Why is a Service Plan Important for Consultation Firms

As a consulting firm, we know that every organization that plays a part in this market has to understand that any company that it reaches out for professional help not only trusts the third party agency with its operations but also with the presentation of its services. When we take a closer look at the Global market we understand that any organization across in industry chair the difficulty of trusting the services provided by third-party organizations. This distrust between the clients and the consultation firms has grown significantly in the past few years which have led the market to witness some serious shortcomings on both the parts. Talking further about it we can say that even after the consultation firms have all the expertise to provide the best services to all the clients they fail to understand that one of the most important activities that are to be exercised by them is approaching the untapped clients in the global market. IMPORTANCE OF REACHING OUT TO CLIENTS Assured GRC understands the cruciality of getting new clients in an unknown market and so it has structured its services in such a way that our approach is reflected in our potential customers in the truest form. We believe that in order to sustain in the dynamic market conditions, we need to understand our place in the global market and extend our expert GRC consultancy services and supervision accordingly. When we shift our focus from the organizations that seek professional assistance for GRC services to the consulting firms that provide them focus is 2 complete the immediate task without analyzing the end result of it. Now if we consider the newer players among the established consultation firms we can possibly consider this negligence on their part but when we talk about out companies in this respect this negligence can cost them their existence and position in the stipulated market. Approaching the right customer is the basic activity that a consulting firm has to exercise. The type of customers that a particular consultation firm undertakes, define the ideology and the work structure of the consultation firm indirectly. But even after this, it plays a major part in showcasing the portfolio to potential leads. If we take a look at the current market scenario we understand that all the consultation firms have somehow started focusing on the drawback that they were making in reaching their customers but significantly overlooked the importance of creating a service plan for their clients. IMPORTANCE OF A SERVICE PLAN Today, a larger part of the global audience knows Assured GRC as an expert in GRC services. Not only that, but our varied service palette has attracted many organizations in the past few years of power operation. But the one thing that remains the same in all the services we provide is the strictly organized service plan which we follow for delivering our services to the clients. When a client hires our services the hope that there are issues that will be resolved as quickly as possible so that they can have an ample amount of time to re-strategize each of their operations and decisions. With this in mind, we offer our clients the best business continuity consulting services along with an impactful disaster recovery plan. In times like these when all the organizations are struggling to sustain in the market we extend our business continuity consultancy services to all the organizations that seek the same. Let’s take a look at the service plan we have formulated to provide BCP and DR (disaster recovery) services. This will not only explain our approach but also so make you understand our all-inclusive consultation services under a different light. • We start by assessing the risk and vulnerability of our client’s organization so that we can get a complete picture of what exactly our client needs. • As a consulting firm, we understand the importance of our clients’ assets full stop and so our next plan is to define the scope of the business continuity plan that we will strategize for them. A defined scope helps our clients to identify all the risks faced by the efforts stated within the scope of the business continuity plan. This scope also helps our clients in getting an ISO certification in the future. • Next is to identify where the gap is lying. We tend to see that all the organizations that hire our services majorly focus on getting and ISO 22301 certification. That’s why we perform a detailed Dam assessment service to them. • After we have conducted a successful gap assessment session we now offer business impact analysis so that we can help our customers to identify the crucial operations within their organization. This helps them identify which operation requires more attention. Business impact analysis also helps our clients to assess various impacts of a range of distractions that might happen and therefore gives them a better picture of which business operations are truly required for the business continuity plan. • After we have conducted the business impact analysis and formulated the strategies we now work closely with our clients and their employees to develop effective strategies better dependent on the findings of the business impact assessment. • Finally, after strategizing the most suitable plan for business continuity it is now time for business continuity plan to take action. The above service plan paints a complete picture of all the services that it a consultation service providing company should offer. This can also be one of the many reasons why we are the best consultation firms in the world right now. On a concluding note if you too you are looking for professional assistance in strategizing a business continuity plan or disaster recovery plan for your organization you can always look up Assured GRC on the internet or reach out to us personally at +44 (0)203 4759 932. Hire us today and allow our team of professionally trained employees to serve all the queries that you have and give you a first-hand experience about why we are the best business continuity consultant out there.

Examining the Underlying Facts of GRC

When we talk about other operations a business needs to perform without losing the focus that it has on the competitive market, we need to consider the fact that these responsibilities are performed with the sole purpose of mitigating the broader issues that might hinder with all the other activities in the business. Looking at the competition in the current scenario, it is evident why every company should fulfill all the requisites that are required for safeguarding the business. If we take a look at the global market, many nations have already focused on the competitive nature of their economy and have laid such regulations like GDPR. Europe came up with one of the most revolutionary regulation to protect its businesses from data theft and privacy reach of their customers. If we take a broader look the matter, we can find that the growth in the demand of a GDPR consultant is nothing but an indication that businesses taken this proposition seriously and also that it is effective for them.

Equating GRC with GDPR

Speaking of GDPR, as we all know it has its focus on data protection of the firms; it can also be viewed as an integral component in a company’s GRC policies. To understand this statement, let’s understand the term first. Only after knowing what Governance, Risk, and Compliance is all about, can we fathom the fact that GDPR is actually a part of GRC. 1. Governance: It reflects how effectively and ethically the top-tier management of a company tackles all the management-related issues. 2. Risk: Risk showcases the company’s ability to cost-efficiently tackle the risks that have the potential to attack the business operation. 3. Compliance: Compliance is when a company abides by all the regulatory requirements for the business’s operation, like data retention and other practices Now that we have known what GRC really is all about, we can take “Compliance” as the premise to further conclude that both, data protection and other services provided by a GDPR consultant are a part of GRC policies Speaking of these policies, there are issues that are tackled by successfully implementing them, and if not, the company can expose itself to such threats that might affect its very existence in the market.

Interpretation of GRC in Recent Times

According to a recent report, many experts refrain from agreeing on the standard definition of Governance, Risk, and Compliance for the issue that it doesn’t showcase the whole idea. The Open Compliance and Ethics Group have defined GRC in a more comprehensive way. It has defined GRC as a system of people, processes, and technologies that enables the organization to perform multiple tasks that ensures its security against multiple threats.

GRC strategies according to OCEG help the organization to:

• Understand the issues of the stakeholders and prioritize them accordingly • Establish objectives that are in accordance with the values and risk • Achievement of objectives along with optimizing the risk profile of the company • Ensure if all the activities are being performed within the legal, contractual, internal, social, and ethical boundaries. • Provide accurate and relevant data to the stakeholders under a stipulated schedule • Measuring if the system’s performance as well as its effectiveness is in place.

Understanding the Concept

While we see many interpretations, is it an issue of confusion? Not at all. If we take a closer look at both the definitions, we can see that Governance, Risk, and Compliance mean exactly the same. The underlying fact that GRC is a set of strategies that an organization executes in order to protect its business form both internal and external threats. Data protection can be viewed as one of the components of GRC framework because GRC includes the regulation of data protection in the interest of an organization. If we take a look at the second definition, we can find that OCEG has kept in mind the core principles of a GRC framework and has defined a newer concept that includes all the aspects that are supposed to be covered in an ideal GRC framework. Moving further, if we consider the services provided by a GDPR consultant, we can say that all the services that he provides are congruent to the value of the company and the amount of risk it faces, thus, proving bullet point number three mentioned above as the new definition of Governance, Risk, and Compliance. A befitting analogy of this research being, if a business is looking for GRC consultancy services, it should pick an agency that can provide such services that are correlated to its values, risk, and GDPR needs if necessary. Assured GRC can be your topmost choice in this respect as we provide our clients with services that are both transparent to our clients and are easy and effective to perform. Call us at +44 (0)203 4759 932 and connect with us today.