Why Should You Consider Record Management And Information Governance Consultant?

There is no denying that when businesses grow, they produce and store more data. With an increment in both physical and digital records, firms open themselves up to security breaches and compliance issues. It has been estimated that most organisations fail audits as records cannot be found. If you are trying to locate lost records, it takes up almost 20 % of records manager’s time and even almost 30 % of all leading issues for the increased risk. Just because of this, it is essential to implement or improve the records and information management and information governance practices of your organisation. If you don’t know where to start, hiring record management and information governance consultancy can save your business valuable time and money. They can help mitigate risks with a legally defensible programme,

Experienced Record Management and Information Governance Consultants

‘Where to start’ is the most difficult question, especially when many businesses might not even be aware of the penalty of poor planning or how managing and storing data optimally can save your business time and money while increasing overall compliance. Let’s take a look at six reasons why your business should connect with records management and information governance consultancy

Avoid Audits and Fines

Being inferior to record-keeping can get your business into difficulty. IT organisations require strict security standards. When doing business internationally, your business could run afoul of the EU’s new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). An infringement or failed audit may cost your business thousands in fines or legal fees for protection. It can potentially bring your business operations to a stop. Get in touch with an information governance consultancy in the UK to inform you of these guidelines and regulations before employing a governance policy to start AND remain compliant.

Keep Data Safe

A data breach is the only thing worse than a fine. Not only fines and penalties but the potential loss of customer trust and other legal ramifications can also come about as well. That’s not enough; you can also expect your brand to reduce in value by 21 % following a data breach. Paying for an information governance consultancy service may seem expensive, but the cost of protection far balances the financial implications and the loss of brand trust that can result from the breach.

Keep Pace with Data Production

In a digital environment, your business is producing more data and content than ever. And even the amount of electronic data is increasing exponentially. As the total output of digital information grows, you need to keep speed to ensure company compliance and even to protect your employees and customers. If you don’t know how to handle IG and RIM perfectly, it can get more difficult in the future. An information governance consultancy can help identify what information is a true “record” and assist with decreasing the amount of data stored and the amount of infrastructure required to manage it.

Go Paperless With a Trusted Partner

Whether you need a fully digital or hybrid solution, proper planning and managing of metadata is the basis to your success. Once your data is scanned and catalogued, your employees can recover the information easily through your information governance plans. Embracing a digital classification system will save your organisation time and money. An information governance consultancy’s direction can provide several positive steps for your business.

Roll Out Better Departmental Communication

When you implement information governance policy, all employees responsible for your data will know what to do in every situation. Getting touch with an information governance consultancy in the UK on the procedure to address natural disasters, loss of data and acquisitions ensures precise communications across departments. From the new to experienced, understanding of your all workers about uniform data management system guarantees methodical approaches to common delays.

Reduce Costs in Finding and Storing Information

Working with an adviser means developing those efficiencies from the start. A record management and information governance consultancy in the UK knows how much storage space your business needs and the proper way to store your records. Additionally, they know the types of secure destruction procedures to put in place. Significantly, the consultant knows the rules and regulatory structures that run your organisation and can help you build a comprehensive, legally defensible programme.

Get In Touch With Assured GRC

If you are looking for an expert for reliable information governance consultancy services in the UK, Assured GRC is a one-stop solution. We supply products; services and expertise that will help you design, implement and enforce the latest legally defensible information governance programmes. Our consultants offer services to assist with building a road map and path to transformational information governance. At Assured GRC, we come with consulting and record retention policies. Apart from this, we are scalable for any company whether it is a startup or established. If you have any query regarding information governance consultancy in the UK, contact us at +44 (0)203 4759 932 or management@assuredgrc.com today!