The Curve of Data Privacy in 2020 & The Impact of Hiring a Data Protection Consultancy

Everything and anything that we say has an impact on the way we work and the way we indulge ourselves in something. Data consumption and data collection also work like that except we don’t have any control over the fact that it is out there as vulnerable as it can be. In easy words, we have control on data that’s evidently present in our applications, websites, blogs, and other such forums but what’s been used extensively by our search engines is simply out of our control. When we download a mobile application, it uses a variety of information that it derives from the user. Though basic, that same user data – if it falls into the wrong hands – can be used negatively against that particular individual.

Before learning about data protection consultants in this modern era, we must first understand the curve of data privacy and protection in 2020:

Since the European Union’s (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect, in 2018, the world of data privacy has evolved as well as adapted to these stringent requirements for a secure future. With the consumer base becoming more conscious about their data in 2020, the shift gave the right to people to exercise their powers and make sure their personal data is not being misused in any way or the other. Now companies are adding significant resources to ensure there is no compromise with the personal data they’ve accumulated from their vast user base and have ensured these resources meet customer requests for their data.

Risks, Compliances and Problems with Data in 2020 –

As the age of technology sets over us, we’ve been blessed with greater freedom to express our knowledge over the internet. But with the boon, the possibility of data theft, data breach and other such issues have also increased many folds. Despite having billions of dollars in profit every year, some giants in the data business are too well equipped to be caught selling our data but that doesn’t change the fact that they aren’t doing it. They are. Exploiting consumers’ personal data for revenue gain has been the very basic, yet effective, tact from companies who want to change their fortunes overnight. Nothing pays more than selling personal data of hundreds and thousands of users. It has happened in the past and it can happen in the future. With most countries now pressing for hardened guidelines and regulations to protect an individual user’s data, there’s no doubt that the war is on and you have to deploy your best resources to win the battle for your set of users and the organization. Hiring data protection consultants is the very least you can do.

Digging Deep & Preparing for the Worst –

As things stand, we are no longer in control of our personal data in 2020. Most companies whose products and services we use on a daily basis have total control on our data and they openly sell it to advertisers thus enabling them to notice a strict pattern and market themselves according to that. For example – it is possible that just minutes after searching for a nice recliner on Google, you see ads selling recliners on applications like Facebook and Instagram. This is only possible because our personal data enables marketers to notice the trends and offer us products based on our urgent requirements. This is scary yet an effective way that has still not been criminalized. The new norms of data privacy are actually so complicated that your data is being used every day yet you can do very little to safeguard it. But for your organization you can dig deep and prepare for the worst scenario – by hiring consultants from a data protection consultancy to look after what’s happening with your individual data and that of your customer base.

Initiate Security –

Over the last decade, where data has become a gold mine for agencies and companies, data protection consultants have also risen to the challenge and are ensuring nothing gets out without your knowledge. With Assured Governance Risk and Compliance (A-GRC) – an international professional services consultancy based in London, UK – you can set your heart and soul on your projects while leaving the security end to professional consultants who’ve been doing this for decades. Even the most complex business decisions require some planning and securing, that’s where the professional and courteous data protection consultants come into play. By – providing governance, ensuring data checks and health checks, providing certification services, giving total cybersecurity to your firm and systems – Assured GRC has changed the curve and innovated a style that’s difficult to breach even for the most advanced hackers and malware software in 2020. Feeling secure is a necessity with thousands counting on your systems. Don’t let them down. Hire a data protection consultancy and live to focus on the job-in-hand.

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