Physical Security Consultancy

Physical Security Consultancy


Physical security is usually the first line of practical defence for any organisation.

Sadly, in today’s IT driven world, physical security is often overlooked in favour of technological IT solutions.

It is better to prevent an incident rather than use technology to record it and then have to investigate it. Technical IT solutions on their own will not defeat a determined intruder or attacker. A-GRC provides an holistic physical security service, integrated with its risk management approach, that identifies areas of the business that would benefit from physical security measures to reduce organisational risk.

Service Offering

    The services that A-GRC can offer its Clients are:

  • Site Security – including CCTV, access control, lighting, fences, barriers as well as second party audits on guarding services.
  • Data Centre Security – physical security of data centres housing critical IT infrastructure
  • Office Security – training staff, performing ‘key and paper chases’ to see what is available after hours and breaching clear desk policies
  • Mobile Security – reviewing methods used to protect information processing systems that are either used at home or whilst travelling
  • Information Leakage by Disposal –reviewing disposal methods for all IT assets (hardware, consumables and paper disposal methods)
  • Security Convergence – bringing together physical security, information security and business continuity management in a holistic solution.


    A-GRC will

  • undertake a gap assessment of your organisation for physical security according to the standards that you define, or national / international best practice, as appropriate
  • produce a report detailing the gaps identified
  • recommend strategies to address the risks that the gaps expose your organisation to
  • develop and implement the processes and procedures to support the chosen strategy
  • undertake on going audits as appropriate.


The A-GRC approach ensures:

  • safety of employees
  • security of physical assets
  • furthering physical security awareness within your organisation
  • increasing customer confidence in your products and services
  • managing and treating significant risks to reduce them to an acceptable level in line with risk appetite.