The Approach of an Expert towards ISMS

Whenever we start any discussion about the need for cyber security measures come on the most important fact that so just the plot of any conversation of that sort, is the fact that every company is looking forward to having the best cyber security consultant but are sceptical about the professionalism and proficiency most of them are claiming. It is not an unusual statement that most of the consultants in the global market right now, are focusing on the middle and top tier organisations because they are always exposed to some sort of threat and crisis. But this does not mean that the small-scale organisations are not facing any threat at all. Everything boils down to the approach with which, the cyber security consulting organisations are acquiring their clients. If the approach is only directed to the top-level organisations, the consultancy firm will automatically lose interest and different types of threats that small and micro-scale organisations are facing on a perpetual level. OUR APPROACH Assured GRC is always proud to provide governance risk and compliance consultancy measures to all the organisations from around the world. If you visit our website and look at the various domains that we have expertise in, you will notice that we have thought about being a one-stop solution to all the consultancy needs in the major industries and are always happy to take any business entity that requires our guidance. One of the major reasons why we always have been the most ideal options for all the companies is the efficiency that report and the measures that we formulate with the client. This is the reason that makes our plans and methods suitable for achieving the goals that our clients are aiming at. WHAT WE FOCUS ON Assured GRC understands that an outdated cyber security solution for your organisation is the same as exposing your company do a vast pool of cyberthreats. This is why, we strive to provide you with a cyber security programme that is comprehensive and easy to implement within your structure. For every client, we focus on building an information security management system that helps them in incorporating the best steps according to the I also 27,001 standards. We understand that any organisation who is focusing on getting the best cyber security consultancy services, it is off but most important that they conduct practises that are following the international standards that have global acceptance. HOW WE WORK TOWARDS IMPROVING/BUILDING YOUR ISMS For every organisation in the corporate market, it is important to hire A consultant who knows the steps that are required to be taken, and the measures that can assure the success of the process that their client organisations have indulged in. The same goes with the information security management system is well. If a consultancy firm is not capable to understand the loopholes in the existing ISMS, they will not be able to understand the steps that are required to be taken. Assured GRC, has always focused on taking the necessary steps better bad by the expertise that we hold, but our moulded according to the needs and the structure of our client’s organisation. Measures like, • Determining the scope of the information security management system, • Establishing the new and improved information security management system, • Performing gap analysis • and improving it continuously Has made us one of the best consultants not only in the United Kingdom, but around the world. HOW WE ASSURE THE QUALITY OF OUR MEASURES Not only in the cyber security field, but we have also excelled at some other major industries. the reason that makes us the best at what we do, is the fact that we know that our measures are not perfect at the time that we formulate them. Therefore, we take necessary steps to improve our existing actions so that our client always gets the best out of us. As far as cyber security and information security management system is concerned, we thoroughly audit them, and consider our clients as the first reviewer of the plans that we come up with. After being on the same page with the client, we move forward with the strategies and look for existing loopholes and them. If you are thinking about getting the best consultancy services in cyber security domain or even if you were looking at the best GDPR consultant in the world, you can visit our website or reach out to us at +44 (0)203 4759 932.

Focusing On Lower-Tired Firm for Extending Cyber-Security Measures

All the cyber security companies are adamant towards providing the best strategies to the business entities who are continuously facing cyber breaches. but still, there is a significant gap between the companies that lie on the lower tier of the corporate world. When we say that this gap has been significant, we stress on the fact that it is visible that the organisations who claim to provide the best strategies to all the players in the global market, are showing deficiency in reaching out to the lower scale organisations. It might be because of the unfamiliarity of these companies when it comes to cybersecurity policies, but this isn’t negligible and shouldn’t be overlooked at any degree whatsoever. But to gauge the importance of providing these services to all the players alike, we need to understand why we should start with the small-scale companies. On that note, Let’s look why a cyber security consultant should focus on the micro and small-scale companies, based on the vulnerabilities that they are exposed to at a perpetual note. REASONS TO FOCUS ON THE LOWER—TIERED ORGANISATIONS Their inability to spend more on building a resilient network infrastructure by themselves: When we talk about cybersecurity measures, have we always focussed on the established companies like Amazon and Walmart, and focus on their have ability to identify a certain risk in their system. Hello what we seem to overlook is the fact that they have the resources to find the top-notch cybersecurity policies that provides them the ability to identify even the minimal threat within their system. The small-scale companies are always sceptical towards spending more on network infrastructure. This is the reason why they become prone to cyber-attacks. • They are exposed to a larger level of vulnerability: In the year 2015, almost 45% of network breaches where directed towards small scale companies in the corporate world. These were the companies who had less than 250 employees within their structure. This is enough to understand their vulnerability quotient, and to fathom why the small-scale companies should be the topmost priority for cyber security consultancy services from around the world. • The phishing attempts are way more successful: It is a fact that the cyber security measures that are required to be considered by a business entity in order to protect themselves from a network breach, also includes training the workforce about the new ways undertaken by cyber-attackers, including the trending ways of conducting phishing attacks. But the small-scale companies don’t really follow this aspect as well because have of the shortage of fund they face throughout their trajectory as a lower-tiered firm. The breaching attempts are always in form of emails, which are guised adequately to make it seem like an official one. The employees fail to recognize the difference between a genuine email and such scams. • The higher possibility of these small scale organisations to go out of business after facing a cyber-attack: According to a report published earlier this year, the average cost of a network beach is almost 700,000 US dollars. This figure makes almost 60% of the small-scale companies to wind up within 6 months of facing a network breach. PREVENTIVE MEASURES TO BE TAKEN BY THE FIRMSCreating a suitable cyber security policy: An organisation that is sceptical about its policies to protect itself from the cyber-attacks, should always be adamant towards maintaining a specific cybersecurity policy that will help its overall structure. One of the other reasons for maintaining an adequate cybersecurity policy is that it always proves to be a helpful guide for the workforce office stipulated business entity. The guidance that the employees get from these policies, besides the future trajectory of the organization. • Train the employees: It is understood that if you have an organisational structure that inclines towards lower tier, you can still train your employees adequately. • Hire the best candidates: Last, but not the least, you can always go with the best GDPR consultants and cyber security professionals. Candidates who can provide you top-notch services at a reasonable price rate, aren’t easy to find, but looking for the isn’t an impossible task as well. On that note, if you think you have already begun the quest of finding the best consultants, or if you are thinking about it, you can always choose Assured GRC. Our affordable charges, and top-notch consulting services makes us the best candidate to provide important services like cyber-security, governance, risk, and compliance. Call us today at +44 (0)203 4759 932 and experience the services for yourself.

Important Cyber Security Guidelines After the Lockdown

When we talk about cyber security services and their importance in an organization, we often tend to focus more on medium to large scale organizations, which has its own valid reason. A small business that has just started in the market would not be financial stable enough to afford professional cyber security consultancy services or other outside help regarding its data security framework. But since the current pandemic, every organization has started shifting to digital platform and coming up with innovative ideas in order to satisfy customers’ need. Even the newer players in the market are taking up the opportunity to reap the benefits out of the technology that has a user base that’s larger than the audience that watches television. Such a scenario is strictly based on the current situation of the market and shouldn’t be taken up as a stereotypical point of view regarding anything happening in the world. It is because of the Coronavirus pandemic that more and more people are using the internet to keep themselves engaged. This social convention then motivated all the businesses to start connecting to the customers via the internet. And as the organizations that entered the online sector grew in numbers, data security became direr than ever. With each subsequent week passing by, it was now a tougher time for all the organizations because on one hand, they are clueless about things getting back to normal and on the other, being on the digital platform without any past experience will continue to expose the newer firm to potential threats like data breaches that are one of the most common threats in the digital platform. Such a situation called for important measures like developing new guidelines that could help all the organizations to keep their interests secure and the cyber security framework intact. Speaking of the same, let’s talk more about the cyber security consultants that are involved in recommending measures to mitigate any forthcoming cyber attack. Below are some guidelines that any organization can follow during this harsh time and mitigate the forthcoming cyber attacks. 1. Network Access Control (NAC): One of the most important measures an organization can take is the NAC solution. When an organization doesn’t allow any unpatched device to connect to its network then it can be said that the company has successfully implemented the NAC solution. On seeing the current scenario and the amount of remote work going on around the world, we can say that NAC can prove to be effective, given that all the personal laptops of the employees are fully patched and upgraded or they get laptops from the organization’s end. 2. Changing the password: If it happens that you might need to take some professional help and you hire a cyber security consultant to help you with the issues you’re having. One of the foremost things he’ll add will be the need for your employees to change/reset the system’s password before logging out. Many organizations in the world have neglected this very point as they relaxed their password policy, but this pandemic has proved to be one of those times where focusing on the password policy is a priority. 3. Thoroughly checking the Desktop: Even though this pointer doesn’t need any explains, but for those who have a brief overview of the whole situation but cannot put a finger on what they need to, this guideline is nothing but a savior. According to this guideline, before the employees report to the office, the organization’s IT department takes a detailed test including health checks and checking whether or not the Data Prevention Tools are working perfectly. All the systems are updated to the latest versions of antivirus signatures, patches, and software versions. 4. Data Hygiene: Speaking about the most important measure to undertake in this remote work culture is to keep your personal laptops clean. This means deleting all the data, any research on the topics related to the organizations. This way you don’t leave any primary digital footprint on your system and this reduces the chances of data breach. Now that every organization has taken up its responsibility to contribute towards cyber security, the role of cyber security consultant became an integral part of an organization’s strategic planning too. If we take the example of today’s market, we can see how its dynamics are impacting the presence of an organization and malicious practices like data breach challenges all these firms to a whole new extent. That’s why hiring the best cyber security consultancy services became an important decision. Toda’s situations can make an organization seem desperate to take up cyber security services, but cyber security is such a service that has an equal importance even if a small business is pursuing it. On a concluding note, if you are looking for the finest cyber security consultancy you can always choose Assured GRC. We not only provide you with the answers to your issues but also devise such plans that might help you in the long run. Call us today at +44 (0)203 4759 932 and book your consultation.