Importance of GDPR in Today’s Scenario

When we talk about GDPR compliance in all the organizations around the world, we tend to find that all the facts indicate its close relationship with EU. EU or the European Union surely acts as the place of GDPR’s inception but when we further research about this regulation we can find other facts that might connect the importance of a GDPR consultant in making an organization compliant to this regulation. It is a fact that GDPR was introduced to safeguard the data protection and provide methods to enhance the data privacy for all the members of EU. But in today’s time, after its enforcement as a law GDPR has turned into more of a necessity than an option. As we all know, GDPR is not only limited to the EU member states, this factor can stand as a proof because, as soon as it was established as a law, it became mandatory even for those businesses which don’t natively belong in EU. Considering the global market, data privacy has been the topmost issue and building a secure cyber-security network is becoming a dire need. We can blame it all on the rise of competition in the current scenario, or the digitization, or the technological advancements and feats, but the underlying fact would be the same. The fact that cyber-security is a need for all the big conglomerates and the small businesses in any and all of the scenarios helped GDPR build its relevance in the market and out outgrow further to become a regulation in law. Coming to big conglomerates, we know for a fact that in today’s market, especially after the boom in digitization; mostly all of them handle personal data of their users. If this very phenomenon is viewed under a different light to trace its connection with the ongoing competition between all the companies we can observe that the chances of getting a network breach become higher, because we know for a fact that ‘where there is information, there are hackers lurking around it’. Well, after it became mandatory for all the businesses who handle personal data of their customers, it wasn’t pretty late when GDPR became applicable to those who work as a third-party and process all the personal information on behalf of another one. But if we understand this regulation in today’s context and draw viable conclusion as per our observation, we can find that any resistance towards it is as unnecessary as it is to blame the market and not a particular company. The growth in the market of GDPR consultancy services and the firms who provide them was something that all the existing players foresaw as an intuition, after analyzing all the web development trends and their effect on global economy. Places like London and US that are host to famous companies in the world have actively taken part in the convention to make their businesses compliant to GDPR, and with building trade relation among the nations, the importance of this regulation has grown exponentially. So much so, that companies who provide GDPR services have increased in number. For the consultancy sector, GDPR was equally beneficial, as it comprised of such methods which contributed heavily towards the growing cyber-security needs among all the players in the market. And as the companies providing GDPR services grew in number, the other organizations were able to pick from the best. Although the regulation had its own set of methods to ensure data security, it wasn’t easy for any company to examine all the issues regarding its protection under this premise. So, it was devised that GDPR has to be studied thoroughly and only then can an organization understand its role. Speaking of methods in GDPR, Let’s take a quick look at them and understand which third-party company can provide the best service in this respect. • Review of GDPR readiness • Evaluate privacy impact • Reviewing the existing privacy architecture • Auditing personal data of the client (organization) • Contract and policy review • Awareness Briefing • Certified training Now, there are nations around the world who have such players who offer finest GDPR services but the main factor to differentiate the best from the not-so-best companies is how dedicatedly they provide these solutions considering their clients’ interests. When we talk about firms that offer GDPR services, London is one of the paces that have some of the best in the sector. A GDPR consultant in London and/or a firm is an individual that has seen the market dynamics first hand and has been trained for any challenge that might surface. We at Assured GRC understand the importance of GDPR compliance in our client’s organization and offer best solutions to prepare their teams and employees for any unforeseen network breach. Our company offers solutions that are genuinely directed towards customer satisfaction. The main factor while making a firm compliant to GDPR, is the transparency the client organization needs from the company they hired and so, we keep our clients in a constant loop while we work thorough their policies and guide their members to tackle important threats. This way we try to build a strong relationship that proves to be effective in the long run. And that’s what differentiates us from other firms in the market. One of the many reasons to trust our firm with GDPR consultancy services, is that we focus on all the solutions that an ideal GDPR consultancy firm should offer and perform them with all the professional delicacy you can expect, and as per the coaching services are concerned, we train them for the ever changing and ever growing competitive market and fill them up with tactics that they can apply to any particular issue. As we all know that every employee of an organization is supposed to take guidance for overcoming situations like this, we at Assured GRC for this sake, provide consultancy services to each of the employee regardless of the management. As far as GDPR compliance is concerned, providing consultancy to each of the employee can contribute to the overall betterment of the organization.

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