A Reality-Check For a Prevailing Vulnerability

Cyber-attacks have been one of the most prominent get dangerous activities in the Global market because of the severity and the thread it possesses to all the organizations in the entire world. If we take a look at some of the recent cyber attacks we can see that all the organizations among all the industry in the Global market have witnessed at least one cyber attack in the past couple of years. We all know that there is an 11% growth in the total number of Cyber attacks since 2018. This proves that all the cyber attackers are growing efficient in their ways bye refining their processes and security building their anonymity. According to a recently published article that mentioned some cybersecurity statistics for 2020 an average lifespan of a security breach or cyber attack is 316 days. THE DETORIATED CONDITION Now if we take a look at statistics we can see that not only the organizations but the Consultancy Services are also been negligent towards protecting their clients from cyber threats. An interesting fact added to this discussion is bat recently a survey found out that 81% of all the American audience feel that their personal data is being mishandled by the organization who is asking for it. What can we make out of this figure? The fact that the organizations that you are being targeted by the attackers are being unable to maintain their customer base while they are constantly being breached. If we talk about the intention with which the attackers target their victim defamation can be the most prominent one. WHY? The reason to think that tarnishing the credibility of the target is one of the main reasons for the Tractors is that in most cases the reason behind the attack goes unknown. It might seem ambiguous and absurd at the same time but it can be a valid point because enormity can only be traced back to vigilantism. But this doesn’t justify the network breaches and the trade of stolen data on the dark web. WHERE ARE WE LACKING? If we talk about the UK’s market alone, according to an article published by in May this year, 65% of UK Chief Information Security Officer report to the Chief Information Officer. Whereas 12% of all the companies in the market have stated that the CISO is a friend of the Chief Information Officer. This might be the reason why 57% of all the companies in the market have witnessed cyber-security incidents since the last year. Now if we take a look at these facts we can say that every organization is at fault here. As per findings, a total of 60% of cybersecurity firms in the UK suffer from skill gaps in the cybersecurity field. This can be seen as one of the most prominent drawbacks for or the organizations in the market. WHAT ARE THE EXPERTS DOING? If we take a look at the cyber-security consultancy firms in the United Kingdom there are 1221 of them who are perpetually providing security products and services. These organizations hire almost 43000 full-time employees for the role of cybersecurity and other related functions. This helps them generate a total of 8.3 billion pounds as annual revenue. The fact that makes this entire point interesting is that the total number of cyber-security Consultancy Services has grown at a rate of 35% in the last couple of years. Yet the numbers for the United Kingdom is daunting for every small and medium scale companies. Not only the companies, but the customers as well. But can really blame the cyber-security consultants for all the network breaches? Well, this is a question that needs more attention by the players in the market than the ones who learn about them. If you think that the cyber-security consultancy services in the UK are not at par and based on the above analogy if you have decided to not choose any firm, you are always welcome to check out Assured GRC and its detailed cyber-security services. At Assured GRC we understand that your urgency is our top priority. This is why we not only of quality consultancy services but also help you getting important certifications like ISO 27001. Call us today at +44 (0)203 4759 932 and experience the top-notch quality services which make us the best ISO 27001 Consultants out there.