What the Main Focus of an Ideal Cyber-Security Firm Should Be

Whenever we start discussing about cyber security consultancy firms, the main focus always prevails around all the statistics regarding cyber security vulnerabilities faced by all the industries around the global market. Talking about these statistics have always been beneficial because in one way or the other, these facts and figures showcase the current state of cyber-security issues. Speaking about the same, let’s take a look at some of these figures, and understand how they have impacted every industry around the globe. Industry-Wise Profit On Each Cyber Vulerability According to a recently published research report during the period of May 2019 and May 2020, the cross-site scripting weaknesses have been the most lucrative for all the bounty hunters around the world along, giving them a monetary edge of over $4.2 million. The main vulnerability of almost all the cyber security consultancy services around the world was exposed when according to a mid-2020 article that showcased cyber security trends mentioned that every four out of five network breaches were directed towards the flaws that were reported by the victim organisations in the year 2017. In a nutshell, we can say that in the past few years the global market has witnessed some of the biggest cyber-attacks and at a constant rate than ever. If we dig deep into this matter look at other literary shreds of evidence, we can find some valuable insights in a report published in January 2021. According to this report, one of the most profitable sectors for cyber-attackers across all the industries has been the electronic and semiconductor industry that pays up to $4,633 for every critical issue faced in form of network breach. The cryptocurrency industry and blockchain industry pays up to $4,481 which makes them the third-most profitable industry for these attackers. The most lucrative industry is the computer software industry that coughs up to $5,754. However, it is not about the amount of money that they are paying, but about the type of services that they are getting against it. What to Focus On? Now that we have learned about the profit margin of all these bounty hunters, we can safely presume that the cyber security consultancy sector is lacking somewhere because these figures are indicating that the vulnerabilities are going unnoticed even after rigorous efforts. If a flaw that was registered four years back is becoming the major issue for recent cyber security attacks, then obviously the small medium and some of the established organisations in the consultancy niche are not being able to understand where they have to focus while delivering their services. Even after the fact that the cyber security consultancy services in London have been the most approachable and appropriately effective option for all the service seeking companies around the world, there is a certain gap that needs to be filled as soon as possible. According to an Internet security report about the second quarter of the year 2020, almost 10 million zero-day malware detections accounted for almost 2/3 of all the registered cyber threats. This means, that mostly almost all the threads in 2020 went unnoticed by those who were to be interested in mitigating the vulnerabilities. What Can Be Done? Every industry in the global market should take these facts into consideration before being actively involved with the quest for be most suitable consultancy firm for their business. It is high time to understand that you require the best of the best from the consultancy sector. Assured GRC can provide you the assistance that you have been looking for because we believe in being updated with everything that’s going around in the cyber security sphere of the global market. Doing so, helps us in improving our services as well as the approach and the overall methodology that we use to plan every service that we extend. This is what makes us the best data security consultancy in London and around the world. Our highly trained professionals strive to understand the ulterior goal of our clients before getting into the process of acting towards its execution. If you are an organisation that is looking for the most professional cyber security consultancy services for your firm, you can always visit our website or reach out to us at +44 (0)203 4759 932. We are always looking forward to your queries and meeting your requirements for protecting your firm from any cyber-attack whatsoever. Connect with us today and give your firm the prediction that it means.

Addressing the Various Threats to Cyber-Security and How A Consultant Can Be Helpful

Whenever we talk about cyber-security concerns lingering around in the global market, we tend to focus on the fact that the consultants are always the main reason why a particular business entity is getting exposed to cyber-attack criminals. But if we take a look at some recently published articles by established brands in the corporate niche, we will get to know that even if the consulting firms serve as the first line of defence against a cyber-crime on an organisation, the service seeking firm is required to take necessary steps for being an ideal client to the cyber-security consultants. Even if you get hold of cyber-security consultancy services in London, you are required to take important steps to build a stable foundation and access the impact of getting exposed to a cyber-threat. Even if a business entity is aware of this necessity, they stay unaware about the threat rising threat to their cyber-security attempts. Threats to cyber-security Formjacking: Formjacking is a type of cyber threat when cyber-criminals pose threat to a particular website by bypassing its security measures. Cyber-criminals take the help of malicious command lines in the JavaScript code to gain access to lucrative websites such as e-commerce and try to gather personal data of the customers. This form of threat is conducted with the sole purpose of stealing credit card numbers and other sensitive data. In 2018, a report showed that almost 4800 websites were being infiltrated by these criminals in a month. On 6th September 2018, British Airways report a network breach that resulted in theft of collective personal data that belonged to 3800000 of its customers. The overall lost was valued at $17 million. These facts tell us exactly why it is important to keep this threat in our list.Inadequate management of security patches: A security patch serves the purpose of filling up a loophole in a software, application, or technology. When it comes to the application of these patches, the organisations always use it to address a vulnerability within their system. Therefore, not focusing on proper patch management can lead them to get exposed to a number of cyber-threats. Inadequate patch management can lead to a few other risks like: 1. The need of remediation that would lead the firm to experience downtime. 2. Making a firm non-compliant to various organisational and cyber-security standards. 3. Harm to the brand image. • Use of outdated hardware and software: When an organisation uses outdated software for building threat network infrastructure, their measures would be a waste of time and effort as they would be ineffective in tackling cyber-attacks from well-armed cyber-criminals who are using latest technologies. It is important to keep both the hardware and software up to date so that the GRC cyber security or information security consultants can easily build a resilient network infrastructure. How could a consultant like us be helpful for you? At Assured GRC, we focus on improvement of all the services that we hold expertise in. What makes us the best cyber-security consulting firms in the UK is the vehement approach with which we strive forward to meet our client’s goals efficiently. Through our approach, we make sure that: • Our client’s data is being backed up on a regular basis. • Every client is acquainted with the evolving nature of the threats and risks every firm is inherently exposed to. • All the security policies, plans are effective, and the network system is inscrutable. • The various software used by our clients, are well encrypted. • Any firm that is looking for ISO certifications, gets what they have been looking for. • Our services are tailored according to the needs of every firm. So, if you are new in the global market, or if you are a seasoned firm and are looking for stepping up a notch with the cyber-security consulting services that you hire, you can visit our website and check out the array of our consulting services. The variety of consulting services that we offer, not only makes us approachable in all the industries, but also helps us in making us the best consulting firm across the global market. Call us today at +44 (0)203 4759 932 and get hold of the best consultancy firm.

Cyber Security Best Practices For Your Business

It’s no misrepresentation: any organization can become a victim of cybercrime. Reports of digital attacks originate from government associations, instructive and medicinal services establishments, banks, law offices, charities, and numerous different associations. Smart organizations are putting more in cybersecurity and Cyber Security Consultancy services in London to kill dangers and protect their delicate information, and this has just brought the principal results. It is quite difficult to imagine that since you have a private venture; cybercriminals will disregard attacking your organization. The “very little to take” attitude is regular with entrepreneurs concerning digital security, yet it is likewise totally erroneous and out of match up with the present digital security best practices. Practically all digital attacks are to acquire individual information to use in charge card or identify theft. While bigger undertakings normally have more information to take, private ventures have less secure systems, making it simpler to break the system. CSO.com by IDG’s article “Why lawbreakers single out independent ventures” says that by utilizing mechanized attacks, cybercriminals can break at least thousands of private ventures, making the size less of an issue than the system security. Assured-GRC delivers best-in-class and reliable Cyber Security Consultancy services in the UK at the best price. Different reasons incorporate not having an IT security expert, not monitoring the hazard, absence of representative preparing, not refreshing security programs, redistributing security and inability to make sure about endpoints and not to mention, not taking Cyber Security Consultancy services on time.

Use of Firewall-

One of the primary lines of the guard in a digital attack is a firewall. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recommends that all SMBs set up a firewall to give an obstruction between your data and cybercriminals. Notwithstanding the standard outer firewall, numerous organizations are beginning to introduce inside firewalls to give extra insurance. It’s also significant that representatives telecommuting introduce a firewall on their home system also. Consider giving firewall programming and backing to home systems to guarantee consistency and availing Cyber Security Consultancy services.


While private companies frequently work by overhearing people’s conversations and intuitional information, digital security is one area where it is fundamental to archive your conventions. The Small Business Administration (SBA’s) Cybersecurity entry gives internet preparation, agendas, and data explicit to secure online organizations. The FCC’s Cyberplanner 2.0 gives a beginning stage to your security record. Consider likewise taking an interest in the Cyber Security Consultancy services for Small Businesses, which contains a definite toolbox for deciding and archiving digital security best practices and digital security approaches.

Educate Your Employees-

People wear numerous hats at SMBs, making it essential that all employees getting to the system be prepared on your organization’s system digital security best practices and security strategies. Since the approaches are advancing as cybercriminals become savvier, it’s fundamental to have standard reports on new conventions. To consider workers responsible, have every representative sign an archive expressing that they have been educated regarding the policies and Cyber Security Consultancy services.

Safe Password Practices-

Indeed, employees see changing passwords as pain. In any case, the Verizon 2016 Data Breach Investigations Report found that 63 percent of information breaks occurred because of lost, taken or powerless passwords. As indicated by the Keeper Security and Ponemon Institute Report, 65 percent of SMBs with secret phrase approaches don’t authorize it. In the present BYOD world, it’s basic that all representative gadgets getting to the organization arrange to be secret word ensured.

Regularly Back Up Your Data-

While it’s critical to forestall however many attacks as could reasonably be expected, it is as yet possible to be ruptured paying little heed to your safety measures. The SBA suggests backing up word preparing reports, electronic spreadsheets, databases, budgetary records, HR documents, and records receivable/payable documents. Make certain to likewise back up all information put away on the cloud. Ensure that reinforcements are put away in a different area if there should be an occurrence of fire or flood. To guarantee that you will have the most recent reinforcement if you ever need it, check your reinforcement normally to guarantee that it is working effectively.

Install Anti-Malware Software-

It’s anything but difficult to expect that your workers know to never open phishing messages. In any case, the Verizon 2016 Data Breach Investigations Report found that 30 percent of representatives opened phishing messages, a 7 percent expansion from 2015. Since phishing assaults include introducing malware on the worker’s PC when the connection is clicked, it’s fundamental to have hostile to malware programming introduced on all gadgets and the system along with taking Cyber Security Consultancy services from a reputed organization.

Avoid Pop-Ups-

Be careful with phishing. Phishers attempt to fool you into tapping on a connection that may bring about a security break. Phishers go after representatives in trusts they will open spring up windows or different noxious connections that could have infections and malware implanted in them. Therefore, consider taking Cyber Security Consultancy services from the Assured-GRC team. The digital crooks get further developed each day. To ensure your information however much as could reasonably be expected, every single organization must focus on digital security and take Cyber Security Consultancy services in the UK.

Get the Best Cyber Security Consultancy Services in London

A risk based methodology implies the cyber security efforts you implement depends on the real dangers your association faces, so you won’t sit around, effort or expense addressing threats that either are probably not going to happen or will have minimal material impact on your business. This is the reason such a significant number of frameworks, principles and laws order, customary hazard appraisals as a part of their way to deal with cyber security. Assured GRC is the Best Cyber Security Consultancy Services in London. Our aim is to impart the accepted procedures in Cyber Security profound inside our client’s organizations.

What is Cyber Risk Management?

In simple words, cyber risk management is the way toward analyzing, identifying, assessing and tending to the cyber risks confronting your association. The initial segment of our cyber risk management program is the assessment of cyber risk. This will give you a preview of the security dangers that may compromise your company’s cyber security. Our cyber risk management program will then be able to organize these risks by probability and effect, informing your selection and application regarding security controls based on your association’s risk appetite.

Our Cyber Risk Management Process:

We Follow These Steps in Our Risk Management Program:

  • To start with, we distinguish the dangers that may compromise your association’s digital security
  • Next, we investigate how each hazard may happen. This generally includes recognizing digital security vulnerabilities in your framework and the risks that may misuse them.
  • You should then assess the probable effect of each hazard, and compute where it sits on your hazard scale and how it fits inside your risk appetite – your pre-determined level of adequate risk. This will empower you to organize the request in which to address the risks.
  • When You Have Done that, You Ought to Conclude How to Treat Each Risk. There are Four Choices that You Can Apply:

    Treat-Change the probability or effect of the risk, normally by actualizing security controls.
    Endure-Retain the risk if it falls inside the built up chance acknowledgment criteria.
    End– Maintain a strategic distance from the risk altogether, by stopping the movement or condition causing the hazard.
    Move– Share the risk with different parties, typically by outsourcing or taking out insurance Cyber risk management is a ceaseless procedure. It is critical to track and screen all risks at regular interval of time, and update your hazard treatment activities as required. The assured GRC team will assist you with building an information security risk management methodology, empowering you to adopt a deliberate strategy to risk management. This methodology will decrease the related risks to your data resources and shield your business from cyber threats. You can reach our Cyber Essentials Consultants in London to stay ahead of the cyber threats and risks in your organization. Our team holds several years of experience in this field. In case you are also willing to avail any of our services then feel free to schedule an appointment with one of our consultants at +44 (0)203 4759 932 or management@assuredgrc.com.

    Trusted Cyber Security Consultancy Services in London

    With the growth in cyber-attacks and information breaches, costing business millions every year, cyber security is high on the critical plan. Technologies like cloud computing, social media, mobile computing, and hyper-network have revealed various new business opportunities and upgraded venture productivity. Nonetheless, this implies organizations uncover larger surfaces to cyber-attacks and are presently more vulnerable. In this case, they must safeguard their business from any such unforeseen circumstances. Our Cyber Security Consultancy Services give you an understanding of our security management with an assessment of your confidential information, critical frameworks, and applications. We work with you to characterize and actualize the correct procedure, target working model, and GRC structure. We make sure that your security structure and operations support your business progression and objectives. By planning with a Cyber security methodology as a significant aspect of your digital transformation journey, you will be in an increase in the more confident state to stay compliant and accomplish savings on investment. Do you know that 60% of organizations never recover after a cyber attack? You don’t want to become one of them. The day to day growth of cyber crime indicates that businesses of all sizes need to rethink their methods to the security of their sites and confidential data. You may believe you’re too little to even think about being of intrigue, yet it’s these littler organizations with less-stringent safety measures that fall prey to hackers. In the worst case, they may utilize your site as a ‘mule’ to convey spam. Even under the least favorable conditions, they use their skills to access your ledger or steal your thoughts.

    Our main aim is to help build resilient cyber businesses that can not only protect themselves in cyberspace but also recover and resume business operations in attack position.

    • Discussion of your needs and solution for them • Providing security training to Staff • Help businesses to identify critical assets and data • Performing risk assessments. • Help you in establishing the effective and appropriate control • We are p • roviding training to all Staff. • Our information security manager organizes a program to develop a tighter security culture • Assisting you in the development of a clear strategy for your organization • Provision of Virtual Data Protection Officer • Implementing GAP Assessment for ISO 27001 to showcase clients, you take your cyber security seriously! • Conducting penetration tests to done by our CREST-Certified testers We have in-depth experience in cyber security transformation across financial services, utilities, manufacturing, government, and other such sectors. Our team of expert consultants builds a complete picture of your current cyber security status and implements the outcomes of the In-sight and Strategy phase. We have partnered with world-class security vendors so that you can benefit from the latest tools and technologies to safeguard your business assets. In case you are also looking for Cyber Security Consultancy Services in London, then our Assured-GRC team can be the right choice. You can reach us at +44 (0)203 4759 932 or management@assuredgrc.com to contact our team of knowledgeable and skilled consultants.