Cyber-Security Trends for the Future

As we discussed in the previous blog, we need to start focusing on the recent trends. This can be the only possible way to mitigate risks from a particular sector in the global market. The same goes with the cyber security front because everyone knows that the frequency of Cyber attacks has increased compared to the last couple of years. Another reason to start focusing on improving the cybersecurity operations within a particular company is the covid-19 outbreak that made the entire global market stagnant for a significant period of time. Due to this outbreak; almost the entire strength of some of the industries has moved to the remote platform in order to continue their trajectory. This has significantly increased the chances of Cyber attacks on their networks because it is comparatively easy to target the employees while they are working on sensitive data from their personal computer system which is usually not very well protected. Phishing attacks and email hijacking cyber-attacks has been one of the most famous and common of the cyber attacks that has hit the world at a great scale. TRENDING CYBER-SECURITY APPROACHES Speaking about the recent trends in cyber security methods, one thing that we should keep a check on is the fact that all the organisations are trying to solve the immediate risks that seem to affect the very foundation of their organisation. As we discussed in the blog, “The Trending cyber-attacks stirring in the corporate environment”, the cyber attacks are increasing in the Global market at an exponential rate. This is why; it is important to address this situation; given the “work from home” culture that companies across the nations are still following, up to an extent. Amidst all this some of the companies are still hoping to get the ISO 27001 certification so that they can work on a larger market region and gather a wider customer base by the newly equipped expertise. Once we start recording the recent trends in the cyber security methods we will understand why exactly the companies are looking for ISO 27001 consultancy services in the UK. On that note, let’s take a look at some of these trends: • The Secure Access Service Edge or SASE: the transition of all the organisations from the traditional Local area network infrastructure to the more approachable and trending cloud platform is what we are talking about in this particular Trend. In other words the secure access service age is the culmination of this very shift that has made the entire global market attentive towards the regulations let down to protect the players from any threat. Companies are likely to abstain from using that existing tools of identity and Asset Management and will readily employ the automated softwares that will allow them to extend the level of anonymity that they wish to have. • The Zero-trust network access based approach: when we talk about the recent trends in the cyber security methods this zero touch network access Technology is one of the most prominent ones because in the coming future it is likely to be seen that this particular Technology will Jain superiority in the cybersecurity front. The fact that this approach is based on the thought that signifies trust as vulnerability, and any particular network system is hostile makes it one of the best options. Zero trust Technology seems to leverage the network segmentation and restricts the lateral movement by allowing Layer 7 threat prevention. • Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning: both AI and machine learning are obviously the new forces that are taking the digital platform by storm. In the past few years the overall use of artificial intelligence has engulf all the sectors from banking to retail and legal services. While machine learning has gained power in all the business sectors, both these forces have been responsible for new cyber-security techniques that have baffled even the GDPR consultants in the UK. On a concluding note, these Trends are not only responsible for the changing process of cyber security but also the overall methodology followed by the consultancy organisations who are working in the market. Therefore, it is important to keep a check on these Trends so that the consultants also have an idea about what exactly they need to deliver. If you think that this information has been helpful and you want more from the best crisis management consultants in the UK, you can reach out to us at +44 (0)203 4759 932. Our top-notch services will help you in getting the ISO certification that you need.

The Severity of Network Breaches

Building a network and satisfying all the customers are not only the defining pillars of the corporate world but also the direst of the needs in today’s time. Viewing the post-pandemic market situation and the stagnant nature of the overall transactions it can be said that reaching out to customers across Industries is the only way all of them can move forward. However, it’s not about turning mainstream and losing the creative side anymore but creating a strong alliance that can allow all the customers in the market to contribute to the greater good. On that note, we can say that the recently introduced practices by the crisis management consultants in the UK are nothing but examples of successful associations across industries and customers that nobody thought would have created such a great allegiance in the coming future. DIGITIZATION AND THE WORLD Speaking of which when we talk about the digital platform and overall shift of the entire offline on we can see how the threat for cybersecurity of these companies has been a Priority matter for all the other, mainly governing bodies. This can also be traced back as a primary reason for the significant progress in the development of the technological front. If we talked about the overall digitization we can say that cybersecurity is not only one of the main concerns but also the defining cause for every organization operating in the current market situation. Speaking father market fluctuations is the only constant in the global market and this is what cyber security consultancy firms have inclined their focus on. When we talk about cybersecurity and the consultation services associated with it we paint the bigger picture than it is on the surface of the market. With that being said all the organizations that work as silent but constant support to do most of the small and medium scale organizations have been doing quality work especially in the economic market of the United Kingdom. But let’s take a look at the overall market of cybersecurity and information governance. IN RECENT TIMES… Information governance consultants all around the world are at their feet at this moment because of the rise in the number of malicious activities around the corporate world. added for the to the topic is an analogy drawn out by analyzing recently published articles about malicious activities reported by wireless devices to several customers across the world. One of the recent activities has been reported by a customer who bought the Ubiquiti machine from our micro center. Buying the machine, was one of the best decisions for the customer best he could have taken in given the convenience it provides. After installation and setup, the device was working fine for the rest of the day. but the following day the device detected an unusual Wi-Fi network and trace it to be a malware that had infected 60000 NAS devices and goes with the name of “QSnatch”. EFFECT ON THE GLOBAL MARKET As a consultation form, Assured GRC understands that all its potential leads and the existing customers have the right to know what’s been happening in the market and so it understands that any such news in the current market that can educate them and provide them with preliminary instructions so that they can have a better picture towards safeguarding there technological and. when v expand our vision and consider the assorted Industries we can see that information governance and cybersecurity are undoubtedly among the most demanded services by all the organizations combined. This means even an established conglomerate is looking for stable information governance consultants so that they can solidify their digital end and preserve their online presence along with their highly-valued brand image. Speaking about the effect these data breaches have had on the global market we can safely say that all the organizations, be it medium or large, have faced significant backlash in terms of customer feedback. If you take a look at the manufacturing company of this dream machine this news has been the most brutal one for it, as this news has called for its very existence and that too at a crucial moment like this. But on expanding our horizon allows us to see that the overall trust and relationship between the customers and the trusted brands has been shaken and that is something every organization has been going through. It’s not a surprise if we can see that all the customers are shifting back to physical stores to regain the trust that they have lost and are continuously losing on the digital platform. The main concern about all the companies has always been engaging with customers. And so many modern practices like digital marketing and direct mail marketing have been introduced. But information governance has still prevailed as one of the prominent concerns because of the lack of professional guidance and proper attention to them. ON A CONCLUDING NOTE It goes without sayings that even as network breaches have reached down to customer level many organizations are still not paying attention to their technological development. This has laid down a very weak foundation for the newer businesses, but now that we’ve narrowed our analogy down to consequences, this practice can surely be one of the best examples of what should not be practiced in the market. Assured GRC not only understands its role as a cybersecurity consultancy firm but also stays updated with all the market trends and mishaps so that none of their customers or potential leads ever face a moment of disappointment when they approach us. If you choose to hire or services you will experience our best in class quality consultation services along with the expert supervision with which are professionals and each of our clients. Our information governance Consultancy Services provides you all-inclusive information and an actionable plan for your future in the Global market. This includes preparing plans and strategies to overcome search buggy situations just like the example we earlier discussed, i.e. the dream machine by Ubiquiti. Contact Assured GRC today at +44 (0)203 4759 932 and enjoy our consultation services.