Corporate – Mission Statements

A-GRC Vision

Our client’s first choice for governance, risk and compliance, quality and information assurance needs.

A-GRC Mission

The security and well-being of our Client’s information and continuously improving the quality of the processes that support it.

A-GRC’s security mission is to provide effective and efficient solutions to our Client’s governance, risk, compliance and security concerns.

A-GRC Values

  • Client service delivering superior services that are seen to be value for money.
  • Excellence to be the best.
  • Innovation to provide innovative solutions that meet our Client’s requirements.
  • Integrity adhering to the professional code of conduct that we embrace, being fair and open.
  • Loyalty being loyal to our Clients in all of our dealings.
  • Openness listening to our Client, open to change, open communications between us.
  • Respect to respect our Client’s mission and seek to earn their respect by consistent delivery, respecting other suppliers retained by our Client.
  • Responsiveness to changing requirements as they evolve.
  • Trust building trust with our Client so they can fully disclose risks, problems, issues and business needs.

A-GRC Principles

    Are to:
  • be clear and transparent with the Client.
  • be trustworthy, independent and objective.
  • clearly define and agree the objectives and terms of any project, including remuneration, are agreed with the Client in advance. In any conflict, the duty to the Client prevails.
  • consider a consultant’s cultural fit to the Client organisation and the needs of the broader project.
  • continually develop Consultant’s expertise;
  • deploy a Consultant for the life of the project or engagement, not just at the project initiation stage.
  • ensure that all Consultants have the right skills and experience to help A-GRC Clients.
  • ensure that there is a clear focus on delivering sustainable value and the transfer of knowledge to Clients.
  • offer unbiased and objective advice through our independent status (not being a vendor for any software or service provider).
  • only accept work that they are qualified, and have the capacity, to undertake.
  • propose the ‘best fit’ solution for a Client.
  • put our Client’s interests first.
  • select only the best Consultants.
  • work objectively without being influenced by the Client’s surrounding working environment.
  • work with the Client to achieve their business objectives with no hidden agendas.