ISMS Essentials: The Crucial Role of GRC in Cyber Security

For the last few years, GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance) has become one of the hottest topics in the business and IT sectors, especially in a large organization. However, there is a lot of confusion regarding GRC. In many organizations, few people know everything about GRC cyber security. On the other hand, few organizations have an organizational structure for governance, risk, and compliance with clearly defined responsibilities. Many organizations have limited their GRC initiatives either to some aspects like “business only”, risk only” or “IT only”.

GRC Provides the Basis of Your ISMS (Information Security Management System)

Reporting in an understandable format is essential to the success of any organization, whether it be concerned with sales, manufacture, IT or cyber services. If applied well, GRC forms three basic pillars of organizational control to support effective ISMS. However, when it comes to cybersecurity, issues arise if it is expected that the same level of security data and log traffic required by security analysts, will also properly serve the needs of managers and risk owners. These issues can become worse if your focus is one of compliance to a particular standard at a particular point in time. At GRC Assured, we have GRC certification and experience in how a short-sighted objective makes the ISMS less of a “system” and more a troublesome overhead. This approach leads to little or no business benefit in the way of sustained improvement and great security.

G Is For Governance – Define It

Governance is the effective management of an organization by those at the top who are liable for it. Corporate governance, IT governance, business governance, and legal governance are common fields of governance. It is a necessary truth that any governance area’s management requires the monitoring of performance to achieve objectives. This means that owners require GRC certification and should seek accurate and timely feedback.

R Is For Risk Management – The Heart of Any Information Security Management System

Proper management of risk enables the organization to operate effectively. It is the beating heart of a successful information security management system. In the public sector, risk managementensures the availability of essential services balanced with the need to robustly secure personal data. In the commercial sector, risk management might be required to stay competitive within a specific market. No matter what your focus is, the practice of finding, determining, reporting on and managing the risks directly impacts the achievement of objectives. This means, as a risk manager, you should daily look for new government regulations that could impact business such as EU GDPR. All risk managers should consider the known risks and come up with ways to diminish them. The experienced and professional risk managers know how to continually monitor risk performance and use the feedback to inform timely decision making without impacting the business.

C Is For Compliance – An Unavoidable ISMS Component

For everyone involved in data protection, compliance has recently taken center stage with the beginning of EU GDPR. This is true even for that outside of Europe due to the far-reaching consequences of the regulation that extends far down the supply chain. For many, the compliance challenge is no surprise. The majority of organizations are required either by law or by an industry regulator to meet a variety of information security standards, sometimes more than one at the same time.

The Right GRC Tools for An Effective Isms

As GRC cybersecurity within the ISMS is like any other risk, it needs to be proactively managed. This means identifying, understanding and managing that risk more effectively for all stakeholders. If you want to improve your operational attitude, you need to consider the GRC cybersecurity tool as enablers. Where applied to cybersecurity, they begin to deliver significant benefits especially when we consider the challenge of monitoring data creation and movement at speeds and scales that would have been unthinkable just a few short years ago. GRC cybersecuritycan bond the Information security management system into the organization at all levels, so the relevance of any change in the technological status is known for both its security and business impact. Business stakeholders need security GRC information and feedback to be translated into a language they can understand and a form that they can act upon.

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