Cyber Security for E-mobility

As we all know that cyber security is a very important topic to discuss right now, we can agree on the fact that all the businesses have started taking preventive measure to mitigate the risk of getting under a network breach or any other cyber attack for that matter. But even today, there are some sections that aren’t getting the assistance they require. These sections mainly comprise of start-ups. Speaking about start-ups, we’ve known this for a fact that the younger a business or an industry is, the more difficult it is to operate it effectively enough to eradicate each and every risk it has to offer. On that note, let’s start out analogy on one of the youngest player in the global market, i.e. e-mobility. When we speak about digitization, even if we don’t realize, we’re actually mitigating the traditional ways to perform day-to-day activities. Be it e-payments and online streaming platforms, each advancement is a step farther from the ways we were taught by our elders. Therefore, e-mobility can be seen not only as advancement but also as a step further towards a better tomorrow. But like every other proposition e-mobility too faced the wrath of insecurity in the environment as it became one of the biggest opportunities for hackers to tap into these networks. And the reason why they can think so is because e-mobility, as we mentioned earlier, is a young market and so, it has not invested enough in its cyber security consultancy services.


Moving forward, one might ask, “if it a technological advancement, why is not well protected?” Well, if you take a closer look at the whole process of hacking and protecting a particular device from that attack is based on the purpose with which each activity is being executed. If we talk about building softwares that can help an organization run all its vehicles at different place in the same time, it’s a tough job, but if we talk about hacking into the same structure, it’s quite easy. All you need to find is a loophole. That’s why e-mobility can be seen as one of the most vulnerable propositions out there. And the worst part is, it has gelled well with the audience and has become an integral part o their daily life. If we take a deeper look at this matter, we might uncover some other prominent reasons that supports the fact that e-mobility is not being managed well as of now. Speaking of which, according to a recent report published by Financial Times, many influential professionals including the directors of massive conglomerates, have given their individual views which showcases the degree of vulnerability of cyber security services and cyber security consultancy services in the market of e-mobility. The instance of causing a voluntary traffic jam is likeable in today’s scenario, as per some statements by these professionals. Even after knowing the gravity of such statements, these professionals went bare with it. What can be the reason behind such a move? Obviously it’s the complicated network structure behind the basic functionality of e-mobility services.


Considering the global market, we can see many influential conglomerates from across the industries, have come together to promote e-mobility. If we take a look at places like the U.K. and take cyber security consultancy in London as the premise, we can be sure that the future e-mobility is not uncertain after all. The role of the big players is very important because they act as catalysts in the overall development of the global market. Let’s understand this better with an example of e-scooters. Now, according to experts, e-scooter aren’t that much prone to cyber-attacks because of the lack of additional facilities but they can still cause some serious issues like data theft due to its unsecured bluetooth feature that allows the owner to connect their phone with the vehicle itself. But the top –tier organizations are still investing in young industries lie e-mobility. The growth in demand for driverless cars and some notable acquisitions in the recent years can both be seen as prominent reasons that showcase just how important it is for these organizations to keep the idea of revolution well and alive in the market. Involvement of these companies brings along the opportunity of improvement in the existing network structures which can gradually mitigate the existing risks and threats e-mobility is exposed to. Therefore, this very convention has also increased the overall value of cyber security consultancy services because all the smaller companies have started working with the bigger fishes of the pond and they strive to have the all the knowledge they can garner about the threats and ways to eradicate them effectively. On a concluding note, even though e-mobility has its share of risks, it will still continue to grow in the market because it is a revolution in the market. So, if you too are pursuing towards the same goal and are looking for cyber security consultancy services you can always look up Assured GRC online or you can call us at +44 (0)203 4759 932. If you are somewhere in the UK Assured GRC can be your prime choice as we have a distinguished reputation in the market as one of the best cyber security consultants in London.

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