Why Focusing on Cyber Security Measures is the Need of the Hour

The entire corporate world is at a path where it is getting affected by the most successful streak of what could be termed as the most brutal network breaches in the history of the global market. That’s why; it is important for us to understand the cruciality of the situation where every individual including business professionals, organisations, and customers should take cyber security measures seriously enough to implement the best plans. Therefore, everyone agrees that even if we understand this very point, we don’t usually take necessary actions to make it happen. But this norm needs to change because the cyber criminals are getting more and more sophisticated with each successful cyber attack. So much so, that it grew from 250 billion US dollars to 400 billion US dollars from 2017 to 2019 alone. THE GRAVITY OF THE RISING CYBER CRIMES With an exponential rise in the sophistication of cyber attacks, it became evident that all the network breaches will surely possess the ability to become such a prevalent threat that the average cost of tackling a single data breach for the top tier organisations will amount to 20, 000 pounds. But everybody knows and would agree that a particular network breach not only entails huge sums of money in the form of procurement, but it diminishes the reputation of the victim organisation as well. And that’s why; besides the damage to the financial front, the damage to the reputation and the brand value of the organisation becomes the most important and the most difficult aspect to recover. Added to this particular discussion, is the fact that whenever a stipulated company in any industry across the global market, becomes the target of a cyber-attack, its customer base loses the trust in the business. This makes them explore the available options in the market because leaving the company seems to be the most logical decision at that point in time. Subsequently, it might be the main reason why information security consultancy services are being looked down upon, in the current market scenario. WHY IS IT IMPORTANT TO FOCUS ON CYBER SECURITY? The general public needs to understand why is it important to focus on the cyber security measures, and that too at a relatable level, because it’s the only way to induce the sense of data security among all of them including the influential organisations like Twitter that faced one of the biggest cyber security attacks of the year 2020. On that note, when we speak about the cyber security measures taken by the cyber security consultants from around the world, we see that all the professionals are not entirely sceptical about going through the most intense measures. But the main reason behind going through all the rigorous efforts is that the cyber attackers are getting easy access to the hacking tools that are helping them in successfully executing the most notorious cyber security attacks at some of the biggest and most influential conglomerates in the global market. NATIONS AT FAULT Not only around countries like the United States of America but the United Kingdom has also faced the brutality of cyber attacks. The reason why the inclusion of the English government is an important step in this analogy is because entities like British Airways have been subjected to one of the most highly charged fines. This fine was imposed because the British Airways failed in complying with the general data protection regulation imposed by the European Union; therefore, illuminating the fact that obviously the English government was at fault for MS appropriately managing the data of some of its customers. And whenever the data of the customers is included in a particular discussion, it only indicates the fact that the particular nation or organisation is exposed to cyber attacks in one way or another. And so, the GDPR consultancy service in London is among the highly-demanded services in the UK right now. WHAT CAN YOU DO? But it’s not like you can’t do anything to protect your organisation from these severe network breaches. You can obviously hire professionals like a short grc and secure the future of a company. Our goal-specific service for all our clients’ needs is what makes us one of the best GDPR consultants in the UK. And that in turn makes us one of the best consultants within the English government and the world as well. Call us today at +44 (0)203 4759 932 and get to know more about our top-notch services.

Cyber-Security Trends for the Future

As we discussed in the previous blog, we need to start focusing on the recent trends. This can be the only possible way to mitigate risks from a particular sector in the global market. The same goes with the cyber security front because everyone knows that the frequency of Cyber attacks has increased compared to the last couple of years. Another reason to start focusing on improving the cybersecurity operations within a particular company is the covid-19 outbreak that made the entire global market stagnant for a significant period of time. Due to this outbreak; almost the entire strength of some of the industries has moved to the remote platform in order to continue their trajectory. This has significantly increased the chances of Cyber attacks on their networks because it is comparatively easy to target the employees while they are working on sensitive data from their personal computer system which is usually not very well protected. Phishing attacks and email hijacking cyber-attacks has been one of the most famous and common of the cyber attacks that has hit the world at a great scale. TRENDING CYBER-SECURITY APPROACHES Speaking about the recent trends in cyber security methods, one thing that we should keep a check on is the fact that all the organisations are trying to solve the immediate risks that seem to affect the very foundation of their organisation. As we discussed in the blog, “The Trending cyber-attacks stirring in the corporate environment”, the cyber attacks are increasing in the Global market at an exponential rate. This is why; it is important to address this situation; given the “work from home” culture that companies across the nations are still following, up to an extent. Amidst all this some of the companies are still hoping to get the ISO 27001 certification so that they can work on a larger market region and gather a wider customer base by the newly equipped expertise. Once we start recording the recent trends in the cyber security methods we will understand why exactly the companies are looking for ISO 27001 consultancy services in the UK. On that note, let’s take a look at some of these trends: • The Secure Access Service Edge or SASE: the transition of all the organisations from the traditional Local area network infrastructure to the more approachable and trending cloud platform is what we are talking about in this particular Trend. In other words the secure access service age is the culmination of this very shift that has made the entire global market attentive towards the regulations let down to protect the players from any threat. Companies are likely to abstain from using that existing tools of identity and Asset Management and will readily employ the automated softwares that will allow them to extend the level of anonymity that they wish to have. • The Zero-trust network access based approach: when we talk about the recent trends in the cyber security methods this zero touch network access Technology is one of the most prominent ones because in the coming future it is likely to be seen that this particular Technology will Jain superiority in the cybersecurity front. The fact that this approach is based on the thought that signifies trust as vulnerability, and any particular network system is hostile makes it one of the best options. Zero trust Technology seems to leverage the network segmentation and restricts the lateral movement by allowing Layer 7 threat prevention. • Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning: both AI and machine learning are obviously the new forces that are taking the digital platform by storm. In the past few years the overall use of artificial intelligence has engulf all the sectors from banking to retail and legal services. While machine learning has gained power in all the business sectors, both these forces have been responsible for new cyber-security techniques that have baffled even the GDPR consultants in the UK. On a concluding note, these Trends are not only responsible for the changing process of cyber security but also the overall methodology followed by the consultancy organisations who are working in the market. Therefore, it is important to keep a check on these Trends so that the consultants also have an idea about what exactly they need to deliver. If you think that this information has been helpful and you want more from the best crisis management consultants in the UK, you can reach out to us at +44 (0)203 4759 932. Our top-notch services will help you in getting the ISO certification that you need.

The Severity of Crisis Management and the Role of an Ideal Partner

Crisis management services are just as important as other aspects of a particular business like risk assessment and quality control. But what makes crisis management one of the most important aspects of an organization is the fact that crisis management alone can help the management and the employees of an organization to protect their operation from any crisis or threat that might be lurking in the market. On that note, let us all agree on the fact that when it comes to hiring the best consultancy services, most of the organizations consider those candidates who can offer a large variety of services stock because a large service palette always makes a candidate more approachable in the global market. And the more or a consultancy firm is approachable the more it holds the expertise in performing the stipulated task. THE TRADITIONAL VS THE NEW CRISIS AND THREATS One of the many reasons why, if you take a look at the crisis management firms in London, you would find all of them eager enough to serve more and more organizations, because of the drastic change in the nature of the crisis in the global market. Yes, the nature of the prices that are hitting the Global market has changed, and. not in a good way. Back in the days when all the organizations were new to the tricks of the trade of the Global market the competition grieve but not at an exponential rate. It was after the invention of the internet when all the players in the global market started considering shifting to the digital platform which gave them exposure to a large number of customers. This shift also brought along a series of threats which included cyber-attacks and network breaches. Now, we all know that cyber crisis management services are one of the most important ones when it comes to you looking for Consultancy Services for important factors of a business. But addressing such instances is equally important which is why the consultancy services are approached with Great Expectations from all the organizations across all the industries. HOW CAN ASSURED GRC, HELP YOUR FIRM? Talking about Crisis management be it in the sector of cyber-security or any other sphere in the business, at the very fundamental level, it might seem the same as the need for GDPR consultants in the UK. Just because of the fact that crisis management consultancy Services will help an organization to prepare itself for the most brutal cyber attacks on network breaches, it has become all the more important in today’s digital age. But let us consider that you have decided to try the best candidate out there as your professional help. And with that in mind, you have decided to go with Assured GRC. Let my hypothetical example be an optimistic one so that you can get a better perception of our services along with getting an even better idea about how we offer what we offer. With that being said, Assured GRC works with you closely and tests the efficacy of your existing crisis management plan and also helps you in identifying the loopholes in at. And for the organizations that don’t have an existing plan, our organization helps you establish a crisis management capability that suits your organization the best. The crisis management plan which we will help you to come up with will skilfully tackle all the threats that are most likely to arise within your business niche. After that, we will help you in defining and documenting all the various threats that your organization is exposed to and will also help you to convert these threads into a potentially successful risk score. ON A CONCLUDING NOTE If you think that your organization might need our professional assistance you can always look us up online by visiting our website or you can call us and talk to our professionals to know more about our top-notch services, which will provide all-around security to your organization. connect with us today at +44 (0) 203 4759 932, and experience the services which not only make us one of the best crisis management companies in the UK but in the entire world, for that matter.