The SMB Sector, And Unavailability of a Consulting Firm

When the discussion about cyber security consultants around the world starts lingering around the main concerns, what it really means is that candidates in the consultancy sphere are neglecting one thing or the other, when it comes to delivering their services to other organisations. There are many firms around developed economies who strive prove themselves suitable for this job, but everything boils down to the approach ability factor. Bing accessible to every organisation is the most important achievement auto consultancy organisation because it only makes them experts but also helps them in gaining the trust that business entities put in professionals. When it comes to resilient nations like the United Kingdom itself, we can see Matt companies like ourselves hello always up for undertaking any firm that is looking for quality services for various aspects like risk management and business continuity. But when we widen our horizon of thought and look at literary shreds of evidence that talk about the availability of a consulting firm, we see that we have a long way to go to reach out to every company across all the industries. Assured GRC has always felt proud on its risk management services and other consultancy strategies but the main concern that we still have is about being available have at every corner of the global market. How Unavailability of a Consultant Creates the Biggest Gap Unavailability of a consultancy firm is an important factor when it comes to all scales of organisations because a consultant is an integral part of an organisational structure. Therefore, Assured GRC fathoms this gap and strives to offer strategies that are optimised for every organisation across all the scales. The main reason why unavailability of a consulting firm is an issue is because everybody in the global market understands the fact that small and medium scale organisations make up a larger portion. And these organisations are the most vulnerable and exposed to cyber-attacks. We can point at factors like lack of professional guidance, and negligence towards cyber criminals, but the main issue always remains the inaccessibility of quality consulting services. When we look at vulnerability statistics, we notice that almost 95% of all the network breaches are directed towards small scale organisations. Obviously, it is true that these organisations don’t have enough knowledge and resources to research about such threats, but they also do not have enough funds to afford quality services. And that is why they are not able to hire the best consulting organisation in the market. As a result, almost 43% of all the SMBs fail to have a stable cyber security defence plan of any kind whatsoever. This figure was mentioned in an article published in December 2020, this means, the scenario is deteriorating at an exponential rate. Other Facts to Consider What makes us the most lucrative option among other information security management system services in the UK, is our ability to be prepared for any concern lingering in any industry in the world. As a consultancy firm, we conduct preliminary research to find out loopholes like these and train our employees to mitigate any such scenario that might affect our existing and potential clients. But to give a proper idea about how unavailability has grown as the biggest threat, let us look at some facts and figures. • A survey of 3083 small and medium scale businesses around the UK and the US showed that almost 23% of them when neglecting the use of endpoint security mechanisms. Almost 32% of these organisations have stated that have they are completely relied on consumer grade cyber security solutions, which of course isn’t completely safe have fun should not be considered as a viable option for any business entity in the world. • The same survey stated that almost 18.5% of small scale businesses have are continuously experiencing cyber-attacks. But the situation gets worse when 60% of them believe that their firms are not a soft target for cybercriminals because of the scale on which they are operating in the global market. Now, it is easy to understand bad in such a scenario, the role of a consultant is the most important factor because they are the only ones who can make business owners understand the cruciality of being exposed to these attackers. • A study published in 2019 stated that have the number of SMBs that witness network infiltration and other cyber-attacks, increased by 63%. This figure was 58 in 2018, and 54 in 2017. Your Partner in Crucial Times Like These You should always understand that looking for a suitable consultancy firm is always the most important decision that your organisation can take. Therefore, if you are looking for the sale, you can end your quest by connecting with our professionals by visiting our website or calling us at +44 (0)203 4759 932. Not only risk management services, but we at Assured GRC, we also provide the best consulting services regarding general data protection regulation in the UK and also around the world. Connect with us today to know more.