Addressing the Various Threats to Cyber-Security and How A Consultant Can Be Helpful

Whenever we talk about cyber-security concerns lingering around in the global market, we tend to focus on the fact that the consultants are always the main reason why a particular business entity is getting exposed to cyber-attack criminals. But if we take a look at some recently published articles by established brands in the corporate niche, we will get to know that even if the consulting firms serve as the first line of defence against a cyber-crime on an organisation, the service seeking firm is required to take necessary steps for being an ideal client to the cyber-security consultants. Even if you get hold of cyber-security consultancy services in London, you are required to take important steps to build a stable foundation and access the impact of getting exposed to a cyber-threat. Even if a business entity is aware of this necessity, they stay unaware about the threat rising threat to their cyber-security attempts. Threats to cyber-security Formjacking: Formjacking is a type of cyber threat when cyber-criminals pose threat to a particular website by bypassing its security measures. Cyber-criminals take the help of malicious command lines in the JavaScript code to gain access to lucrative websites such as e-commerce and try to gather personal data of the customers. This form of threat is conducted with the sole purpose of stealing credit card numbers and other sensitive data. In 2018, a report showed that almost 4800 websites were being infiltrated by these criminals in a month. On 6th September 2018, British Airways report a network breach that resulted in theft of collective personal data that belonged to 3800000 of its customers. The overall lost was valued at $17 million. These facts tell us exactly why it is important to keep this threat in our list.Inadequate management of security patches: A security patch serves the purpose of filling up a loophole in a software, application, or technology. When it comes to the application of these patches, the organisations always use it to address a vulnerability within their system. Therefore, not focusing on proper patch management can lead them to get exposed to a number of cyber-threats. Inadequate patch management can lead to a few other risks like: 1. The need of remediation that would lead the firm to experience downtime. 2. Making a firm non-compliant to various organisational and cyber-security standards. 3. Harm to the brand image. • Use of outdated hardware and software: When an organisation uses outdated software for building threat network infrastructure, their measures would be a waste of time and effort as they would be ineffective in tackling cyber-attacks from well-armed cyber-criminals who are using latest technologies. It is important to keep both the hardware and software up to date so that the GRC cyber security or information security consultants can easily build a resilient network infrastructure. How could a consultant like us be helpful for you? At Assured GRC, we focus on improvement of all the services that we hold expertise in. What makes us the best cyber-security consulting firms in the UK is the vehement approach with which we strive forward to meet our client’s goals efficiently. Through our approach, we make sure that: • Our client’s data is being backed up on a regular basis. • Every client is acquainted with the evolving nature of the threats and risks every firm is inherently exposed to. • All the security policies, plans are effective, and the network system is inscrutable. • The various software used by our clients, are well encrypted. • Any firm that is looking for ISO certifications, gets what they have been looking for. • Our services are tailored according to the needs of every firm. So, if you are new in the global market, or if you are a seasoned firm and are looking for stepping up a notch with the cyber-security consulting services that you hire, you can visit our website and check out the array of our consulting services. The variety of consulting services that we offer, not only makes us approachable in all the industries, but also helps us in making us the best consulting firm across the global market. Call us today at +44 (0)203 4759 932 and get hold of the best consultancy firm.