Addressing the Various Threats to Cyber-Security and How A Consultant Can Be Helpful

Whenever we talk about cyber-security concerns lingering around in the global market, we tend to focus on the fact that the consultants are always the main reason why a particular business entity is getting exposed to cyber-attack criminals. But if we take a look at some recently published articles by established brands in the corporate niche, we will get to know that even if the consulting firms serve as the first line of defence against a cyber-crime on an organisation, the service seeking firm is required to take necessary steps for being an ideal client to the cyber-security consultants. Even if you get hold of cyber-security consultancy services in London, you are required to take important steps to build a stable foundation and access the impact of getting exposed to a cyber-threat. Even if a business entity is aware of this necessity, they stay unaware about the threat rising threat to their cyber-security attempts. Threats to cyber-security Formjacking: Formjacking is a type of cyber threat when cyber-criminals pose threat to a particular website by bypassing its security measures. Cyber-criminals take the help of malicious command lines in the JavaScript code to gain access to lucrative websites such as e-commerce and try to gather personal data of the customers. This form of threat is conducted with the sole purpose of stealing credit card numbers and other sensitive data. In 2018, a report showed that almost 4800 websites were being infiltrated by these criminals in a month. On 6th September 2018, British Airways report a network breach that resulted in theft of collective personal data that belonged to 3800000 of its customers. The overall lost was valued at $17 million. These facts tell us exactly why it is important to keep this threat in our list.Inadequate management of security patches: A security patch serves the purpose of filling up a loophole in a software, application, or technology. When it comes to the application of these patches, the organisations always use it to address a vulnerability within their system. Therefore, not focusing on proper patch management can lead them to get exposed to a number of cyber-threats. Inadequate patch management can lead to a few other risks like: 1. The need of remediation that would lead the firm to experience downtime. 2. Making a firm non-compliant to various organisational and cyber-security standards. 3. Harm to the brand image. • Use of outdated hardware and software: When an organisation uses outdated software for building threat network infrastructure, their measures would be a waste of time and effort as they would be ineffective in tackling cyber-attacks from well-armed cyber-criminals who are using latest technologies. It is important to keep both the hardware and software up to date so that the GRC cyber security or information security consultants can easily build a resilient network infrastructure. How could a consultant like us be helpful for you? At Assured GRC, we focus on improvement of all the services that we hold expertise in. What makes us the best cyber-security consulting firms in the UK is the vehement approach with which we strive forward to meet our client’s goals efficiently. Through our approach, we make sure that: • Our client’s data is being backed up on a regular basis. • Every client is acquainted with the evolving nature of the threats and risks every firm is inherently exposed to. • All the security policies, plans are effective, and the network system is inscrutable. • The various software used by our clients, are well encrypted. • Any firm that is looking for ISO certifications, gets what they have been looking for. • Our services are tailored according to the needs of every firm. So, if you are new in the global market, or if you are a seasoned firm and are looking for stepping up a notch with the cyber-security consulting services that you hire, you can visit our website and check out the array of our consulting services. The variety of consulting services that we offer, not only makes us approachable in all the industries, but also helps us in making us the best consulting firm across the global market. Call us today at +44 (0)203 4759 932 and get hold of the best consultancy firm.

The Need for Hiring a Suitable Candidate

When it comes to cyber-security consultancy services, we focus on the fact that the news related to this is the only source to understand the very need of consultants in this respect. But even after constant efforts of the consultants, the major question still remains unanswered, i.e., what is the probability of overall success when it comes to taking cyber-security measures? Talking about the need for a consulting firm in the corporate structure should directly be measured with respect to the overall approach of the consulting organisation. If the consultants are not connecting with the needs of their clients, it simply means that they are not neglective the grave situation every business entity is in. When entities like Google, Twitter, H&M, Marriott International, and British Airways are being charged with violation of such a law that protects the personal data of individuals from a particular ethnicity, it gives out a message that they are choosing to be mute in this respect. Facts that need constant attention It is not only about GDPR non-compliance. Whenever there is a discussion about non-compliance with a regulation of this sort, the main focus is always narrowed down to the efficacy of cyber-security consultants. It is a universally accepted fact that consultants should always be held accountable for anything related to inefficiency in the resilience of organisational structures, or growth in non-compliant firms. Even though it is true to some extent, we should understand that the companies are equally responsible for not properly hiring the candidates that they have been looking for. According to a recently published article back in 2019, MGM reported a security breach that resulted in illicit disclosure of about 142 million hotel guests. Another source mentioned that the Marriott-Starwood data breach had compromised personal data of about 500 million consumers. And this report dates back in 2014. In 2017, 147.9 million consumers were the victim of the Equifax breach. These numbers show that all companies irrespective to their scale, are exposed to the risk of facing difficulty in hiring the best candidates that can add resilience to their network infrastructure. What if firms continue to face this difficulty? When it comes to the severity of this situation, it becomes important to focus on the numbers that are being predicted if this scenario is not improved. In other words, if the corporate sector fails to understand their role in hiring suitable consultants for themselves, the situation might get worse than ever. A report about resilience of the nations against the risk of being vulnerable to cyber-attacks, shared a graphical information that mentioned that the United Kingdom was among the four strongest nations. But this does not mean that organisations should start focusing on the information security consultancy services in the UK. The UK being strong is an indicator that the consultants are approaching clients from around the world and the UK has such firms that understand the cruciality of their role. If the firms continue to face the dilemma of not being able to choose the right candidate for their cyber-security needs, they would be exposed to a greater threat than it is facing right now. Speaking of which, another article that came out in the year 2020 mentioned that the global cyber-crime damage costs to about $16.4 billion in a day. This means it costs about $684.9 million in an hour, $11 million in a minute, and $190,000 in a second. If the firms continue on this inefficiency, they might witness a worse scenario where the numbers are higher than these. What can a firm do as of now? If an organisation is looking for GDPR consultants, or if it is cyber-security that they need consultancy services for, they can visit our website. Assured GRC believes in making every business entity and/or professional about the current situation that the world is in right now. This gives us the assurance that both our existing and prospective clients are aware of the facts that we have the idea of the need for our professionalism. Our employees are trained according to the development in both technology and the ways taken by cyber-attackers to infiltrate a firm. We train them well to extend efficient services with utmost efficacy. This is what makes us the one of the best information security consultants in the UK as well. Call us at +44 (0)203 4759 932 and hire the finest consulting services today.

Why Focusing on Cyber Security Measures is the Need of the Hour

The entire corporate world is at a path where it is getting affected by the most successful streak of what could be termed as the most brutal network breaches in the history of the global market. That’s why; it is important for us to understand the cruciality of the situation where every individual including business professionals, organisations, and customers should take cyber security measures seriously enough to implement the best plans. Therefore, everyone agrees that even if we understand this very point, we don’t usually take necessary actions to make it happen. But this norm needs to change because the cyber criminals are getting more and more sophisticated with each successful cyber attack. So much so, that it grew from 250 billion US dollars to 400 billion US dollars from 2017 to 2019 alone. THE GRAVITY OF THE RISING CYBER CRIMES With an exponential rise in the sophistication of cyber attacks, it became evident that all the network breaches will surely possess the ability to become such a prevalent threat that the average cost of tackling a single data breach for the top tier organisations will amount to 20, 000 pounds. But everybody knows and would agree that a particular network breach not only entails huge sums of money in the form of procurement, but it diminishes the reputation of the victim organisation as well. And that’s why; besides the damage to the financial front, the damage to the reputation and the brand value of the organisation becomes the most important and the most difficult aspect to recover. Added to this particular discussion, is the fact that whenever a stipulated company in any industry across the global market, becomes the target of a cyber-attack, its customer base loses the trust in the business. This makes them explore the available options in the market because leaving the company seems to be the most logical decision at that point in time. Subsequently, it might be the main reason why information security consultancy services are being looked down upon, in the current market scenario. WHY IS IT IMPORTANT TO FOCUS ON CYBER SECURITY? The general public needs to understand why is it important to focus on the cyber security measures, and that too at a relatable level, because it’s the only way to induce the sense of data security among all of them including the influential organisations like Twitter that faced one of the biggest cyber security attacks of the year 2020. On that note, when we speak about the cyber security measures taken by the cyber security consultants from around the world, we see that all the professionals are not entirely sceptical about going through the most intense measures. But the main reason behind going through all the rigorous efforts is that the cyber attackers are getting easy access to the hacking tools that are helping them in successfully executing the most notorious cyber security attacks at some of the biggest and most influential conglomerates in the global market. NATIONS AT FAULT Not only around countries like the United States of America but the United Kingdom has also faced the brutality of cyber attacks. The reason why the inclusion of the English government is an important step in this analogy is because entities like British Airways have been subjected to one of the most highly charged fines. This fine was imposed because the British Airways failed in complying with the general data protection regulation imposed by the European Union; therefore, illuminating the fact that obviously the English government was at fault for MS appropriately managing the data of some of its customers. And whenever the data of the customers is included in a particular discussion, it only indicates the fact that the particular nation or organisation is exposed to cyber attacks in one way or another. And so, the GDPR consultancy service in London is among the highly-demanded services in the UK right now. WHAT CAN YOU DO? But it’s not like you can’t do anything to protect your organisation from these severe network breaches. You can obviously hire professionals like a short grc and secure the future of a company. Our goal-specific service for all our clients’ needs is what makes us one of the best GDPR consultants in the UK. And that in turn makes us one of the best consultants within the English government and the world as well. Call us today at +44 (0)203 4759 932 and get to know more about our top-notch services.

The Desperate Measures Stirring Among the Established Companies

The cyber attacks around the world have been one of the most brutal yet relatable examples about the growing scepticism of all the company towards the security reforms laid down by any particular information security consultant in the corporate world. This is why; all the companies around the world have resorted to take desperate measures that might be beneficial for them in the long run. But even after such persistence by all these companies, the uncertainty quotient prevails because the cyber criminals around the world are getting stronger day by day. DESPERATE MEASURES It won’t be logical for us to say that all the organisations that are taking desperate measures in order to protect themselves from cyber attacks. But it might seem like that because influential and established companies like Twitter itself are making decisions like hiring reputed hackers as the head of their cybersecurity front. Now, it might sound ambiguous from our fart but such measures are important because a cyber attacker can only be traced by an individual who has been on the dark side for quite a long time. One of the most relevant examples can be the employment of Edward Snowden. Edward Snowden is an American whistleblower and a former intelligence community officer who was responsible for the leak of sensitive information regarding the National security Agency about mass surveillance of all the citizens of the American jurisdiction. In other words, this entire discussion only indicates the fact that if an organisation is hiring a cyber attacker who has now turned good, it doesn’t really mean that they will help in the future as well. Mass surveillance has been one of the most important topics of discussion in today’s time because it has been the business model of many established companies including Facebook and Google itself. IS NETWORK BREACH AN INTERNAL PHENOMENON? Twitter decided to hire a reputed hacker in order to protect itself from attacks like the one that took place earlier this year, where all the reputed handles including the likes of Barrack Obama were compromised. Therefore, this practice might seem strange to a rational person, but; if we view this entire situation from the perspective of an organisation that has faced one of the most notorious network breaches in the history of its existence, we can understand why Twitter had to take such a desperate step. Some of the individuals out there might think that just like any other small and medium scale Organisation in the global market, Twitter also should have reached out to cyber security consultants, and taken up the expert help instead of hiring an ex-cyber attacker. But if you observe closely, you will understand that Twitter has found a one-stop solution to all its problems regarding cyber security attacks of any sort. Hiring a hacker will help them in strengthening the network infrastructure that has been breached by a group of young cyber attackers, who infiltrated their system with some of the easiest ways of network breach. Therefore, established organisations are always open to take important decisions that will help them in the near future. But we all know this for a fact that most of the small and medium scale organisations don’t have such freedom. And that’s where experts like us come into picture. WHAT WILL ASSURED GRC DO? At Assured GRC, we provide immaculate cyber security consultancy services to all the organisations who seek our help. And not only those, we help even the ones who are looking for best professional services at affordable prices. Our top-notch Consultancy Service is the only reason why we have retained our position as one of the best GDPR consultancy service providing organisations as well. So if you think that you can’t afford to hire established hackers in order to protect your company, you can always look up to experts like us because we are reliable and safer than an individual who has a history to take care of. On a concluding note, you can hire our professional services to strengthen your network infrastructure, and prepare your organisation for important certifications like ISO 22301 certification. Call us today at +44 (0)203 4759 932 and provide us with the opportunity to serve your organisation for the greater good.

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the Rising Cyber Attacks

The year 2020 has been daunting so far, but the most dangerous aspect that prevails in the global market is the rising number of phishing attacks around all the industries. Many research studies have indicated that with Black Friday and Cyber Monday approaching, the impact and the number of phishing attacks is set to increase on a global scale. Security researchers from around the world have already begun to notice a significant spike in the number of phishing attacks which can be seen as a build up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday taking place on November 27th, and November 30th respectively. Some of the recently published reports have stated that there is an increase of over 13 times in the last six weeks as far as phishing emails are concerned. WHY DO YOU NEED TO KNOW THIS? You might be thinking that such information is irrelevant because everybody in the corporate world and among the general public understand the severity of malicious cyber attacks, and the impact of the same is pretty much evident if we take a look at the daunting statistics of 2020. But what you seem to overlook, is the fact that these numbers aren’t exactly painting a better picture because none of the easily accessible literary pieces of evidence would tell you that some of the most prevalent phishing campaigns have witnessed an increase in the intensity of the execution by 80% since early November this year. This obviously acts as a reminder for all the organisations to stay vigilant towards the sale season. And eventually tells all the players in the global market that both Black Friday and Cyber Monday will witness a significant growth in cyber crime. STATISTICS THAT SHOW IT’S A BUILD-UP FOR THE HOLIDAY SEASON One of the most interesting facts that clearly showcase that the numbers are purely a build up for the holiday season is that the following four weeks from 8 October, has witnessed an increase in the number of fake offers that were in some way or other related to phishing attacks and campaigns. This number has doubled globally, rising to 243 in the beginning of this month, compared to 121 that were at the start of October. This obviously indicates that cyber security consultants around the world are facing difficulty in doing their job properly. This somehow places all the organisations at a jeopardizing state because if the professionals are not being able to provide them with the services that they hold expertise of, they are clearly leaving all their clients exposed to the network breaches that could ruin the entire existence of some of the most influential organisations around the world. Below are some of the other pointers that clear the misconception about these cyber-attacks being moderate and usual in nature: • If I was to say that in every 826 emails, one of them is a phishing attempt, related to “November shopping days” would it alarm you at any level? If not, the fact that it is far more daunting, if we were to compare it with 1 such attempt in 11000 emails, at the starting of October surely will. • Another haunting fact is that 9th and 10th November alone saw an exponential rise in the number of phishing attacks than the initial 7 days of the month October. WHAT CAN YOU DO DURING THIS HAVOC One of the most logical steps that you can take to protect your organisation is to opt for a health check up for your organisation from the best candidates in the consultancy sector. When it comes to information security consultants in the UK, Assured GRC always stands tall as the best candidate out there because we offer free health check up not only during the holiday season, but the entire year as well. You can visit our website and check our detailed and versatile health check-up service that covers all the major aspects including general data protection regulation, ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 19770, Cyber Security, and risk management. It is our expertise in all these major aspects that makes us one of the best consultancy organisations with the top-notch ISO consultants, operating within the English jurisdiction. Call us today at +44 (0)203 4759 932 and allow us to provide you with the expert consulting services that you have been looking for.

The Trending Crisis Stirring in the Corporate Environment

Let’s focus on all the crises and threats that a particular organisation is exposed to, because everyone in the Global market understands this fact that at the end of the day it’s all about the prices that a particular organisation, in a particular industry, and a particular tier, mitigates. The process of eradicating the crisis that any company undertakes is what makes them strong in the dynamic market environment. This is why; the small and medium scale organisations always focus on hiring the best asset management consultancy services. This can help them in improving the internal infrastructure of their business to an extent where they can have a strong ground in the global market. But to start with everything, we need to focus on the emerging trends in the crisis sector. After analysing all the trends that are prevailing in the current market scenario, we will have a better idea about the exact crisis management services that all the organisations in all the industries want. Talking about the same we need to understand the role of a crisis management consultancy services providing company in the midst of all this because after all they play the role of front line defendants in the times of crisis. OVERVIEW OF THE TRENDING CRISIS On that note, it would be safe to assume that a large number of companies in today’s time have deployed their crisis management teams to tackle the crisis that have been increasingly surpassing the threshold of controlled restriction. If we talked about the frequency of each of these prices that have been perfectly disturbing the walking environment of the Global market we can have a detailed list of some of them which are: • Cyber attacks in network breaches • Threats concerning the physical security of the organisation • The overall performance of each of the employees within the organisation • Threats concerning the governmental and environmental front of the company WHY THE LIST? IS THIS ENOUGH? As we saw that among the most threatening crises stirring in the corporate environment the cyber threats that include network breaches and malicious hacks are gaining the popularity of Bing the most dangerous of the prices among all the organisations across all the industries. Many viewers and readers might find this ambiguous on our path but thinking about whether or not the above list of threads are specific to the current market scenario let us take a look why these trends have made the news. • If we talk about the United Kingdom alone, its corporate market has witnessed an increase of 31% when it comes to the number of cyber attacks took place this year. Therefore we can say a that cyber attacks and network breaches like the recent Twitter hack or the attempts made by Russian cyber military group are one of the most dangerous of the threats and continue to grow at an exponential rate because of course the cyber-security consultants are failing to understand that it is simple tricks like SIM swapping email hijacking and https spoofing that’s making some of the most dangerous cyber attacks possible. • Everyone in the market would agree that when it comes to keeping a check on the physical security front of an organisation every player turns sceptical because any negligence in this aspect can cost the entire organisation in the long term. Therefore; if companies fail to address any threat concerning the physical security aspects of its business they will not only have to pay the extra money e that the situation demands but will have to face the deterioration in the overall brand image because of the situation. • The same goes with the performance issues a company faces in the midst of a crisis. This happens because the employees are worn out after a particular threat hits the organisation to its core. • And finally; the threats that concern the governmental and environmental front of a business. In a nutshell it is because of these threats that even the established conglomerates have started hiring the best compliance consultants in the UK and even around the world. The recent GDPR fine imposed on Google is a prominent example why none of the organisations are taking any chances in protecting themselves from any situation that might cause them to get caught in a violation of any kind. On a concluding note, it is important to keep a check on the rising trends, because it is the only way a particular organisation can prepare itself from an unforeseen threat. Call today at +44 (0)203 4759 932 and give assured grc the opportunity to serve you with the best consultancy services in the global market.