The Bare Truth about Cyber-Attacks in Today’s Scenario

When we talked about the severity of the cyber attacks on a global scale, we focus on the fact that any cyber attack possesses the equal amount of thread to all the individuals and organisations across all the platforms and industries in the Global market. Now, to support this very statement, a new research has been conducted by analysing 6.6 billion security threats. It has discovered that the cyber security attacks have increased up to 260% during the first nine months of 2020. Among all the encrypted attacks, the research study showcased that the amount of ransomware increased by 500%, along with the most prominent variants including FileCrypt, Sodinokibi, Maze, and Ryuk. These findings are not only surprising, but are alarming in their own right. So much so, that some of the biggest security experts have all shown concerns regarding the same. Below is a detailed account of the opinions by all these experts from around the world. This will help you paint a better picture about the details of the cruciality that the cyber criminals have bestowed upon the entire world. WHAT THE EXPERTS HAVE TO SAY If we consider the recently published articles that claim to have the exact ideas by the expert, we can safely add that most of the experts out there, believe that having more visibility into SSL traffic is one of the main elements that are required to detect the modern day cyber-attacks. But the interesting fact is that, the SSL/TLS inspection or termination won’t suffice when it comes to identifying these cyber attacks because all the cyber attackers in today’s time have the ability to implement additional layers of encryption on the top of SSL/TLS so that they can have the ability to host malicious stager payloads. One of the major examples is the Trickbot/Powertrick malicious threat actors where the attackers have downloaded post attack powershell stages from SSL/TLS sites. WHAT TO THESE REVELATIONS IMPLY? The only factor that these Revelations imply on the common public is the assurance about the vulnerability of all the organisations in the Global market. If we consider the overview of these attacks and findings, we can safely conclude that all the organisations that are exposed to this type of threats, are not only losing their customer base, but also losing the reputation that they have built in the Global market in the corporate world for years. Therefore, it can also be viewed as one of the prominent reasons why business continuity consultancy services in Surrey has been exponentially at demand in today’s time when the cyber attackers have become so powerful that they have the ability to breach any network whatsoever. WHAT SHOULD BE DONE? If you want to take serious measures to protect your organisation from these cyber attacks, the only logical step that you can take is to hire the best consultancy services you can find in the market, so that you can have the experience of tackling these attacks with the optimal use of the resources available to your company. On that note, you can always take a look at assured grc, and check our versatile yet comprehensive consultancy services that are focused entirely on the well being of your organisation. Our cyber security consultancy services are both specific to their needs and easy to understand, so that you can understand each and every step with just being attentive in the closed loop will put you in. At a short grc, we believe in keeping in touch with the client so that they understand our workflow and the overall execution process. Concludingly, we would like to add that it is our expertise and versatile nature, which has made us one of the firms to provide ISO 27001 consultancy services in the UK. So if you want to check out our top-notch services, you can visit our website or reach out to us via call at +44 (0)203 4759 932. Connect with us today and allow us to provide you with the best consultation services that you can ever find in the global market. If you are focusing on skillfully mitigating these cyber threats and preparing your organisation to tackle future attacks, you can always rely on Assured grc.

Understanding The Client’s End in The Consultancy Sector of The Market

One of the most prominent things when it comes to maintaining a stable business continuity plan is to realize whether or not it required in the first place. Many organizations in the global market are working tirelessly towards building a stable business continuity plan. But even after their constant efforts, a sturdy BCP is far from their reach. Now, if we focus on business continuity consultancy services and blame everything on the concerned organization, it’ll not only be ambiguous on our part, but an unsuccessful attempt at addressing the main issue as well. In today’s dynamic market scenario, all the organizations seem to have built a significant amount of trust for all the consultancy services. So much so, that each and every one of them have now started relying entirely on the third-party organizations and not on themselves. This is why there are still some players in the global market who are constantly failing at creating a business plan that might help their organization in surviving the market fluctuations. Below are some pointers that showcase a detailed approach towards the common business continuity management fails. These pointers, not only help all the organizations to get a better perception about how a business continuity plan should be devised, but also help all the consultancies in the market to understand the vulnerabilities of the other side. As a consultancy firm ourselves, we understand how important it is to help all the potential clients in our stipulated as well as the global market, with adequate information through literary pieces that along with showing our detailed analogy, puts forward our ideas about why the companies might need an expert help and how this help can be tweaked further to serve the companies’ expectations with even more efficiency. • Unrealistic goals: The first thing that all the organizations tend to commit is the step to set “unrealistic goals” for themselves. For instance, if I’ve started an organization with a funding of $50,000 and expecting to get a 500% return in the first couple of years, it would be an unrealistic goal for me, given that I don’t have a unique approach or a product to put on the table. This is why it is important for me to understand which goals are achievable for my firm and which aren’t. Focusing on achievable goals helps an organization to build a strong morale and keeps the employees motivated throughout. • Keeping a check on backups: In a pandemic situation, every employee is exposed to the uncertainty of availability. Instances of unavailability of the right personnel at the right time might the normal if the entire workforce of a particular organization works remotely. That’s why; if you’re planning the delivery course of a particular project, always consider having a backup for every important function. And keep a check whether or not the backup is equipped with all the details required to carry out the stipulated task in the absence of the assigned employee. This practice helps your organization mitigate the chances of halting the deliverables, and hence, boost your business continuity plan. • Focusing on irrelevant spheres of the business: If yours is an organization that provides digital marketing services to third-party organizations, and I ask you about your BCP, it should be something influential for your overall operation and not anything like a supporting node. If your BCP is about keeping a check on the leads generated by your in-house campaign, it’s not a BCP at all. Creating a fraction or a specific sphere of your overall BCP doesn’t magically create a plan for your firm; you need to take the initiative to understand which functions are impacting the overall function of your firm and device a plan that includes all the important sections of your firm. Keeping in mind, that every firm has something or the other to learn in the global market, the above tells you about the actionable steps you can take in order to create a stable BCP on your own, that guides your firm up to the point where looking for a professional guide becomes a must. On that note, if you agree with the above steps, you might be on a quest to find the best consultancy services for your firm. If so, you can always look up Assured GRC. Even though our business continuity management services makes us all the more reputed in the market, it’s our comprehensiveness that makes us stand out. If you’re looking to get professional guidance in coming up with a resilient BCP, or if it’s services security in London, UK, that you’re searching, you can always connect with us at +44 (0)203 4759 932 and allow our professionals to resolve all your issues.