27001 Audits and Gap Analysis: Everything You Need To Know

Building an ISMS (Information Security Management System) that meets the ISO 27001’s requirements can be a tricking task. When it comes to determining how to apply the standard effectively and economically, ISO 27001 side of applicability makes it complex for organizations. That’s why it is essential to conduct an ISO 27001 audit and gap analysis when putting a prioritized plan in place. If you are planning to build an information security management system for your business, make sure you know everything about 27001 audits and gap analysis before starting it.

What Are ISO 27001 Audit And Gap Analysis Services?

An ISO 27001 audit and gap analysis service are designed to provide you with a comprehensive view of the precise ways in which your business matches and/or does not match to the internationally recognized ISO 27001 family of information security standards. This service provides a high-level overview of what needs to be completed to get certification and enables you to evaluate and compare existing information security arrangements of your organization against the requirements of ISO 27001. If you want to measure your current state of compliance against the standard, this service is the ideal solution for your organization. This will also enable you to scope your ISMS parameters across all business functions including providing your key stakeholders with assurance, reducing the likelihood and impacting of essential data breaches and winning new business. At assured GRC, our ISO 27001 consultancy in London is complemented by our accessing testing, cybersecurity, vulnerability assessment, ISO 27001 implementation and Audit services of this standard.

How to Conduct an ISO 27001 Audit?

If you want to maintain compliance with ISO 27001 audit and gap analysis, conduct regular internal audits. This standard audit will check if your information security management system still meets all requirements of the ISO 27001 standard. As regular audits enable continual improvement of your framework, these audits can be beneficial. Additionally, you can get in touch with experts for the service of a 27001 consultancy in London. Unlike ISO 27001 implementation, there is no formal audit method to follow in the ISMS audit process. Therefore, it can pose a challenge. Here is a five-step checklist that you can help you achieve 27001 audits and gap analysis success, no matter the size of your organization.

Documentation Review

As the scope of your audit should match that of your organization, you should review the documentation you created when implementing your ISMS for starting it. Therefore, doing this will set a clear limit to what needs to be audited. Make sure you identify the main stakeholders in the ISMS. Apart from this, you can get help from the reliable services of a 27001 consultancy in London.

Management Review

Make sure you link with management to agree on timing and resourcing for the audit before creating a detailed audit plan. Coordinating with management at this early stage allows both parties the opportunity to increase any concerns they may have.

Field Review

It is at this stage when the practical assessment of your organization takes place. For that, you will need to observe how the ISMS works in practice, perform audit tests to validate evidence, complete an audit report to document the results of each test and review ISMS documents, printouts and any other relevant data.


The facts collected in the audit should be sorted and reviewed about the risk treatment plan and control objectives of your organizations. Sometimes, 27001 audits and gap analysis may reveal gaps in proof or indicate the requirement for more audit tests.


It is essential to present the findings of the audit when it comes to management. You should include a clear introduction of your scope, objectives, timing, and level of the work performed in an executive summary and a statement detailing recommendations or scope limitations in your report. Further review might be required as the final report usually includes management committing to an action plan. If you still do not know what you should do for audit and gap analysis, hire ISO 27001 consultancy in London.

Get In Touch With Assured GRC for 27001 Gap Analysis

If you need a 27001 audit and gap analysis service to build an Information Security Management System for your business, turn to Assured GRC. As a leading 27001 consultancy in London, we use a proven and practical approach to perform an audit and gap analysis perfectly, no matter the size and nature of your organization. We have trained professionals on ISMS implementations and audits worldwide. Our ISO 27001 consultancy services come with a 100% guarantee that you will get your certification within a fixed time. At Assured GRC, you will get expert advice and guidance on 27001 audits and gap analysis from our expert consultant. Additionally, they will help you develop a business case, allowing you to secure the essential leadership commitment and investment. If you want to know more about 27001 audits and gap analysis in London, contact us at +44 (0)203 4759 932 or management@assuredgrc.com today!