How Should You Deal with a Business Crisis?

We all know that business crisis has been a pressing issue for the past many years and to deal with this issue, crisis management was introduced so as the businesses could proactively avoid crisis. Now, in order to understand how to deal with a business crisis, we must first try to understand what leads to it in the first place so that we can get an idea about how the crisis management process works. As we all know, business crisis can be termed as an uneventful threat to an organization that is focused on ruining its image, hampering the workspace and the employees, affecting financial and other operations. This is where crisis management can be a really powerful process in which the organization prepares its employees for any or all the unforeseen situations/emergencies that might be a potential threat to the business. As it affects different aspects to safeguard from all the internal and external threats, it has become one of the most integral component of an organization’s ‘public relations’ policies. To better understand the whole concept, let’s take a quick look at how this process works, the steps to be taken and the sections that are needed to be taken care of:

1. Preparation:

For any organization, it’s always a primary step to start preparing for any sort or any degree of crisis that might befall in the near future. Some strategic measures are taken to effectively execute the entire preparation, like: i. Formulating a stipulated plan ii. Hiring the best candidates in the crisis management team iii. Creating blueprint for execution of actionable measures In other words, this step can be identified as a quick overview of all the prerequisites that are needed to be fulfilled by an organization in order to survive in this competitive market, because we all know the importance of being prepared for the worst.

2. Implementation:

After your organization is prepared for all the emergencies, it is now time to put your theorized plans into action. For all the organizations out there, this step is one of the most important as it serves as a reality-check for the relevance of the of the crisis management plan. Some of the measures taken into consideration under this step are: i. Setting up transmission of initial messages regarding the crisis ii. Informing both the employees and top-tier management about the crisis and discussing the need of the hour. iii. Ensuring the safety of both, company and its customers. Once an organization has strategized plans to execute these measures effectively, a strong network starts to build from the very fundamental principles of the organization and amps up it’s tactical approach towards any crisis. It’s true that not all the emergencies are predictable but one can be prepared enough to at least retain the brand image in the market.

3. Analyzing the Resultant Situation:

Lastly, after an organization has successfully executed its plan, it’s time to examine the impact of the plan and analyze how all the components worked. Other important measure taken in this particular steps, are: i. Discuss with the stipulated team about the whole execution of the plan, including the sections of the organization it worked and lacked. ii. As we earlier discussed, examining the efficiency of each of the component that contributed to make up the plan, like communication. iii. Ensuring that the organization has cleared all the doubts regarding the crisis and none of them are overlooked whatsoever. iv. Finding the weak links in the overall structure of the organization that makes it prone to threats like these. With these steps and strategies, ne thing that needs to be understood is the importance of building a strong network and improving all the links in the organization. May companies out there are capable enough to analyze the threat and formulate the plans accordingly, either on their own or with the help of a trusted third-party. Speaking of the third-party involvement in the process, it is important for any company to understand the importance of hiring the best crisis management consultant out there, and as per the best, Assured GRC can be the partner you’re looking for. Not to be confused with an analogy that indicate towards any sort of incapability in coming up with required strategies on their own, we simply offer our services with the approach it needs to hold. And that would be, to unload the responsibility to strategies defence mechanisms, off of your clients shoulders and take up the project as our own and work accordingly. Talking about our work structure, we focus on all the measures and observe even the minute details with utmost attention. As an organization in the market of serving consultancy services to other businesses, we have fathomed the urgency of transparency clients expect ad provide them with the same. On a concluding note, it’s important to strategize each move in the interest of the well being of an organization, but having a preliminary knowledge about it is a priority.

Why Real-Time Compliance Management Is an Essential For Your Company’s Health

Companies working on C-suite forums and evolving with their management systems are bound by both internal and federal legislations. To function in the digital sphere, one must adhere to the norms of the internet in order to avoid fines and heavy penalties. Firms with fewer resources are at a lesser risk but multi-national corporations face these challenges every single day. Internal health checks and proper certification can enable the bigger firms to focus on the job-in-hand without having any compliance conflict. Thus, it is essential to use our resources to be in harmony with the best compliance management services to minimize the organizational risks involved in day-to-day functioning. Maximize your company growth by partnering with the best compliance consultants in London – Hard and fast compliance requirements and an ever-so-robust enforcement structure for firms, in the United Kingdom, put in place by global regulators has ensured abiding by a packaged process for compliance management. Identifying and addressing the legal and regulatory compliance requirements is of utmost priority for businesses of all scales. Effective compliance management services can guarantee – 1. Implementation of a compliance management policy for effective control and growth by overseeing critical non-compliances. 2. Bringing in training modules and programs into effect to ensure safe management practices within the company are up to the mark. 3. Help implement the best suited governance, risk and compliance (GRC) management platform to help you control your robust internal framework while ensuring being in line with the global norms and policies.

What is real-time compliance management?

There are regulatory changes in all levels of government in the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity regulations. More than the compliance cause, cybersecurity issues a test for the management systems by constantly forcing them into taking risks to avoid security lapses and breaches. Real-time compliance management services revolve around the idea of constant monitoring and evolving – so that no aspect of the company’s framework is sacrificed.

Data breaches in the past have not helped –

According to an online research based survey, there are 65,000 attempts to hack small-to-medium sized businesses in the UK every day. That means around 5 million SMBs in UK per year. The rate is alarming and constantly threatens the data environment of a company. By implementing a “security-first” approach will help your company focus on increasing revenue with proven compliance. But for that it is necessary to identify a streamlined process, which includes – 1. Cataloguing assets – Efficient and timely cataloguing of digital assets provides a stabilized base for all operations and is necessary to begin working in a safe and compliance data environment. 2. Reviewing threats – The objective of this is to take independent decisions without bias and ensuring firm control through a management audit. Internal threats are often more problematic than what’s coming from outside. Beware. 3. Creating a stronger compliance stance – Leading the way forward by aligning compliance with risk enterprise management and incentivizing ethical behaviour should set an example for all the employees and management heads alike. Get the most advanced and up to date governance, risk and compliance coverage with the leading compliance consultants in London – Assured GRC – your assured investment for the highest standards of international professional services. Specializing in Cyber security and Risk Management-based systems, this is your safest risk you would have taken ever and you get the most sought-after, experienced and resourceful compliance consultants in London here.

Why Cyber security goes hand in hand with GRC?

The importance of GRC in cybersecurity is not just about one factor but multiple reasonable factors. From the issue of Data Privacy to Risk Management, GRC and Cybersecurity intersect from time to time. Data Privacy – After notable arguments and representations due to the General Data Protection Regulation in the EU, data privacy was one of the biggest factors to assert GRC applications for maintaining cyber security. A compliance system ensures there is no vulnerability in the way data privacy is maintained by companies. Risk Management – The link between cyber security risks and the overall risks taken by the organization is about maintaining a balance to ensure keeping your customer’s trust and seeking future revenue. Sophisticated data security measures were proposed for companies to ensure safeguarding personal data collected from users.

Leave it to the experts –

As experienced compliance consultants in London, concerning ourselves with Cyber security and Risk management affairs, we hold the key to the development of an adept ecosystem for your organizational goals to flourish. By orienting your business decisions with your security decisions we defend your networks, systems, information and personal data by advocating for a fool-proof management system. A-GRC consultants are available on full-time or an associate basis and assert confidence that is all about bringing quality on to the table. Provide the complete governance within your company while abiding with all the health checks and certifications – with the experienced consultants and a formidable compliance management service.

The Curve of Data Privacy in 2020 & The Impact of Hiring a Data Protection Consultancy

Everything and anything that we say has an impact on the way we work and the way we indulge ourselves in something. Data consumption and data collection also work like that except we don’t have any control over the fact that it is out there as vulnerable as it can be. In easy words, we have control on data that’s evidently present in our applications, websites, blogs, and other such forums but what’s been used extensively by our search engines is simply out of our control. When we download a mobile application, it uses a variety of information that it derives from the user. Though basic, that same user data – if it falls into the wrong hands – can be used negatively against that particular individual.

Before learning about data protection consultants in this modern era, we must first understand the curve of data privacy and protection in 2020:

Since the European Union’s (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect, in 2018, the world of data privacy has evolved as well as adapted to these stringent requirements for a secure future. With the consumer base becoming more conscious about their data in 2020, the shift gave the right to people to exercise their powers and make sure their personal data is not being misused in any way or the other. Now companies are adding significant resources to ensure there is no compromise with the personal data they’ve accumulated from their vast user base and have ensured these resources meet customer requests for their data.

Risks, Compliances and Problems with Data in 2020 –

As the age of technology sets over us, we’ve been blessed with greater freedom to express our knowledge over the internet. But with the boon, the possibility of data theft, data breach and other such issues have also increased many folds. Despite having billions of dollars in profit every year, some giants in the data business are too well equipped to be caught selling our data but that doesn’t change the fact that they aren’t doing it. They are. Exploiting consumers’ personal data for revenue gain has been the very basic, yet effective, tact from companies who want to change their fortunes overnight. Nothing pays more than selling personal data of hundreds and thousands of users. It has happened in the past and it can happen in the future. With most countries now pressing for hardened guidelines and regulations to protect an individual user’s data, there’s no doubt that the war is on and you have to deploy your best resources to win the battle for your set of users and the organization. Hiring data protection consultants is the very least you can do.

Digging Deep & Preparing for the Worst –

As things stand, we are no longer in control of our personal data in 2020. Most companies whose products and services we use on a daily basis have total control on our data and they openly sell it to advertisers thus enabling them to notice a strict pattern and market themselves according to that. For example – it is possible that just minutes after searching for a nice recliner on Google, you see ads selling recliners on applications like Facebook and Instagram. This is only possible because our personal data enables marketers to notice the trends and offer us products based on our urgent requirements. This is scary yet an effective way that has still not been criminalized. The new norms of data privacy are actually so complicated that your data is being used every day yet you can do very little to safeguard it. But for your organization you can dig deep and prepare for the worst scenario – by hiring consultants from a data protection consultancy to look after what’s happening with your individual data and that of your customer base.

Initiate Security –

Over the last decade, where data has become a gold mine for agencies and companies, data protection consultants have also risen to the challenge and are ensuring nothing gets out without your knowledge. With Assured Governance Risk and Compliance (A-GRC) – an international professional services consultancy based in London, UK – you can set your heart and soul on your projects while leaving the security end to professional consultants who’ve been doing this for decades. Even the most complex business decisions require some planning and securing, that’s where the professional and courteous data protection consultants come into play. By – providing governance, ensuring data checks and health checks, providing certification services, giving total cybersecurity to your firm and systems – Assured GRC has changed the curve and innovated a style that’s difficult to breach even for the most advanced hackers and malware software in 2020. Feeling secure is a necessity with thousands counting on your systems. Don’t let them down. Hire a data protection consultancy and live to focus on the job-in-hand.

Why Should You Consider Record Management And Information Governance Consultant?

There is no denying that when businesses grow, they produce and store more data. With an increment in both physical and digital records, firms open themselves up to security breaches and compliance issues. It has been estimated that most organisations fail audits as records cannot be found. If you are trying to locate lost records, it takes up almost 20 % of records manager’s time and even almost 30 % of all leading issues for the increased risk. Just because of this, it is essential to implement or improve the records and information management and information governance practices of your organisation. If you don’t know where to start, hiring record management and information governance consultancy can save your business valuable time and money. They can help mitigate risks with a legally defensible programme,

Experienced Record Management and Information Governance Consultants

‘Where to start’ is the most difficult question, especially when many businesses might not even be aware of the penalty of poor planning or how managing and storing data optimally can save your business time and money while increasing overall compliance. Let’s take a look at six reasons why your business should connect with records management and information governance consultancy

Avoid Audits and Fines

Being inferior to record-keeping can get your business into difficulty. IT organisations require strict security standards. When doing business internationally, your business could run afoul of the EU’s new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). An infringement or failed audit may cost your business thousands in fines or legal fees for protection. It can potentially bring your business operations to a stop. Get in touch with an information governance consultancy in the UK to inform you of these guidelines and regulations before employing a governance policy to start AND remain compliant.

Keep Data Safe

A data breach is the only thing worse than a fine. Not only fines and penalties but the potential loss of customer trust and other legal ramifications can also come about as well. That’s not enough; you can also expect your brand to reduce in value by 21 % following a data breach. Paying for an information governance consultancy service may seem expensive, but the cost of protection far balances the financial implications and the loss of brand trust that can result from the breach.

Keep Pace with Data Production

In a digital environment, your business is producing more data and content than ever. And even the amount of electronic data is increasing exponentially. As the total output of digital information grows, you need to keep speed to ensure company compliance and even to protect your employees and customers. If you don’t know how to handle IG and RIM perfectly, it can get more difficult in the future. An information governance consultancy can help identify what information is a true “record” and assist with decreasing the amount of data stored and the amount of infrastructure required to manage it.

Go Paperless With a Trusted Partner

Whether you need a fully digital or hybrid solution, proper planning and managing of metadata is the basis to your success. Once your data is scanned and catalogued, your employees can recover the information easily through your information governance plans. Embracing a digital classification system will save your organisation time and money. An information governance consultancy’s direction can provide several positive steps for your business.

Roll Out Better Departmental Communication

When you implement information governance policy, all employees responsible for your data will know what to do in every situation. Getting touch with an information governance consultancy in the UK on the procedure to address natural disasters, loss of data and acquisitions ensures precise communications across departments. From the new to experienced, understanding of your all workers about uniform data management system guarantees methodical approaches to common delays.

Reduce Costs in Finding and Storing Information

Working with an adviser means developing those efficiencies from the start. A record management and information governance consultancy in the UK knows how much storage space your business needs and the proper way to store your records. Additionally, they know the types of secure destruction procedures to put in place. Significantly, the consultant knows the rules and regulatory structures that run your organisation and can help you build a comprehensive, legally defensible programme.

Get In Touch With Assured GRC

If you are looking for an expert for reliable information governance consultancy services in the UK, Assured GRC is a one-stop solution. We supply products; services and expertise that will help you design, implement and enforce the latest legally defensible information governance programmes. Our consultants offer services to assist with building a road map and path to transformational information governance. At Assured GRC, we come with consulting and record retention policies. Apart from this, we are scalable for any company whether it is a startup or established. If you have any query regarding information governance consultancy in the UK, contact us at +44 (0)203 4759 932 or today!

Corona Virus – Preparing for a Pandemic with Effective Business Solutions

It the times of a world crisis, it is necessary to keep our calm and plan smartly so that we can safeguard all from the novel COVID-19. Assured GRC understands and empathizes with the current pandemic situation. We stand against the COVID-19 and are doing our part to expand our reach by offering protective Mask/surgical mask/ N95/KN95″ for immediate shipment (minimum order 10,000 pieces). Currently many countries are under quarantine to safeguard the expansion of Coronavirus. It is essential to avoid panic and ensure that people can get the supplies that they require. Shield your family and friends from this pandemic.

Below are some of the our supplies which can help you protect yourself better. Take a look at the resources we are offering –

  • • Ventilator (Artificial Respiratory Machine)
  • • ECMO Device (Extracorpureal Membrane Oxygenation)
  • • Non Invasive Mask Ventilation-BiPAP (Bi-level Positive Airway Pressure)
  • • Non Invasive Mask Ventilation-CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure)
  • • High Flow Nasal Oxygenation
  • • Respiratory Circular Tube Set
  • • Electroshock Device/Machine
  • • Infusion Pump
  • • Syringe pump
  • • Finger Pulse Oximetry Device
  • • Nebulizer Device and Related Kit
  • • Infrared Non-Contact Thermometer
  • • Protective Dressing Set for ICU Personnel (Coverall)/Surgical
  • • Personal Protective Equipment (PTE) Kits
  • • Protective Mask/surgical mask/ N95/KN95
  • • Portable Ventilator Device (Ambulance)
  • • Disposable Gloves
  • • CT Scan 16 Slice (for clinical diagnosis of COVID-19)
  • • Novel Corona Virus Diagnostic Test Kits
  • • ABG Analyzer Device
  • • ABI Real Time PCR
  • • Video Laryngoscope
  • • Portable Eco-Sonography Device
  • • Portable Digital X-Ray Machine
  • • Cold Fogger Machine
If you’re not doing it by now, its high time to prepare and get your Business Continuity and Crisis Management structure in order. COVID-19 is already upon us and may be here for some tome to come and demonstrates the reasons not to delay in putting protections in place to protect ourselves and the people around us. Assured GRC are here to help protect our businesses and loved ones from whatever situation crisis may come our way.

Assured-GRC and Interel Group collaborate to provide Crisis Management services

Assured-GRC and Interel Group collaborate to provide Crisis Management services

At some time or another most businesses, whether large or small, will face a crisis that threatens their operations, their people, their income, and if managed badly, their very existence. Those companies that already have in place and regularly exercise a crisis management plan are known to be significantly more resilient to sudden shock. Continue reading “Assured-GRC and Interel Group collaborate to provide Crisis Management services”