process is vulnerable to security and privacy threats. Advanced technologies are equipped for fighting digital cyber attacks, however, these aren’t sufficient: organizations must guarantee that business procedures, strategies, and workforce conduct likewise limit or mitigate these risks. Assured GRC holds expertise in delivering information security services in London at the best cost. There are various degrees of data security, physical security and digital security development, just as various principles you can accomplish to evidence compliance. Those principles may be directed by the idea of your business, its objectives or your client’s desires. Somewhat the methodologies will likewise be controlled by service necessities as well – for instance with developing security and assurance prerequisites with GDPR, the Data Protection Act and their reciprocals globally all pushing for improved security techniques. Our team of Assured GRC is specialized in delivering ISMS security services in London to organizations of all type. Since this way is neither simple nor clear, organizations embrace systems that help control towards data security (InfoSec) best practices. This is the place data security the board frameworks become possibly the most important factor—how about we investigate. The system for ISMS is generally centred on chance appraisal and risk management. Consider it an organized way to deal with the fair tradeoff between chance relief and the cost (chance) brought about. Associations working in firmly controlled industry verticals, for example, medicinal services or national protection may require an expansive extent of security exercises and risk mitigation technique. You can get ISMS security services at Information Security Services in London.

Continuous Improvement in Information Security:

While ISMS is intended to set up all-encompassing data security the board capacities, digital transformation expects associations to receive continuous upgrades and development of their security arrangements and controls. The structure and limits characterized by ISMS security services in London may apply just temporarily outline and the workforce may battle to embrace them in the underlying stages. The test for organizations is to evolve these security control instruments as their risk, culture, and assets change.

Key Benefits of Implementing ISMS-

Increase Resilience to Cyber Attacks-

Implementing and keeping up Information Security Services in London will fundamentally build your organization’s strength to cyber attacks.

Secure Data in All Structures

An ISMS ensures all types of data, including computerized, paper-based, protected innovation, organization insider facts, information on gadgets and in the Cloud, printed copies and individual data.

Help React to Security Dangers

Continually adjusting to changes both in the earth and inside the association, our ISMS security services in London lessens the chance of consistently developing dangers.

Diminishes Cost Related to Data Security-

On account of the risk evaluation and examination approach of ISMS, associations can diminish costs spent on aimlessly including layers of protective innovation that probably won’t work.

Improves Company Culture-

Because of the risk evaluation and examination approach of ISMS, organizations can lessen costs spent on unpredictably including layers of defensive innovation that probably won’t work.

Not All Data are Treated Equally by the ISMS-

Not every single organizational data should be under a similar degree of security, and there are budgetary and profitability costs related to ensuring specific kinds of information. For instance, if the organization requires two-factor validation for email logins, a representative may lose an additional two minutes of profitability each time they browse their email. Is it justified, despite all the trouble? That is up to association pioneers to choose through their risk assessments.

An ISMS is Dynamic and Not Static-

The ISMS is a living framework that is continually transforming—it is dynamic, not static. In ISO 27001, a data security standard, the PDCA cycle is applied to ISMS frameworks. Organizations ought to set up the ISMS (plan), actualize and work the ISMS (do), screen and survey the ISMS (check), and keep up and improve the ISMS (demonstration). The ISMS ought to be evaluated and refreshed routinely to mirror a changing data security condition and new accepted procedures for information security.

ISMS is Risk-Based-

It is essential to comprehend that shielding your authoritative information from security ruptures in a flat out sense is most likely unimaginable. A cheat or a programmer with sufficient opportunity and assets will in all probability, in the long run, figure out how to infiltrate the safety efforts that you execute. A digital assault against an unsophisticated security framework may take a solitary individual only a couple of hours to finish, while an intensely made sure about server may take a long time to access for a group of prepared security specialists. An ISMS is a lot of strategies and methodology that set up how your organization will shield its data resources from conscious or coincidental abuse, misfortune, or harm. Setting up an ISMS is a significant advance towards making sure about your association’s information resources and shielding yourself from the legitimate and money related ramifications of an information break. Organizations can pick up ISMS security services in London confirmation by conforming to the worldwide guidelines for ISMS. Execution of ISMS expects associations to distinguish and assess their benefits, direct a hazard appraisal, and report the setup approaches and methodology. Please feel free to reach us at +44 (0)203 4759 932 or management@assuredgrc.com to schedule your consultation.