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Your firm or business organization is as strong as the system itself. When we mean the system, we usually speak about the servers, the networks, the software programs and also the human resource controlling these designated systems. A cyber security consultant is as important to your organization as the janitor who’s responsible for unclogging all the flushes and ensuring the environment is clean and stink-free. Playing the defender and the attacker in a single frame is what most cyber consultants do. But here in London, United Kingdom GRC Cyber Security firms have been doing that with plenty of experience and expertise to show in the background.

What should a cyber security consultant proactively do for your business?

Starting to address a lot of issues usually becomes another quantity over quality process. You cannot expect a single consultant to address all your security woes and issues. Neither can you always expected the organization to profitably work after hiring a complete team of cyber consultants. That’s too clumsy an affair and can add to your human resource liabilities. So finding a middle ground – looking for professionals who work part time or full time but have the resources to deliver stuff is the ideal way to go about your business’ security. Cyber consultants in Hampshire, closer to the Assured GRC head office in London, UK will be your best bet solution for everything governance, risk management and compliance. How? Let’s explain below -:
  • • Technology is surely our best bet. But without the emotional and logical understanding of the client’s business, the attempts to salvage something purely through technology may be futile. With Assured GRC cyber security, your firm is in the safest of hands.
  • • Services in cyber security cannot be compromised. Everything has to be tailor-made for the client’s systems and software. Thus, cyber consultants in Hampshire work to address problems specific to your business only.
  • • The services are vendor neutral, technologically independent and platform agnostic.
  • • Assured GRC cyber security is about having subject-matter experts rather than consultants who showcase their expertise in any and every situation.
  • • Understanding the business culture is the priority for the registered cyber consultants in Hampshire and you’re assured in every department.
The world of internet is rapidly evolving every minute. Not every organization has the capacity to keep up with the pace or stop the staggering number of malicious attacks, spamming requests and hacking possibilities that have increased in the past few years. To shape your organization better – hiring consultants from Assured GRC will only improve your chance of settling well, in the future that’s complicated yet inevitable. With the consultants you hire according to the GRC Cyber security norms – you can possibly:
  • • Limit up to 90% breach in IT environments
  • • Approach every process without being hindered by activists, organized crime groups, disgruntled employee reviews and foreign government/non-governmental hackers who can prove to be substantially dangerous for your business.
  • • Negligible amount of missing data, system lockouts leading to a situation where your firm doesn’t lose any advantage over a competitor.
Hiring cyber consultants in Hampshire can help alleviate these concerns up to 90% and you have 24×7 support for any emergency situation. With the successful amalgamation of technology and ideology, the expert consultants working according to the ethics of GRC Cyber security will prove essential when they –
  • • Identify trends and address the foreseeable threat to your business systems.
  • • Work under strict corporate obligations and prove to be an asset rather than inviting fines and other penalties.
  • • Help address the challenges faced by the IT department and maintain awareness to update your cyber security.
  • • Service different audiences and hold various ends responsible for the security of your business.
All these qualities are usually found in consultants who have an eye for the changing algorithms and security patterns and are not relying on information that’s been fed or can be found through simple Google searches. Lastly, the key to hiring a cyber security consultant doesn’t lie in the number of hardware and software changes they’ve mentioned or demanded but the overall tuning they do to make your systems fool-proof and secure. Assured GRC has always maintained a fair balance yet it is true that we don’t derive our money by selling these software and hardware add-ons. That’s just a part of the whole parcel and our income is derived from consultancy. Anywhere in the United Kingdom or China – our professional and expert cyber security consultants are just a phone call away. Get set for the future and scale up your efforts today before someone’s malicious intent falls on your business. Complete A-GRC approach and working under the strict guidelines – with Assured GRC Cyber Security!

Governance Risk & Compliance – How Does It Empower Cyber Security?

When it comes to GRC (Governance Risk & Compliance), it is directly linked to compliance and risk. However, it also has an essential link with cybersecurity. Before knowing how GRC and cybersecurity intersect, you first need to know what exactly GRC is and how does it work?

What is GRC (Governance Risk & Compliance)?

GRC is a combined approach towards governance, risk and compliance, helped by information technology. It combines these three factors as changing business dynamics and technologies require these three factors to be in sync. GRC security is an essential part of new regulations in which organisations want to keep their own and their client’s data secure. In such a situation, compliance becomes a vital part of governance. Every compliance and governance issue directly increases risk. In this way, organisations have started ensuring that governance, risk, and compliance are all processing in the same direction. Governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) refer to a strategy for controlling the overall governance, enterprise risk management and compliance with regulations of organisation. Think of GRC security as a structured approach to supporting IT with business objectives, while effectively managing risk and meeting compliance requirements. A well-planned GRC strategy comes with lots of benefits: improved decision-making, more optimal IT investments, reduction of silos.

How Does GRC Work?

Many organisations develop a GRC framework for the leadership and IT areas to ensure they support and enable the strategic objectives of the organisation. While there are many good software options available to help streamline GRC operations, Governance, Risk, and Compliance are more important than a set of software tools. Many organisations consult a framework for guidance in developing and refining their GRC functions rather than creating one from scratch. Frameworks and standards provide building blocks that organisations can customise to their environment. You can get in touch with an experienced consultancy for GRC security services in London.

How GRC And Cyber Security Intersect?

Since cybersecurity is such a vital factor in governance, there are many different areas where GRC security and cybersecurity intersect.

Data Privacy

When it comes to increasing the importance of GRC in cybersecurity, data privacy plays a vital role. Over the past few years, there have been wide regulations and new strategies applied all over the world for data privacy. The General Data Protection Regulation in the EU is the most notable such case, however, similar approaches are taking all over the world when it comes to IT security. You can hire reliable GRC security services in London. There have been many notable violations of privacy, and they have a great demand for better regulation and security. Introducing better data protection approaches is essential to governments, which means organisations must support more regulatory requirements for cybersecurity.


The link between cybersecurity and risk should not be ignored. Cybersecurity risks are a vital factor in the overall risk exposure of the organisation. If your organisation doesn’t have sophisticated data security in place, you will be unable to manage risk. Organisations risk losing customer trust and future business just because of these breaches. Heavy charges are also levied on the organisation by governments, and class action lawsuits are always a threat. If you want to protect the data of your organisation, you need to hire a reliable GRC security service in London.

The Latest Approach

When it comes to cybersecurity, the organisation needs a better approach. One solution is to understand the importance of Governance Risk & Compliance knowledge for people in charge of cybersecurity. Cybersecurity personnel in the financial industry are needed to know the legal and regulatory requirements of their organisation, and the same approach needs to extend to other industries as well. The role of the head of IT must be made more important. IT leaders need to be skilled and enlightened about legal and regulatory requirements as many of their tasks are now directly associated with risk and compliance. Simply training employees is not enough – they also need to be given the right tools for their new responsibility. GRC security is vital for organisations that are only now bringing together cybersecurity and GRC. The platform will make the transition into the new model smoother and will also support the employees. IT cybersecurity is too complex and too essential to be managed manually – it needs to be monitored and tracked automatically to ensure nothing is wrong. Cybersecurity attacks get more sophisticated with every passing day. These are attacks currently possible which can’t be stopped by any firewall or antivirus software. The right approach towards cybersecurity is the only thing that can stop such attacks. GRC security makes the whole business process more secure. Antivirus software and firewalls can grab the viruses and attacks that are coming in through vulnerabilities in the IT infrastructure, but the GRC security service in London can reduce these vulnerabilities altogether. If you need reliable GRC security services in London, contact Assured GRC for consultancy! Our success is based on every one of our consultant’s reputation and client satisfaction over many years. We have a dedicated team of professional consultants who have many years of experience in delivering quality GRC security service. For more information about GRC security, you can contact us at +44 (0)203 4759 932 or today!

ISMS Essentials: The Crucial Role of GRC in Cyber Security

For the last few years, GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance) has become one of the hottest topics in the business and IT sectors, especially in a large organization. However, there is a lot of confusion regarding GRC. In many organizations, few people know everything about GRC cyber security. On the other hand, few organizations have an organizational structure for governance, risk, and compliance with clearly defined responsibilities. Many organizations have limited their GRC initiatives either to some aspects like “business only”, risk only” or “IT only”.

GRC Provides the Basis of Your ISMS (Information Security Management System)

Reporting in an understandable format is essential to the success of any organization, whether it be concerned with sales, manufacture, IT or cyber services. If applied well, GRC forms three basic pillars of organizational control to support effective ISMS. However, when it comes to cybersecurity, issues arise if it is expected that the same level of security data and log traffic required by security analysts, will also properly serve the needs of managers and risk owners. These issues can become worse if your focus is one of compliance to a particular standard at a particular point in time. At GRC Assured, we have GRC certification and experience in how a short-sighted objective makes the ISMS less of a “system” and more a troublesome overhead. This approach leads to little or no business benefit in the way of sustained improvement and great security.

G Is For Governance – Define It

Governance is the effective management of an organization by those at the top who are liable for it. Corporate governance, IT governance, business governance, and legal governance are common fields of governance. It is a necessary truth that any governance area’s management requires the monitoring of performance to achieve objectives. This means that owners require GRC certification and should seek accurate and timely feedback.

R Is For Risk Management – The Heart of Any Information Security Management System

Proper management of risk enables the organization to operate effectively. It is the beating heart of a successful information security management system. In the public sector, risk managementensures the availability of essential services balanced with the need to robustly secure personal data. In the commercial sector, risk management might be required to stay competitive within a specific market. No matter what your focus is, the practice of finding, determining, reporting on and managing the risks directly impacts the achievement of objectives. This means, as a risk manager, you should daily look for new government regulations that could impact business such as EU GDPR. All risk managers should consider the known risks and come up with ways to diminish them. The experienced and professional risk managers know how to continually monitor risk performance and use the feedback to inform timely decision making without impacting the business.

C Is For Compliance – An Unavoidable ISMS Component

For everyone involved in data protection, compliance has recently taken center stage with the beginning of EU GDPR. This is true even for that outside of Europe due to the far-reaching consequences of the regulation that extends far down the supply chain. For many, the compliance challenge is no surprise. The majority of organizations are required either by law or by an industry regulator to meet a variety of information security standards, sometimes more than one at the same time.

The Right GRC Tools for An Effective Isms

As GRC cybersecurity within the ISMS is like any other risk, it needs to be proactively managed. This means identifying, understanding and managing that risk more effectively for all stakeholders. If you want to improve your operational attitude, you need to consider the GRC cybersecurity tool as enablers. Where applied to cybersecurity, they begin to deliver significant benefits especially when we consider the challenge of monitoring data creation and movement at speeds and scales that would have been unthinkable just a few short years ago. GRC cybersecuritycan bond the Information security management system into the organization at all levels, so the relevance of any change in the technological status is known for both its security and business impact. Business stakeholders need security GRC information and feedback to be translated into a language they can understand and a form that they can act upon.

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