ISO Certification and Its Growing Need in Today’ Time

When we talk about Information Security in today’s scenario, we consider the competition everybody is in right now and also the economic condition the world is witnessing. Each of our analogy, be it based on primary research or secondary, brings us to the same conclusion that digitization has turned the global audience aware about any ongoing malicious practice, and making them skeptical even towards the authentic service providing companies. However, like every other convention in the global market, this shift towards the digital platform has also proved to be beneficial for certification bodies like ISO and organizations holding an ISO 27001 certification. On that note let’s analyze the previous factors that drove all the organizations for an ISO certification, which was, to have a competitive edge in the particular sector of the industry. But now, as the world has witnessed a technological evolution among the masses, every organization has prioritized data security. Speaking about the technological evolution, the audience too grew suspicious to an extent that for the small and medium scale businesses hiring an ISO 27001 services providing organization.

Growing Need for Consultation

If we consider the global market, ISO 27001 services in U.K. can be seen as a prominent example while addressing the fact that digitization has prioritized the need for consultation in these spheres. Because of the fact that an ISO certification proves the fact that your Information Security framework is resilient, more and more small and medium scale businesses have started applying for the certification. If we take a closer look and see the whole scenario of wanting to get an ISO certification under a different light, we can see that the growing awareness among the audience regarding data mishandling can be the driving factor of such a convention which thereby, has the potential of becoming the focal point of corporate competition in the world. So now that we all can agree on the fact that no matter how much advanced a market grows technologically, it can witness a monopoly. Taking this statement as the premise of our further discussion, we can say that not only the lower tiered firms but also the big conglomerates have turned started paying attention to outsourcing ISO 27001 services providing firm.


So now the big question can be, ‘why is it being so much popular among the audience that organizations are going after certification?’ Speaking about the benefits an ISO certification can give an organization the edge it wants, the prominent one is • Customer retention and growing the client base: If we observe getting an ISO certification as a requisite for operating any data-related business in the market for a moment, we can see that the ease of internet access and the exponential growth in the online sector, are contributing factors along with IS 27001 itself for improvement in the operation of any data handling organization in the market. Therefore, an ISO certification is the medium to assure the customers that a stipulated firm works just fine and can be a trusted partner in the future. And as far the clients and future leads are concerned, if your organization has an impressive customer base, you are likely to get new clients at a rapid rate that any of your competitors. This eventually gives you a competitive edge too. • Prevention from fines and any other damage to your reputation: If we talk about the market in the U.K., any data offence can cause an organization up to 4% of its annual turnover or almost 20 million Euros, whichever the ICO finds greater at that point of time. This implies that any data breach can cause an organization a severe damage to the organization’s overall structure and the reputation too. This is why ISO services in U.K. are so much proficient than the others. An ISO 27001 consultancy in U.K is given the importance it deserves. Like an ideal economy, every organization in the U.K. knows the role of an ISO 27001 certified consultancy firm. A firm of that respect serves all the organizations equally and provides strategized solutions that help them overcome all the hindrances towards getting the certification without getting into any legality. On a concluding note, getting an ISO 27001 certification can help an organization garner both customers and clients. And that’s why an ISO 27001 consultancy in U.K. always has the competitive edge in its own sphere. So if you have any query related to this discussion or any other query related to GRC, you can always connect with Assured GRC. We stand tall as one of the most famous ISO 27001 consultancies in U.K. And as for our customers and clients, we provide them with the best consultation regarding any issue and help them in coming up with adequate strategies. Call us today at +44 (0)203 4759 932.

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