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An increase in digital expansion worldwide has resulted in the ever increased demand for trusted and reliable security services to safeguard valuable information.Being a professional services consultancy, our main focus is to provide cyber assurance services in London to cater to effective business solutions. A UK government-organized initiative; Cyber Essentials was incepted to provide a foundation of best-administered protections for their data and systems. Cyber Essentials is anapplicative set of security regulations that should be utilized by all functioning businesses. We deliver matchless cyber security consultancy services to businesses at a reasonable cost. Extensively adapted in the UK, it has now become a prerequisite for all vendors of UK central government contracts. Cyber essentials are also incorporated by private enterprises to ensure exhibiting compliance with NCSC good practices for data protection. To achieve or for scope for any certification, organizations can avail two levels of cyber assurance services in London which may or may not include any part of the organization (as per requirement). Cyber Essentials – Organizations self-evaluate their systems, and this evaluation is independently verified. Cyber Essentials Plus – Under our cyber security consultancy services, all systems are individually examined, and Cyber Essentials is mainstreamed into the organization’s data risk management.

The Five Significant Level Key Control Areas Are:

  • • Boundary firewalls and internet gateways
  • • Secure configuration
  • • Access control
  • • Malware protection
  • • Patch management
These are additionally segmented down into more granular controls. The controls can also be traced to other security management systems such as ISO/IEC 27001. Cyber Essentialsfocuses on underlining technical regulations instead of governance, risk and policy.

Why Assured GRC?

Our goal is to provide the best cyber assurance services in London in a protected condition and also intend to maintain this tradition in the future as well. At Assured GRC, we respect and realize the importance of your time, data and requirements. We integrate the top cyber security consultancy serviceswith your team to factually analyze the five key control areas against your business or the section of the business in scale for certification.We offer a precise evaluation of your present state of security measures with gap assessment of any limitations to match the specifications for certification. This results in delivering senior management with an authentic and targeted perspective of the existing state of security controls and cyber risk. Further, we involve with your team not only to resolve any issues for certification but also bridge any operational gaps that would furthermore contribute to thedisintegration of control and where needed streamline Cyber Essentials into your organization’s risk management model or make a fresh where a framework isn’t existent.

Our Outlook

To provide the best cyber security consultancy services, we use an all-round perspective to –
  • • Offer only the level of consultancy you need, [no more, no less] enabling cost efficiency.
  • • Customized to your organization and requirements
  • • Assure senior management buy-in, critical to the project accomplishment.
  • • A precisely stated range with solutions projected from the inception.
  • • Engaging users by giving the knowledge transfer within the team to further expand its utilization.
  • • Continuous guidanceanytime on call and complimentary consultation for past customers.


Our approach to mutual working develops optimism at a functional and shareholder stage that encourages a flow of practice and constant progress.
  • • Enabling you to make contractual bids, where if you were not certified, you may be precluded.
  • • Safeguarding management and customers of data security levels in position.
  • • Boost customer relianceon your products and services
  • • Displaying conformance to Cyber Essentials Plus and examined by a third-party Conformance Assessment Body.
  • • Ensuring senior management takes the right calls on operational risk.
  • • Integrate business requirements with data security solutions.
  • • Make an organizationalframework to ascertain roles and responsibilities for data security management.
  • • Build a statement of applicability (SOA) that recognizes controls to be carried out to resolve the risks found out in your organization.
  • • Allow interoperability between different systems
  • • Make sure that a top-level corporate data security policy exists
  • • Make sure that an apt incident management process is in position
  • • Make sure that an information asset register is made and enabled
  • • Emphasis on personnel security concerns to be resolved
  • • Enable ongoing compliance and inspecting mechanism in position
  • • Make sure that there is suitable security of assets within the set range
The increase in digitization overtime has also opened paths for security breaches, data losses and a rise in the number of exposures to IT systems that requires immediate attention. This concern is becoming worrisome for multiple organizations on a global level. The importance of effective cyber security consultancy services related to the importance of your information and data systems. Because a small risk in your security might put the entire organization’s security and reputation at threat. You can reach us at +44 (0)203 4759 932 or to know more about our cyber assurance services in London.

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