Mike Britnell

Mike Britnell

Mike joined the Post Office Investigation Department in 1972, later working across the UK as an investigator. In 1984 Mike transferred to the newly privatised BT to assist in the establishment of their new Security Division, successfully leading several long term investigations into theft, fraud and corruption.

In the years that followed, Mike focused on strategic security management, leading or sponsoring a series of major security improvement programmes, including corporate awareness & training, establishing the Board Crisis Management system, overseeing the IT system Certification & Accreditation process, establishing and reducing the substantial annual cost of security failure, hardening the core telephone network (CNI) against attack, developing a network based ‘real time’ fraud management system, a Security Control Centre for real-time global incident response, and one of the world’s early FIRST accredited Computer Emergency Response Teams.

In late 2000 Mike left BT as Director of Security, to become the Head of Security for Johnson Controls in the UK. He was subsequently appointed Director of European Security, supporting the security needs of clients in the Banking, Pharma, Petrochem, IT, Manufacturing, Data Processing and FM environments across Europe.

In February 2004 Mike joined the Bank of England as Chief Security Adviser and retired as Head of Security in August 2008, having established an updated security policy set and, following the £53m Tonbridge robbery, sponsored a significant improvement in the UK’s cash centre security arrangements.

In 2012 Mike was appointed CEO of Skills for Security, the UK’s Security Sector educational lead, an appointment he held until merging and co-locating SfS with the BSIA, and then recruiting his successor.

In August 2015 Mike co-founded, and was a director of Bronzeye IBRM/becybersure, a company dedicated to providing a holistic cybersecurity protective service to SMEs, mirroring the sort of service enjoyed by the corporates. He is a Fellow of the Security Institute and Chair of the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry Cybersecurity Working Group.