The Importance of Versatility in Business Continuity

Business continuity is one of the most important factions of an organisation because it sets the very foundation on which an entire company relies in times of need. This is the reason why the global market is always open for consulting firms that are trying to understand this very gap and are actually doing something towards diminishing it. Just like any other consulting firm we at Assured GRC are always trying to understand the reason why we are being hired in the first place. But unlike any other firm, we are spending our time and other valuable resources towards actually finding the trends that are making their way around the global market. Our extensive research is the basis of all the services that we offer to our clients. but it is not entirely about how we find out what we have to offer; rather, we believe in training and education of all the individuals who are working in our company, so that they are proficient in have tackling any business across any industry in the world. When it comes to devising a business continuity plan for an organisation in the corporate sector, it becomes important for a consultant to understand that they have to be open to every suggestion that their client is offering at the table. This way, the client will have the feeling of inclusiveness and transparency. We understand how important it is for a business entity to trust a third party with development of search a plan that lays the foundation of all the future actions that they are going to take. This realisation gave us the opportunity to improve on our approachability and embrace versatility with open arms. BUSINESS CONTINUITY AND VERSATILITY FOR CONSULTANTS Versatility might not sound as important as it is when it comes to business continuity because its adversity is always felt in a subtle way. A business continuity plan holds credibility only if it is able to understand all the loopholes and mitigate them effectively. And to perform this very task, all the consultants are required to have adaptability as a strong trait. Our methodology reflects how much we have considered this very fact because we are always adamant towards improving our services for every client that we acquire. What makes us the best business continuity consultant in the UK is the fact that the services that we offer, are always tailored according to the need of our clients. Every business entity that is looking for professional consultancy services in this respect, always wants a consultancy organisation that understands the services that they are supposed to offer. This saves the time that they have to spend on briefing the consultant about their role. With Assured GRC an organisation is always assured about all the activities that are consultant is supposed to do. In other words, they do not have to intervene every now and then. But this does not mean that we have not Bing open with our claims about the measures that we are going to take. Along with the versatility that we offer, we also provide utmost transparency so that our client is able to maintain a transparent relationship with us. FOR NEWCOMERS For all the organisations that are starting fresh in the global market, Assured GRC has mapped out a unique approach that allows us to cater have every need or query that they might have. As far as the service goes, we start by making efforts to make each of our client compatible enough to gain a standard certification like ISO 22301. We know that an ISO certification holds much credibility in the global market to be stated as have the benchmark of a sound BCP. Our services start with defining the context of the organisation so that we have a better idea about the scope of the have business continuity management system. After that, redetermine the scope of the BCMS and establish the same. We make sure that our client is getting the service that they have opted by keeping them in a closed loop. This helps us in providing them the openness that they want. It also allows us to take the necessary suggestions that they might have about a certain plan. The best thing about our organisation is that our expertise is not confined to a particular domain. Rather, we believe in expanding our horizon by gaining stronghold of influential domains like cyber security, risk management, compliance assistance, disaster recovery, and software asset management. If you are looking for professionalism at an affordable price, you can always view our website or call us at. Reach out to us today and give us the opportunity to show you why we are always among the best business continuity consulting firms in the world. Even if it is cyber security consultancy that you are looking for, you can trust our expertise and connect with us.

Is Adopting an Electronic Quality Management System the Future?

When it comes to maintaining a quality management system, the main concern always lingers around the fact that an organisation has to take necessary steps to come up with the most suitable quality management strategy for their firm. Obviously, consulting firms can be of great help in this current situation but even the business continuity consulting firms in the global market are not being able to understand what are these steps that come together we found the perfect picture of an effective quality management system. Therefore, let us take a look at some of the most important components that make up the quality management system. ESSENTIAL COMPONENTS OF AN ELECTRONIC QMS As mentioned in our blog, “ A QMS and its importance in the organisation structure”, a QMS lets an organisation be compliant to all the legal and other requirements and to keep the company impact in terms of customer satisfaction for improving the services and products of the firm. It is equally important for them to focus on the important parts of a quality management system so that they know what to expect when hiring a consultant to build the same. And when it comes to building a quality management system for an organisation, the most important decision to make is whether it will be used under conventional platforms, or the digital one. To view this difference under a different light, below are some of the important benefits of an electronic quality management system: ● One of the most important benefits for an electronic quality management system is the communication and transfer of all the documents that are required by a business entity at the times of need. Using the digital platform for doing the same can save a company more time and Labour because if the data is stored online, it becomes safe from physical damage that can happen easily within an organisational structure Facebook even though the digital platform has its own set of restrictions and threats, it is still a lucrative option then the conventional way of data storage. ● When it comes to the digital platform, apart from storing documents, getting access to required files is also an important aspect. With an electronic quality management system any company can make this task easy by creating an online structure that stores valuable information like details on a specific report, or the weekly progress report of all the employees. An employee is just required to get access to this structure to view all the reports that they require. This makes the whole process of getting access to information an easy task because now every employee understands where to find what they are looking for. ● It is important for every business entity operating in the wide expanse of the global market to have a track of the regulatory inspections. With the help of an electronic quality management system, every company can now streamline this specific purpose by tracking all the request’s and storing it on a single platform. With the help of real time updates and notifications about the internal status of the system, a company can make sure that their team is responding to all the requests efficiently while there is a need for it. This will help them in clearing all the inspections they will witness. WHY ARE WE EMPHASISING ON THIS? The main reason why we are focused on embracing electronic quality management systems is because we understand that quality control itself requires efficiency so that the companies who are aiming at achieving its optimal state can be benefited in the long run. Disaster recovery in London has become immensely popular because it helps companies to restore IT assets and ensure business continuity. Being a part of Business Continuity Planning, experienced consultants can help you in vital planning and implementing all crucial steps to ensure safety and security of data and proper recovery. If you are looking for the best disaster recovery consultancy services out there, you can always rely on Assured GRC because we are a renowned and experienced firm committed to provide excellent consultancy service as per the goals of the clients. We understand the need for a quality management system within an organisational structure and help every company that we take as our client by providing them strategies that can make them self-reliant to build top quality management systems based on their corporate goals. If they want our full involvement, we also help them in building a QMS from scratch. Call us today at +44 (0)203 4759 932 and give your firm the resilience and professionalism that will enable it to stay ahead of the competition.

Gaps in Information Security Measures That Are Needed To Be Fulfilled Before 2021

Information security has been one of the most important decisions in the current market scenario. But when we look at the statistics about implementing information security measures in the corporate world, we find out that most of the organisations are not yet practising the measures that they can. therefore, we can take a look at these statistics and analyse the current ground that all the organisations in the global market are as of now. But let us not focus on these statistics as of now and take a look at the gaps that every security team is required to fill before approaching 2021 with their services. THE GAPS THAT ARE NEEDED TO BE ADDRESSED As we all know that the pandemic situation has brought upon the global market, a situation where every company is working on a remote platform. the new normal has created a number of loose ends, as far as cyber-security measures are concerned. Therefore, an information security consultant and cyber-security consultancy service providing organisations in the corporate sphere are required to analyse these loose ends and make their services resilient for their clients. Even though it is not entirely dependent on the professional consultants, it is important for them to understand these gaps so that they can extend this information to the organisations were hiring them for making them resilient towards cyber-crimes. • The first gap that all the consultants and security teams should consider, is making the devices of all the employees, secure against all the types of cyber threats. In a recently published article, it has been stated that 64% Of the companies around the world have witnessed web-based cyber-attack. Therefore, on the remote platform where most of the employees are working on their personal devices, they are also being exposed to cyber attackers who are trying to attempt network infiltration on a perpetual basis. Focusing on protecting the devices used by the employees will go in a long way for protecting a business entity from a cyber-attack. • The next gap that needs to be filled by all the consultants, including the business continuity consulting firms, is the lack of an efficient plan to detect a cyber-attack within the Nick of time. A survey states that most of the organisations in the global market, take up to six months to detect the cyber-attack that they are being a victim to. Therefore, a specific plan to identify the cyber-attack can only be suggested by the information security consultant that a company has hired for themselves. • One of the most important gaps that every company out there, including the consultants are required to understand is that now is the time to start focusing on building a strong network infrastructure. If we take the recently published articles as the premise of this discussion, the average price drop in the shares of the companies that are being exposed to a cyber threat is 7.67%. Therefore, we can safely say that every organisation should focus on coming up with better cyber-security measures because the measures that they will incorporate, will help them in building and maintaining the reputation they have for themselves in the global market. • Even though it is not entirely a gap that needs to be filled, but it is important to focus on providing adequate training to the employees for analysing and tackling the phishing attacks better getting out of hand. In other words, it is important that every individual in all the companies among the assorted industries, should have adequate information about all the vulnerabilities in the current market scenario. this will help them in building a stable structure for themselves while interacting on the internet. HOW CAN AN ORGANISATION APPROACH? Now, the only question that remains, is about the trajectory that a business entity can take towards fulfilling the above-mentioned gaps. Everybody in the corporate sphere, is aware of the fact that whenever it comes to the cyber-security measures, the professionals in this sector become the pillar on which all the expectations are relying. this is the only notion that needs to be changed because, if the companies are not self-aware about their role in this process, the help back is to be extended by the consultants, will not fulfil the requirement at all. So, the foremost step that every organisation can take is realising the fact that they have to become resilient for that killing the cyber threats, but most importantly, they need to be attentive enough to identify the early signals of cyber threat. If not that, they should be able to assess the cyber threat at the very moment that it is initiated. If this step is incorporated, it will become difficult for the cyber-attackers to target even the small-scale organisations in the corporate market and infiltrate the network infrastructure.