GDPR and Its Need in an Organisational Structure

The personal data of all the individuals who are working in an organisational structure should be handled with proper supervision so that the company is free from any chances of data theft. Regulations like general data protection regulation have always motivated this idea by making it compulsory for every business to meet all the requirements better lay down within the regulation. It is drafted in such a way that whenever an organisation is found violating the guidelines of GDPR, it is made sure that they face certain inconsistency and negative impact in their overall workflow. Even then, some companies are still not paying much attention to being compliant with such laws. But when we look at the numbers, we can see that not every organisation is behind in the race because every business entity is now aware of the fact that they do require GDPR consultancy services.


One of the many reasons why any business entity in the global market should start focusing on the data privacy of their customers and employees as well as their stakeholders are the fact that every time they do this, they are prioritising rights over user experience. Every organisation in a given structure will agree with the fact that meeting all the requirements of general data protection regulation is a hectic task in its own right. Training of employees and introducing new policies and procedures is a laborious task but it is a one-time investment because once your organisation is free from any loose-end, then the customers, as well as the employees and stakeholders who are associated with the firm, will regain the trust that they had; and they will also understand that the company is giving more importance on there right rather than their overall experience. General data protection regulation in the UK can be seen as the benchmark for all the consultants around the world because every firm in the UK’s consultancy niche, is aware of the many issues that the companies who seek consultancy services have. The situation has gotten pretty easy for all the service seeking companies because the overall approach of consultants around the world has drastically improved as soon as they have started to look up to the consultancy organisations in the United Kingdom. Whenever it is about consultancy services, the main focus should always be boiled down to the fact that client retention is the most important aspect for every successful venture in this field. And to retain clients they must be always provided with the expertise that they are looking for. Assured GRC Is aware of this very fact and always focuses on providing quality consultancy services even to those who are not yet determined whether or not if they should hire a consultant for themselves. Whenever the global market realises that your organisation is prioritising human rights over anything else, you will instantly gain enough goodwill to garner more and more clients in your clientele. All you have to do is look for a suitable consultancy organisation that is ready to guide you through every requirement that you are supposed to follow.


When you are out there looking for the best GDPR consultants, you should always remember that you are required to hire a candidate that has enough experience in the global market to understand every loophole within your organisational structure. Looking for professionals and seasoned companies is always a better option because then you do not have to focus on acquainting them with the issue. For example, if you Assured GRC as your long term consultant, the first thing that you will notice that we are always admin towards examining the current situation that your organisation is in. after proper assessment, we start focusing on the implementation of consultancy services that are required by your organisation. While we are at it, we also make sure that a definite if the scope of the GDPR compliance plan is determined for your company so that you can do a reality check for yourself. We believe in forming a personal information management system for your organisation that can help you in meeting all the privacy requirements that are laid down in the global market. The PIMS is a strategy that is specific to our own methodology that helps every business entity in meeting whatever the requirement that they are supposed to follow. This helps them in understanding all the loopholes within their structure, end after determining the scope of the PIMS, we make sure that it is implemented successfully within the structure of our client’s company. We also believe in conducting regular health cheque ups so that regular audits and gap analysis is conducted actively. We are very well aware of the health and safety policy in the UK, but we are actively involved in extending protection to an organisational structure. Call us today at +44 (0)203 4759 932 and allow us to show you what makes the best GDPR consultants in the UK and around the world.

The Need for Hiring a Suitable Candidate

When it comes to cyber-security consultancy services, we focus on the fact that the news related to this is the only source to understand the very need of consultants in this respect. But even after constant efforts of the consultants, the major question still remains unanswered, i.e., what is the probability of overall success when it comes to taking cyber-security measures? Talking about the need for a consulting firm in the corporate structure should directly be measured with respect to the overall approach of the consulting organisation. If the consultants are not connecting with the needs of their clients, it simply means that they are not neglective the grave situation every business entity is in. When entities like Google, Twitter, H&M, Marriott International, and British Airways are being charged with violation of such a law that protects the personal data of individuals from a particular ethnicity, it gives out a message that they are choosing to be mute in this respect. Facts that need constant attention It is not only about GDPR non-compliance. Whenever there is a discussion about non-compliance with a regulation of this sort, the main focus is always narrowed down to the efficacy of cyber-security consultants. It is a universally accepted fact that consultants should always be held accountable for anything related to inefficiency in the resilience of organisational structures, or growth in non-compliant firms. Even though it is true to some extent, we should understand that the companies are equally responsible for not properly hiring the candidates that they have been looking for. According to a recently published article back in 2019, MGM reported a security breach that resulted in illicit disclosure of about 142 million hotel guests. Another source mentioned that the Marriott-Starwood data breach had compromised personal data of about 500 million consumers. And this report dates back in 2014. In 2017, 147.9 million consumers were the victim of the Equifax breach. These numbers show that all companies irrespective to their scale, are exposed to the risk of facing difficulty in hiring the best candidates that can add resilience to their network infrastructure. What if firms continue to face this difficulty? When it comes to the severity of this situation, it becomes important to focus on the numbers that are being predicted if this scenario is not improved. In other words, if the corporate sector fails to understand their role in hiring suitable consultants for themselves, the situation might get worse than ever. A report about resilience of the nations against the risk of being vulnerable to cyber-attacks, shared a graphical information that mentioned that the United Kingdom was among the four strongest nations. But this does not mean that organisations should start focusing on the information security consultancy services in the UK. The UK being strong is an indicator that the consultants are approaching clients from around the world and the UK has such firms that understand the cruciality of their role. If the firms continue to face the dilemma of not being able to choose the right candidate for their cyber-security needs, they would be exposed to a greater threat than it is facing right now. Speaking of which, another article that came out in the year 2020 mentioned that the global cyber-crime damage costs to about $16.4 billion in a day. This means it costs about $684.9 million in an hour, $11 million in a minute, and $190,000 in a second. If the firms continue on this inefficiency, they might witness a worse scenario where the numbers are higher than these. What can a firm do as of now? If an organisation is looking for GDPR consultants, or if it is cyber-security that they need consultancy services for, they can visit our website. Assured GRC believes in making every business entity and/or professional about the current situation that the world is in right now. This gives us the assurance that both our existing and prospective clients are aware of the facts that we have the idea of the need for our professionalism. Our employees are trained according to the development in both technology and the ways taken by cyber-attackers to infiltrate a firm. We train them well to extend efficient services with utmost efficacy. This is what makes us the one of the best information security consultants in the UK as well. Call us at +44 (0)203 4759 932 and hire the finest consulting services today.

The Severity of Crisis Management and the Role of an Ideal Partner

Crisis management services are just as important as other aspects of a particular business like risk assessment and quality control. But what makes crisis management one of the most important aspects of an organization is the fact that crisis management alone can help the management and the employees of an organization to protect their operation from any crisis or threat that might be lurking in the market. On that note, let us all agree on the fact that when it comes to hiring the best consultancy services, most of the organizations consider those candidates who can offer a large variety of services stock because a large service palette always makes a candidate more approachable in the global market. And the more or a consultancy firm is approachable the more it holds the expertise in performing the stipulated task. THE TRADITIONAL VS THE NEW CRISIS AND THREATS One of the many reasons why, if you take a look at the crisis management firms in London, you would find all of them eager enough to serve more and more organizations, because of the drastic change in the nature of the crisis in the global market. Yes, the nature of the prices that are hitting the Global market has changed, and. not in a good way. Back in the days when all the organizations were new to the tricks of the trade of the Global market the competition grieve but not at an exponential rate. It was after the invention of the internet when all the players in the global market started considering shifting to the digital platform which gave them exposure to a large number of customers. This shift also brought along a series of threats which included cyber-attacks and network breaches. Now, we all know that cyber crisis management services are one of the most important ones when it comes to you looking for Consultancy Services for important factors of a business. But addressing such instances is equally important which is why the consultancy services are approached with Great Expectations from all the organizations across all the industries. HOW CAN ASSURED GRC, HELP YOUR FIRM? Talking about Crisis management be it in the sector of cyber-security or any other sphere in the business, at the very fundamental level, it might seem the same as the need for GDPR consultants in the UK. Just because of the fact that crisis management consultancy Services will help an organization to prepare itself for the most brutal cyber attacks on network breaches, it has become all the more important in today’s digital age. But let us consider that you have decided to try the best candidate out there as your professional help. And with that in mind, you have decided to go with Assured GRC. Let my hypothetical example be an optimistic one so that you can get a better perception of our services along with getting an even better idea about how we offer what we offer. With that being said, Assured GRC works with you closely and tests the efficacy of your existing crisis management plan and also helps you in identifying the loopholes in at. And for the organizations that don’t have an existing plan, our organization helps you establish a crisis management capability that suits your organization the best. The crisis management plan which we will help you to come up with will skilfully tackle all the threats that are most likely to arise within your business niche. After that, we will help you in defining and documenting all the various threats that your organization is exposed to and will also help you to convert these threads into a potentially successful risk score. ON A CONCLUDING NOTE If you think that your organization might need our professional assistance you can always look us up online by visiting our website or you can call us and talk to our professionals to know more about our top-notch services, which will provide all-around security to your organization. connect with us today at +44 (0) 203 4759 932, and experience the services which not only make us one of the best crisis management companies in the UK but in the entire world, for that matter.

Why Customers are Worried About Their Data

When we talk about information being handled by big conglomerates, we focus on every scenario where the organization can mishandle the user data and/or fails to explain to its customer about the process. In any scenario, it’s entirely dependent on the fact that if any organization is ever caught up in any of the given situation, it not only disrupts its relationship with its customers but also the employees and other important associates like stakeholders. This is why; every company has started focusing on gdpr consultants and their expert help. But can any external help ever prove to be beneficial if the concerned organization is at default at their very fundamental level? Absolutely not! That’s why; focusing on the very fundamentals and keeping a thorough check on them should always be the primary requisite for all the organizations, irrespective of their scale. Added to the analogy, is the fact that, most of the global audience don’t trust the organizations when it comes to data protection and privacy protection, because of which, every company in the global market has been facing intense backlash from their customer base. According to a report published by Pew Research Center, 81% of Americans believe that the potential risk of data collection by all the companies is more than the benefits the companies are claiming to provide. Therefore, below is a detailed analogy discussing the origination of this despair, followed by some points to consider, for all the companies out there by studying some the biggest GDPR violations in the last couple of months. WHY HAS THIS BOILED DOWN TO THIS? We all know the shift to the digital platform was quite a jump for the global audience. Over the years, every individual has embraced the technology they have been introduced to, and have skilfully turned it to a medium of decision making from their end. This includes data collection and the permit to store private information for better experience in personalized advertisement too. Mentioning surveys conducted by established sources like Business news daily, that states, 77% of Americans have somehow heard that companies often use personal data to extend targeted advertisement and even to monitor how risky their customers can be. Insights like these, shows that, all the companies in the US have somehow managed to build a negative reputation for themselves in the market. Therefore, instances like these are among the primary reasons why their overall presence in the global market has detoriated too. But this isn’t it. The horror for the customers continued on a global scale when German company Knuddels was charged with €20,000 when its client server was hacked and the data was released. From the perspective a prominent player in a stipulated market, the fine might seem mild, but the stress prevails and still haunts the customers who use chatting apps like these. Adding to the data breaches that took place on a global level and are till haunting customers on a global level, is the breach committed by British Airways. In the year 2019, the airline carrier company was charged with a fine of £183 million for a cyber attack on their website which resulted in confiscation of over 500,000 customer records. This fine stands tall as one of the biggest ever levied on an organization, and also as an example of gdpr regulation in UK. Last but not the least, is the GDPR breach committed by tech giant Google, that lead to a fine of $44 million. This breach was first discovered in 2018 by CNIL and was charged with the fine by the same. If we take a look at the Knuddels’ case, both of them have been tangled in the similar circumstance, but the fines tell the reason why a big conglomerate is at a greater risk for breaching the GDPR regulation. WHAT SHOULD THE OTHER LEARN FROM THIS? Talking further about the Google GDPR breach, the levied fine isn’t worth stressing about, but the loss of confidence among its customers, is. The tech giant stated that they’re now aware of the transparency their customers have been asking, and have further improved the consent requirement. This example goes a long way to show how any organization that violates any regulation, can be charged with a huge amount of fine and be subjected to a detailed investigation. This investigation might have save Google from losing all its customers but it won’t be the same for a small or medium scale organization. On a concluding note, if you think it’s time for you to start focusing on complying with all the regulations, and are looking for the best GDPR consultants in UK, you can always reach out to Assured GRC, and get a firsthand experience of the services that not only makes us the best at what we do, but also one of the prominent organizations to keep the GDPR regulation in UK. Call us today at +44 (0)203 4759 932 to know more about us.

Examining the Underlying Facts of GRC

When we talk about other operations a business needs to perform without losing the focus that it has on the competitive market, we need to consider the fact that these responsibilities are performed with the sole purpose of mitigating the broader issues that might hinder with all the other activities in the business. Looking at the competition in the current scenario, it is evident why every company should fulfill all the requisites that are required for safeguarding the business. If we take a look at the global market, many nations have already focused on the competitive nature of their economy and have laid such regulations like GDPR. Europe came up with one of the most revolutionary regulation to protect its businesses from data theft and privacy reach of their customers. If we take a broader look the matter, we can find that the growth in the demand of a GDPR consultant is nothing but an indication that businesses taken this proposition seriously and also that it is effective for them.

Equating GRC with GDPR

Speaking of GDPR, as we all know it has its focus on data protection of the firms; it can also be viewed as an integral component in a company’s GRC policies. To understand this statement, let’s understand the term first. Only after knowing what Governance, Risk, and Compliance is all about, can we fathom the fact that GDPR is actually a part of GRC. 1. Governance: It reflects how effectively and ethically the top-tier management of a company tackles all the management-related issues. 2. Risk: Risk showcases the company’s ability to cost-efficiently tackle the risks that have the potential to attack the business operation. 3. Compliance: Compliance is when a company abides by all the regulatory requirements for the business’s operation, like data retention and other practices Now that we have known what GRC really is all about, we can take “Compliance” as the premise to further conclude that both, data protection and other services provided by a GDPR consultant are a part of GRC policies Speaking of these policies, there are issues that are tackled by successfully implementing them, and if not, the company can expose itself to such threats that might affect its very existence in the market.

Interpretation of GRC in Recent Times

According to a recent report, many experts refrain from agreeing on the standard definition of Governance, Risk, and Compliance for the issue that it doesn’t showcase the whole idea. The Open Compliance and Ethics Group have defined GRC in a more comprehensive way. It has defined GRC as a system of people, processes, and technologies that enables the organization to perform multiple tasks that ensures its security against multiple threats.

GRC strategies according to OCEG help the organization to:

• Understand the issues of the stakeholders and prioritize them accordingly • Establish objectives that are in accordance with the values and risk • Achievement of objectives along with optimizing the risk profile of the company • Ensure if all the activities are being performed within the legal, contractual, internal, social, and ethical boundaries. • Provide accurate and relevant data to the stakeholders under a stipulated schedule • Measuring if the system’s performance as well as its effectiveness is in place.

Understanding the Concept

While we see many interpretations, is it an issue of confusion? Not at all. If we take a closer look at both the definitions, we can see that Governance, Risk, and Compliance mean exactly the same. The underlying fact that GRC is a set of strategies that an organization executes in order to protect its business form both internal and external threats. Data protection can be viewed as one of the components of GRC framework because GRC includes the regulation of data protection in the interest of an organization. If we take a look at the second definition, we can find that OCEG has kept in mind the core principles of a GRC framework and has defined a newer concept that includes all the aspects that are supposed to be covered in an ideal GRC framework. Moving further, if we consider the services provided by a GDPR consultant, we can say that all the services that he provides are congruent to the value of the company and the amount of risk it faces, thus, proving bullet point number three mentioned above as the new definition of Governance, Risk, and Compliance. A befitting analogy of this research being, if a business is looking for GRC consultancy services, it should pick an agency that can provide such services that are correlated to its values, risk, and GDPR needs if necessary. Assured GRC can be your topmost choice in this respect as we provide our clients with services that are both transparent to our clients and are easy and effective to perform. Call us at +44 (0)203 4759 932 and connect with us today.