Professional Help and Compliance Management Related Issues

Compliance management holds the importance of becoming an integral part of an organisational structure, because it is only after becoming completely compliant that an organisation can be protected from any kind of loose ends have that might lead it towards any threat or crisis. As soon as the general data protection regulation has become effective, all the business entities are rapidly turning towards gaining compliance with utmost efficiency. therefore, this is the only reason why professionals like us, are as important as any other imperative faction of a company. If we dig deep into the matter itself, we will understand back whenever there is a discussion about business entities becoming compliant in nature, it is not entirely because of the approach of compliance consultancy services. If the company does not understand the importance of a compliance consultant, it will not hire one; and therefore, sooner or later, it will find itself exposed to a number of threats. WHAT WE MEAN BY PROFESSIONAL HELP? If a business entity does not understand the importance of have compliance management by themselves, it isn’t the fault of any particular consultancy firm that has try to approach them. But, On the contrary, this situation stands on a slippery ground because in a way, the approach of a consultancy firm could have made a significant difference. But then, everything would have been boiled down to the fact that consultancy firms are not being able to manage the clients that they have acquired because they do not have any knowledge about how the various strategies are going to be placed. So, it can be said that the experience held by an ideal consultant is prominent when the major problem regarding this perception is identified and is efficiently tackled by the firm/professional. In other words, we can say that when it comes to choosing the most suitable consistency organisation for compliance management, the most alluring factor have about the decision is to look for a candidate that has been looking for you have all this while. For example, if you are certain about hiring Assured GRC as your compliance consultant in the foreseeable future, you will soon realise that we believe in understanding the issue that you are facing analyse it till its very foundation so that we can come up with a strategy that can uproot the issue completely. While providing compliance management consultancy services to each of our clients, we make sure that each one of them is getting what they have asked for so that we can charge them for the services that they have asked for; nothing more, nothing less. In an indirect way, one can always say that our attention to cost effectiveness is one of the most important reasons why we have been surviving the cutthroat market fluctuations triumphantly. In today’s competitive world, it is important to understand value behind the money battle organisations spends on professional help. And if as a consultant, we are helpful in mitigating the financial strain that these companies have to suffer from in order to streamline their processes, then it is the only suitable professional help bat all the companies have been longing for. With that in mind, we always move forward to extending quality consultancy services that are both affordable and effective at the same time. CONSIDER ALL THE FACTS, AND THEN MAKE A SOUND CHOICE As a consultancy organisation, we focus on delivering top-quality consultancy services across all the important domains like risk management, cyber security consultancy, compliance management and information governance consultancy services. But in all these services, the most common factor that prevails, is the methodology that we move forward with. Our approach and methodology give us the opportunity to provide services like gap analysis and continuous audits, that helps our clients to stay ahead in the game. When it comes to compliance, or any other domain for that matter, we do not confine ourselves to any particular group of domains. On the contrary, we also offer expert help in getting governance risk and compliance certification to any business entity that has decided to get it. In a nutshell, if you are looking for the finest consultant for your company, hello you might be hesitant towards trying out a new consulting company. Assured GRC understands this and helps you in being familiar with all the technicalities before getting ahead with the task that you might assign us. We should visit our website; you will see the entire service palate that we awful to all the clients that we undertake. It will help you in gauging whether or not we are relevant for your company. And if we are, you can always call us at +44 (0)203 4759 932 and hire the services that makes us the finest consultant of disaster recovery in London as well.

The Importance of Versatility in Business Continuity

Business continuity is one of the most important factions of an organisation because it sets the very foundation on which an entire company relies in times of need. This is the reason why the global market is always open for consulting firms that are trying to understand this very gap and are actually doing something towards diminishing it. Just like any other consulting firm we at Assured GRC are always trying to understand the reason why we are being hired in the first place. But unlike any other firm, we are spending our time and other valuable resources towards actually finding the trends that are making their way around the global market. Our extensive research is the basis of all the services that we offer to our clients. but it is not entirely about how we find out what we have to offer; rather, we believe in training and education of all the individuals who are working in our company, so that they are proficient in have tackling any business across any industry in the world. When it comes to devising a business continuity plan for an organisation in the corporate sector, it becomes important for a consultant to understand that they have to be open to every suggestion that their client is offering at the table. This way, the client will have the feeling of inclusiveness and transparency. We understand how important it is for a business entity to trust a third party with development of search a plan that lays the foundation of all the future actions that they are going to take. This realisation gave us the opportunity to improve on our approachability and embrace versatility with open arms. BUSINESS CONTINUITY AND VERSATILITY FOR CONSULTANTS Versatility might not sound as important as it is when it comes to business continuity because its adversity is always felt in a subtle way. A business continuity plan holds credibility only if it is able to understand all the loopholes and mitigate them effectively. And to perform this very task, all the consultants are required to have adaptability as a strong trait. Our methodology reflects how much we have considered this very fact because we are always adamant towards improving our services for every client that we acquire. What makes us the best business continuity consultant in the UK is the fact that the services that we offer, are always tailored according to the need of our clients. Every business entity that is looking for professional consultancy services in this respect, always wants a consultancy organisation that understands the services that they are supposed to offer. This saves the time that they have to spend on briefing the consultant about their role. With Assured GRC an organisation is always assured about all the activities that are consultant is supposed to do. In other words, they do not have to intervene every now and then. But this does not mean that we have not Bing open with our claims about the measures that we are going to take. Along with the versatility that we offer, we also provide utmost transparency so that our client is able to maintain a transparent relationship with us. FOR NEWCOMERS For all the organisations that are starting fresh in the global market, Assured GRC has mapped out a unique approach that allows us to cater have every need or query that they might have. As far as the service goes, we start by making efforts to make each of our client compatible enough to gain a standard certification like ISO 22301. We know that an ISO certification holds much credibility in the global market to be stated as have the benchmark of a sound BCP. Our services start with defining the context of the organisation so that we have a better idea about the scope of the have business continuity management system. After that, redetermine the scope of the BCMS and establish the same. We make sure that our client is getting the service that they have opted by keeping them in a closed loop. This helps us in providing them the openness that they want. It also allows us to take the necessary suggestions that they might have about a certain plan. The best thing about our organisation is that our expertise is not confined to a particular domain. Rather, we believe in expanding our horizon by gaining stronghold of influential domains like cyber security, risk management, compliance assistance, disaster recovery, and software asset management. If you are looking for professionalism at an affordable price, you can always view our website or call us at. Reach out to us today and give us the opportunity to show you why we are always among the best business continuity consulting firms in the world. Even if it is cyber security consultancy that you are looking for, you can trust our expertise and connect with us.

The Positive Impact of the Exponentially Rising Cyber-Crime

Information security is one of the most important factions of an organisation. Not only because of the data breaches but also because of the attention given to all the security measures. If we take a look at the overall cost, we will notice that the money spent on cyber-security protection measures is also increasing at an exponential rate. The recently published articles are credible to prove that every business entity in the global market is now facing network breaches and are perpetually exposed to the threat of being victim to heinous cyber-crimes. But they also showcase the fact that with every attack, the resilience is also improving. In 2020, the overall valuation of the global cyber-security market was valued at $156.24 billion. This show that every professional in this field is working tirelessly towards adding resilience to the technology that that help every organisation in skilfully mitigating cyber-attacks. When the professionals work efficiently to improve the efficacy of their measures and software, the overall demand for their services eventually increases. This results in the rise in demand for the consultants. For example, the cyber-security consultancy firms in the UK. According to a report published this year, the United Kingdom is among the four nations that are most resilient to cyber-attacks. This is only because of the efficiency of the consulting services. A major credit goes to the consultants because it is due their involvement in the development of preparatory cyber-security measures that the organisations around the world are taking part in mitigating these attacks too. The Biggest Cyber-Crimes to Learn From The year 2020 witness the biggest data breach in the history the global market. It was executed on Cam4 and resulted in personal data theft of about 10.88 billion accounts. When we say the “biggest” data breach, we stress on the fact that the global corporate market has witness some notorious cyber-attacks, including the Yahoo data breach in 2013, in which the cyber-attackers managed to get hold of about 3 billion accounts. How Is This Demand Benefiting The Cyber-Security Professionals? Information security consultancy services around the world take these incidents into account and work towards improving their approach towards averting these incidents. This is the reason why in the US, the information security analysts are predicting a 39% increase in their job prospective by the year 2029. Another report published last year suggested that the cyber-security professionals can earn a premium of $12,226 if they approach the increasing demand by working on their skills. CISO as a job, is also witnessing an overall growth in the demand. In 2019, the position of a CISO with an organisation, became the second -highest paying tech job. The average salary ranged between $175,000 to $275,000. Therefore, the rising demand for CISO as a service in London can be considered as a standing proof of this statement. In a nutshell, the overall cyber-security has been witnessing an exponential growth. And it is only going to help the corporates because at the end of the day, they are the ones who are getting the best candidates for protecting them from cyber-attacks. Why Should You Choose Us If You Are Looking For The Best? Assured GRC successfully anticipated this demand and has always strived towards offering the best consulting services in various domains around the world. According to a report published by Burning Glass last year, the fastest-growing cyber-security skills were development security, cloud security, risk management, threat intelligence, and incident response, with a growth if 164%, 115%, 60%, 41%, and 37% respectively. Assured GRC took this into consideration and trained its employees in specific domains like risk management, cyber essentials, cyber-security consultancy, information security, and ISO certification so that they can offer top-notch services in these domains. Our employees possess the required skills that can help our clients in achieving the goal that they have aimed for. Our attention to ISO certifications makes us all the more approachable. ISO 27001 consultancy service is a dire need for every organisation, especially the ones who are entirely operating on the digital platform. If you think our expert knowledge and versatile consultancy services are what you have been looking for, you can reach out to us at +44 (0)203 4759 932. Visit our website today to know more.

Hiring Consultants for Tackling Cyber-Crime, Is the Second Step

Whenever the importance of cyber-security consulting organisation are concerned, their need is linked with the rise in demand in the corporate sector. In other words, we can say that the very role of an efficient consulting organisation is only seen as a dire need, if the consultancy service seeking organisations are raising the demand for a suitable candidate. We should accept the fact that the companies are also required to accept the fact they are supposed to take preparatory steps rather than to just rely on the consultants that they would hire. Being a cyber-security consultancy ourselves, we know the importance of our services, and we always strive to extend the top-notch consulting services to all the firm that we undertake but is equally true that our prospective clients should at least have the idea about the steps that they are required to take. A major issue for companies not being able to grasp the cruciality of the matter, is the fact they are still unaware of the happenings in the cyber-security sector of the global market. According to an article published last year, stated that 64% of all the organisations in the US do not check whether or not they have been a victim to a network breach. And 58% of them do not have the idea of the steps that they are required to take to mitigate the attack. If a developed economy like America is facing such difficulty, what can we expect from other factions of the global corporate sector? A rise in cost due to this vulnerability To get a better idea about the impact of this incapability, let us look at the rising costs that it entails. A report published in March 2020 stated that the overall cost of the cyber-crimes conducted on a global scale will reach $6 trillion dollars in valuation. If we take this as the premise of our discussion further, we can say that conducting cyber-crime will do more business than the trade of all the illicit drugs on the face of the earth. This shows that the cyber-criminals are getting strong and motivated with each attack. With these numbers, one cannot blame the information security consultancy services in London only because they are one of the best candidates out there. Even if they are the best, the UK is still facing certain issues that is making all the companies out there vulnerable to cyber-crimes. It is about the inefficiency of the organisations that they are neglecting their very role in this respect. And it is not the responsibility to do all the research on their part. The severity of this particular situation comes into light when reports start predicting that the damage related to cyber-crime will cross the $10 trillion mark by the year 2025. In a nutshell, it high time to stop looking for cyber-security consultancy services before being prepared for a cyber-crime. How can a firm be prepared? Doing your own research is the step to start with. Being acquainted with all that is happening is one of the most important decisions because it helps a business in getting a reality check of the situation that they are currently in. This will eventually help them in devising their own preparatory steps and will also keep them informed about the best consultancy services around the world. An organisation can always visit our website to know about all the information that they need for their research and they can also check out the services that can help them in avoiding such scenarios. Making clients aware is the main motive for Assured GRC behind extending such information. As an organisation, we believe in helping companies in the global market, even if they are not our clients. This is why we have maintained our image as the best firm to offer cyber-security health check in London. Our expertise in this field helps us in extending necessary steps that can help the organisation in achieving the resilience that they have planned for. If yours is an organisation that has just started out in the global market, you can always choose the to go with Assured GRC. The quality that we offer makes us the best candidate out there. Call us at +44 (0)203 4759 932 and hire the best consultants today.

The Role of Law Enforcement in Controlling Cyber-Crimes

Information security has been undoubtedly one of the most prominent sections that all the companies in the current market are focusing on. that said, whenever we start discussing about the gate implication of not paying enough attention to build let secured network, the main factor that comes into play in any discussion in that respect, is the lack of involvement off the top-tier organisations of the global market, and the law enforcement authority. Whenever we take an example about the most recent cyber-crimes, the most prevailing fact that remains common throughout the crimes is the inability of certain professionals who were unable to identify a cyber-attack in the nick of time. But as we all know, the global market is going through some immensely impressive changes, and this has benefited the organisations to an exceptionally large extent. If we put our attention towards the information security consultants in the UK, and analyse the benefits that they provide to their clients in view of the current situation of the global market With respect to the approach towards the rising number of cyber-crimes, we can very well see the efficacy and their attention on the fact that the rightful involvement of law enforcement authorities will soon result in an exponential rise in the numbers of organisations who would want professional and top notch quality consultancy services in most of the important domains. To gain a better perspective about why an organisation that is not paying attention to hiring the best consultants for factions like crisis management consultancy, cyber security consultancy, risk management consultancy, business continuity, disaster recovery consultancy, and much more, should start paying attention to the same, let us first focus on the efforts that the law enforcement has taken in the past few weeks. This analogy will show us how these efforts have helped the service providers in reaching out to new clients. THE STEPS TAKEN BY LAW ENFORCEMENT AUTHORITIES According to a recently published article that involved law enforcement authorities like the FBI and Europol in ceasing a virtual private network, stated that the website known as “bulletproof hosting service” was taken down by the law enforcement authorities, as a step taken under their joint effort, “Operation Nova”. Other domains that were taken down under this operation, included some of the most infamous VPNs like,, and All of which were directed towards providing cyber-attackers, a platform where they can conduct various illicit operations like, ransomware attacks, and ecommerce skimming. The main reason why it is beneficial for an information security consultant is the fact that these VPNs were designed to maintain the anonymity of the cyber-attacks who uses it. That said, this effort has proven that the companies will now have an ease in implementing new information security measures that would involve them to taking measures like introducing measures like “bring your own device”. Therefore, companies will now have a sense of security while taking certain steps towards cyber-security. This can be correlated with the rise in the importance of the role of cyber-security consultancy in the corporate sphere; because it is with the help of these firms, that all the “consultancy service seeking organisations” get the resilience against cyber-crimes. WHY ASSURED GRC CAN BE YOUR PEERFECT CHOICE? Out of the many reasons why a short GRC can be the ideal candidate for all your consultancy requirements, the most prominent one is the immaculate process that we have designed specifically considering the overall efficiency of our services. This is the main reason why we always come up as the most versatile candidate out there. The wide variety of consultancy services that covers multiple domains that are the very foundation of a firm’s organisational structure retains our brand position in the global corporate sphere. Not only we do we have a stronghold in our niche, but we also provide the best ISO 27001 consulting services around the world. So, if you are looking for the best consulting services in the UK or around the world, you can visit our website or call us at +44 (0)203 4759 932 and get to know about the top-notch consulting services all by yourself. Reach out to us today and take a look at our consulting services and give us the opportunity to show you the efficacy of our services.

Gaps in Information Security Measures That Are Needed To Be Fulfilled Before 2021

Information security has been one of the most important decisions in the current market scenario. But when we look at the statistics about implementing information security measures in the corporate world, we find out that most of the organisations are not yet practising the measures that they can. therefore, we can take a look at these statistics and analyse the current ground that all the organisations in the global market are as of now. But let us not focus on these statistics as of now and take a look at the gaps that every security team is required to fill before approaching 2021 with their services. THE GAPS THAT ARE NEEDED TO BE ADDRESSED As we all know that the pandemic situation has brought upon the global market, a situation where every company is working on a remote platform. the new normal has created a number of loose ends, as far as cyber-security measures are concerned. Therefore, an information security consultant and cyber-security consultancy service providing organisations in the corporate sphere are required to analyse these loose ends and make their services resilient for their clients. Even though it is not entirely dependent on the professional consultants, it is important for them to understand these gaps so that they can extend this information to the organisations were hiring them for making them resilient towards cyber-crimes. • The first gap that all the consultants and security teams should consider, is making the devices of all the employees, secure against all the types of cyber threats. In a recently published article, it has been stated that 64% Of the companies around the world have witnessed web-based cyber-attack. Therefore, on the remote platform where most of the employees are working on their personal devices, they are also being exposed to cyber attackers who are trying to attempt network infiltration on a perpetual basis. Focusing on protecting the devices used by the employees will go in a long way for protecting a business entity from a cyber-attack. • The next gap that needs to be filled by all the consultants, including the business continuity consulting firms, is the lack of an efficient plan to detect a cyber-attack within the Nick of time. A survey states that most of the organisations in the global market, take up to six months to detect the cyber-attack that they are being a victim to. Therefore, a specific plan to identify the cyber-attack can only be suggested by the information security consultant that a company has hired for themselves. • One of the most important gaps that every company out there, including the consultants are required to understand is that now is the time to start focusing on building a strong network infrastructure. If we take the recently published articles as the premise of this discussion, the average price drop in the shares of the companies that are being exposed to a cyber threat is 7.67%. Therefore, we can safely say that every organisation should focus on coming up with better cyber-security measures because the measures that they will incorporate, will help them in building and maintaining the reputation they have for themselves in the global market. • Even though it is not entirely a gap that needs to be filled, but it is important to focus on providing adequate training to the employees for analysing and tackling the phishing attacks better getting out of hand. In other words, it is important that every individual in all the companies among the assorted industries, should have adequate information about all the vulnerabilities in the current market scenario. this will help them in building a stable structure for themselves while interacting on the internet. HOW CAN AN ORGANISATION APPROACH? Now, the only question that remains, is about the trajectory that a business entity can take towards fulfilling the above-mentioned gaps. Everybody in the corporate sphere, is aware of the fact that whenever it comes to the cyber-security measures, the professionals in this sector become the pillar on which all the expectations are relying. this is the only notion that needs to be changed because, if the companies are not self-aware about their role in this process, the help back is to be extended by the consultants, will not fulfil the requirement at all. So, the foremost step that every organisation can take is realising the fact that they have to become resilient for that killing the cyber threats, but most importantly, they need to be attentive enough to identify the early signals of cyber threat. If not that, they should be able to assess the cyber threat at the very moment that it is initiated. If this step is incorporated, it will become difficult for the cyber-attackers to target even the small-scale organisations in the corporate market and infiltrate the network infrastructure.