The Positive Impact of the Exponentially Rising Cyber-Crime

Information security is one of the most important factions of an organisation. Not only because of the data breaches but also because of the attention given to all the security measures. If we take a look at the overall cost, we will notice that the money spent on cyber-security protection measures is also increasing at an exponential rate. The recently published articles are credible to prove that every business entity in the global market is now facing network breaches and are perpetually exposed to the threat of being victim to heinous cyber-crimes. But they also showcase the fact that with every attack, the resilience is also improving. In 2020, the overall valuation of the global cyber-security market was valued at $156.24 billion. This show that every professional in this field is working tirelessly towards adding resilience to the technology that that help every organisation in skilfully mitigating cyber-attacks. When the professionals work efficiently to improve the efficacy of their measures and software, the overall demand for their services eventually increases. This results in the rise in demand for the consultants. For example, the cyber-security consultancy firms in the UK. According to a report published this year, the United Kingdom is among the four nations that are most resilient to cyber-attacks. This is only because of the efficiency of the consulting services. A major credit goes to the consultants because it is due their involvement in the development of preparatory cyber-security measures that the organisations around the world are taking part in mitigating these attacks too. The Biggest Cyber-Crimes to Learn From The year 2020 witness the biggest data breach in the history the global market. It was executed on Cam4 and resulted in personal data theft of about 10.88 billion accounts. When we say the “biggest” data breach, we stress on the fact that the global corporate market has witness some notorious cyber-attacks, including the Yahoo data breach in 2013, in which the cyber-attackers managed to get hold of about 3 billion accounts. How Is This Demand Benefiting The Cyber-Security Professionals? Information security consultancy services around the world take these incidents into account and work towards improving their approach towards averting these incidents. This is the reason why in the US, the information security analysts are predicting a 39% increase in their job prospective by the year 2029. Another report published last year suggested that the cyber-security professionals can earn a premium of $12,226 if they approach the increasing demand by working on their skills. CISO as a job, is also witnessing an overall growth in the demand. In 2019, the position of a CISO with an organisation, became the second -highest paying tech job. The average salary ranged between $175,000 to $275,000. Therefore, the rising demand for CISO as a service in London can be considered as a standing proof of this statement. In a nutshell, the overall cyber-security has been witnessing an exponential growth. And it is only going to help the corporates because at the end of the day, they are the ones who are getting the best candidates for protecting them from cyber-attacks. Why Should You Choose Us If You Are Looking For The Best? Assured GRC successfully anticipated this demand and has always strived towards offering the best consulting services in various domains around the world. According to a report published by Burning Glass last year, the fastest-growing cyber-security skills were development security, cloud security, risk management, threat intelligence, and incident response, with a growth if 164%, 115%, 60%, 41%, and 37% respectively. Assured GRC took this into consideration and trained its employees in specific domains like risk management, cyber essentials, cyber-security consultancy, information security, and ISO certification so that they can offer top-notch services in these domains. Our employees possess the required skills that can help our clients in achieving the goal that they have aimed for. Our attention to ISO certifications makes us all the more approachable. ISO 27001 consultancy service is a dire need for every organisation, especially the ones who are entirely operating on the digital platform. If you think our expert knowledge and versatile consultancy services are what you have been looking for, you can reach out to us at +44 (0)203 4759 932. Visit our website today to know more.