GDPR and Its Need in an Organisational Structure

The personal data of all the individuals who are working in an organisational structure should be handled with proper supervision so that the company is free from any chances of data theft. Regulations like general data protection regulation have always motivated this idea by making it compulsory for every business to meet all the requirements better lay down within the regulation. It is drafted in such a way that whenever an organisation is found violating the guidelines of GDPR, it is made sure that they face certain inconsistency and negative impact in their overall workflow. Even then, some companies are still not paying much attention to being compliant with such laws. But when we look at the numbers, we can see that not every organisation is behind in the race because every business entity is now aware of the fact that they do require GDPR consultancy services.


One of the many reasons why any business entity in the global market should start focusing on the data privacy of their customers and employees as well as their stakeholders are the fact that every time they do this, they are prioritising rights over user experience. Every organisation in a given structure will agree with the fact that meeting all the requirements of general data protection regulation is a hectic task in its own right. Training of employees and introducing new policies and procedures is a laborious task but it is a one-time investment because once your organisation is free from any loose-end, then the customers, as well as the employees and stakeholders who are associated with the firm, will regain the trust that they had; and they will also understand that the company is giving more importance on there right rather than their overall experience. General data protection regulation in the UK can be seen as the benchmark for all the consultants around the world because every firm in the UK’s consultancy niche, is aware of the many issues that the companies who seek consultancy services have. The situation has gotten pretty easy for all the service seeking companies because the overall approach of consultants around the world has drastically improved as soon as they have started to look up to the consultancy organisations in the United Kingdom. Whenever it is about consultancy services, the main focus should always be boiled down to the fact that client retention is the most important aspect for every successful venture in this field. And to retain clients they must be always provided with the expertise that they are looking for. Assured GRC Is aware of this very fact and always focuses on providing quality consultancy services even to those who are not yet determined whether or not if they should hire a consultant for themselves. Whenever the global market realises that your organisation is prioritising human rights over anything else, you will instantly gain enough goodwill to garner more and more clients in your clientele. All you have to do is look for a suitable consultancy organisation that is ready to guide you through every requirement that you are supposed to follow.


When you are out there looking for the best GDPR consultants, you should always remember that you are required to hire a candidate that has enough experience in the global market to understand every loophole within your organisational structure. Looking for professionals and seasoned companies is always a better option because then you do not have to focus on acquainting them with the issue. For example, if you Assured GRC as your long term consultant, the first thing that you will notice that we are always admin towards examining the current situation that your organisation is in. after proper assessment, we start focusing on the implementation of consultancy services that are required by your organisation. While we are at it, we also make sure that a definite if the scope of the GDPR compliance plan is determined for your company so that you can do a reality check for yourself. We believe in forming a personal information management system for your organisation that can help you in meeting all the privacy requirements that are laid down in the global market. The PIMS is a strategy that is specific to our own methodology that helps every business entity in meeting whatever the requirement that they are supposed to follow. This helps them in understanding all the loopholes within their structure, end after determining the scope of the PIMS, we make sure that it is implemented successfully within the structure of our client’s company. We also believe in conducting regular health cheque ups so that regular audits and gap analysis is conducted actively. We are very well aware of the health and safety policy in the UK, but we are actively involved in extending protection to an organisational structure. Call us today at +44 (0)203 4759 932 and allow us to show you what makes the best GDPR consultants in the UK and around the world.

Focusing On Lower-Tired Firm for Extending Cyber-Security Measures

All the cyber security companies are adamant towards providing the best strategies to the business entities who are continuously facing cyber breaches. but still, there is a significant gap between the companies that lie on the lower tier of the corporate world. When we say that this gap has been significant, we stress on the fact that it is visible that the organisations who claim to provide the best strategies to all the players in the global market, are showing deficiency in reaching out to the lower scale organisations. It might be because of the unfamiliarity of these companies when it comes to cybersecurity policies, but this isn’t negligible and shouldn’t be overlooked at any degree whatsoever. But to gauge the importance of providing these services to all the players alike, we need to understand why we should start with the small-scale companies. On that note, Let’s look why a cyber security consultant should focus on the micro and small-scale companies, based on the vulnerabilities that they are exposed to at a perpetual note. REASONS TO FOCUS ON THE LOWER—TIERED ORGANISATIONS Their inability to spend more on building a resilient network infrastructure by themselves: When we talk about cybersecurity measures, have we always focussed on the established companies like Amazon and Walmart, and focus on their have ability to identify a certain risk in their system. Hello what we seem to overlook is the fact that they have the resources to find the top-notch cybersecurity policies that provides them the ability to identify even the minimal threat within their system. The small-scale companies are always sceptical towards spending more on network infrastructure. This is the reason why they become prone to cyber-attacks. • They are exposed to a larger level of vulnerability: In the year 2015, almost 45% of network breaches where directed towards small scale companies in the corporate world. These were the companies who had less than 250 employees within their structure. This is enough to understand their vulnerability quotient, and to fathom why the small-scale companies should be the topmost priority for cyber security consultancy services from around the world. • The phishing attempts are way more successful: It is a fact that the cyber security measures that are required to be considered by a business entity in order to protect themselves from a network breach, also includes training the workforce about the new ways undertaken by cyber-attackers, including the trending ways of conducting phishing attacks. But the small-scale companies don’t really follow this aspect as well because have of the shortage of fund they face throughout their trajectory as a lower-tiered firm. The breaching attempts are always in form of emails, which are guised adequately to make it seem like an official one. The employees fail to recognize the difference between a genuine email and such scams. • The higher possibility of these small scale organisations to go out of business after facing a cyber-attack: According to a report published earlier this year, the average cost of a network beach is almost 700,000 US dollars. This figure makes almost 60% of the small-scale companies to wind up within 6 months of facing a network breach. PREVENTIVE MEASURES TO BE TAKEN BY THE FIRMSCreating a suitable cyber security policy: An organisation that is sceptical about its policies to protect itself from the cyber-attacks, should always be adamant towards maintaining a specific cybersecurity policy that will help its overall structure. One of the other reasons for maintaining an adequate cybersecurity policy is that it always proves to be a helpful guide for the workforce office stipulated business entity. The guidance that the employees get from these policies, besides the future trajectory of the organization. • Train the employees: It is understood that if you have an organisational structure that inclines towards lower tier, you can still train your employees adequately. • Hire the best candidates: Last, but not the least, you can always go with the best GDPR consultants and cyber security professionals. Candidates who can provide you top-notch services at a reasonable price rate, aren’t easy to find, but looking for the isn’t an impossible task as well. On that note, if you think you have already begun the quest of finding the best consultants, or if you are thinking about it, you can always choose Assured GRC. Our affordable charges, and top-notch consulting services makes us the best candidate to provide important services like cyber-security, governance, risk, and compliance. Call us today at +44 (0)203 4759 932 and experience the services for yourself.

7 New Things to Remember About General Data Protection Regulations For Businesses

Since the digitised age has begun, we’re constantly being reminded that there’s vulnerability when we share data and expose it to third parties. GDPR or General Data Protection Regulations – related to the EU laws – have worked like a magical shield to unify all of Europe against digital exploitation and yet fulfil all functionalities.

Does UK still have to comply after the Brexit?

Sure Britain has moved gears to secure their exit from the European referendum but that doesn’t specifically categorize the companies under the EU or those with customers outside Great Britain. This particularly means that most companies under the EU umbrella are still under the new range of GDPR regulations and that it does matter for a Brit to secure services keeping in mind those regulations. End of the statement – the UK will need to comply with the GDPR and thus the role of a GDPR consultant becomes necessary for year-to-year functioning to avoid further infringements and unnecessary violations.

New GDPR regulations have great insights for the marketer –

The marketer, especially in the UK or around, is concerned about the health of his company and customers alike. For the process to be in sync and without any cryptic error spoiling the whole system, the need to be in touch with a GDPR consultant is both imminent and uplifting. As the gatekeepers to the majority of customer data, the marketer’s role in exercising the GDPR regulations, in the most feasible manner, is important to attain 100% compliance. The figure can be on the optimistic side but that’s what you need before you sit down and analyse the new set of EU laws. According to a research – conducted in early May, 2018 – 72% marketers were not in a position to make their websites compliant when the new regulations were announced. It was further evidenced that most of these firms, despite knowing the consequences and the implications, did not understand the nuances of GDPR and that itself caused the initial setbacks. For those who are aware, they must swing into action to be in compliance with the regulations but if you, just like the marketers, have no idea – we’re here to enlighten you on the same. When hiring or looking for a GDPR consultant in London or anywhere else in the UK, remember these changes before making a firm decision – 1. The new UK-GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and Amended Data Protection Act 2018 took effect on January 31, 2020 and since then it has been a totally different story here in the UK. As a GDPR consultant or someone running a website, the new regulations have changed the way one obtains and stores cookie consents from visitors to begin with. As we proceed, we highlight the changes and the technicalities after the regulations were crafted for a more secure business environment. 2. The new UK-GDPR, despite Britain’s exit on Exit Day (January 31, 2020), will have a free flow of data with the EU. This makes the might of the UK companies stand tall just like before. But this also means that there will be two different, and distinct, GDPRs for the UK. One will be for domestic trade affairs and the other that’s dealing with people or firms outside the UK. A little confusing but that’s the nature of data security and it keeps changing from region to region. A viable GDPR consultant in London would know the difference and can sort it out for you. 3. Earlier known as the all-European or European GDPR, terms like personal data, right of data subjects, controller and processor and their legal bases for processing can now be found in the UK-GDPR. Acquiring an able GDPR consultancy, with prior experience, can help you sort out this before indulging in a particular project. 4. Further reading the Keeling Schedule can help you understand the change in legislation in the UK. As an informal document about all the changes, it helps you understand the amendment of the EU GDPR to the UK GDPR. You can help yourself by acquiring a Keeling schedule from your GDPR consultant or consultancy. 5. There’s an expansion in the following under the UK-GDPR – a) National Security, b) Intelligence Services and c) Immigration. Transactions and deals under the following subjects should be read in detail to avoid severe consequences or penalties. 6. The information commissioner, in the United Kingdom, will be the highest authority for data protection after the changed laws. He or she shall be the leading supervisor, enforcer and regulator of the UK-GDPR. 7. Lastly, any website or company in the world that collects or processes the personal data of individuals inside the UK, are bound to comply with the UK-GDPR. This is non-negotiable. When you’ve understood the complex and ever-changing scenario in UK-GDPR, it is advisable to acquire the services of the best in business in the UK – Assured GRC – the one-stop shop for everything governance, risk and compliance. Make your organisation grow against all odds without having to suffer from unknown implications – with the best GDPR consultancy in London.

Importance of GDPR in Today’s Scenario

When we talk about GDPR compliance in all the organizations around the world, we tend to find that all the facts indicate its close relationship with EU. EU or the European Union surely acts as the place of GDPR’s inception but when we further research about this regulation we can find other facts that might connect the importance of a GDPR consultant in making an organization compliant to this regulation. It is a fact that GDPR was introduced to safeguard the data protection and provide methods to enhance the data privacy for all the members of EU. But in today’s time, after its enforcement as a law GDPR has turned into more of a necessity than an option. As we all know, GDPR is not only limited to the EU member states, this factor can stand as a proof because, as soon as it was established as a law, it became mandatory even for those businesses which don’t natively belong in EU. Considering the global market, data privacy has been the topmost issue and building a secure cyber-security network is becoming a dire need. We can blame it all on the rise of competition in the current scenario, or the digitization, or the technological advancements and feats, but the underlying fact would be the same. The fact that cyber-security is a need for all the big conglomerates and the small businesses in any and all of the scenarios helped GDPR build its relevance in the market and out outgrow further to become a regulation in law. Coming to big conglomerates, we know for a fact that in today’s market, especially after the boom in digitization; mostly all of them handle personal data of their users. If this very phenomenon is viewed under a different light to trace its connection with the ongoing competition between all the companies we can observe that the chances of getting a network breach become higher, because we know for a fact that ‘where there is information, there are hackers lurking around it’. Well, after it became mandatory for all the businesses who handle personal data of their customers, it wasn’t pretty late when GDPR became applicable to those who work as a third-party and process all the personal information on behalf of another one. But if we understand this regulation in today’s context and draw viable conclusion as per our observation, we can find that any resistance towards it is as unnecessary as it is to blame the market and not a particular company. The growth in the market of GDPR consultancy services and the firms who provide them was something that all the existing players foresaw as an intuition, after analyzing all the web development trends and their effect on global economy. Places like London and US that are host to famous companies in the world have actively taken part in the convention to make their businesses compliant to GDPR, and with building trade relation among the nations, the importance of this regulation has grown exponentially. So much so, that companies who provide GDPR services have increased in number. For the consultancy sector, GDPR was equally beneficial, as it comprised of such methods which contributed heavily towards the growing cyber-security needs among all the players in the market. And as the companies providing GDPR services grew in number, the other organizations were able to pick from the best. Although the regulation had its own set of methods to ensure data security, it wasn’t easy for any company to examine all the issues regarding its protection under this premise. So, it was devised that GDPR has to be studied thoroughly and only then can an organization understand its role. Speaking of methods in GDPR, Let’s take a quick look at them and understand which third-party company can provide the best service in this respect. • Review of GDPR readiness • Evaluate privacy impact • Reviewing the existing privacy architecture • Auditing personal data of the client (organization) • Contract and policy review • Awareness Briefing • Certified training Now, there are nations around the world who have such players who offer finest GDPR services but the main factor to differentiate the best from the not-so-best companies is how dedicatedly they provide these solutions considering their clients’ interests. When we talk about firms that offer GDPR services, London is one of the paces that have some of the best in the sector. A GDPR consultant in London and/or a firm is an individual that has seen the market dynamics first hand and has been trained for any challenge that might surface. We at Assured GRC understand the importance of GDPR compliance in our client’s organization and offer best solutions to prepare their teams and employees for any unforeseen network breach. Our company offers solutions that are genuinely directed towards customer satisfaction. The main factor while making a firm compliant to GDPR, is the transparency the client organization needs from the company they hired and so, we keep our clients in a constant loop while we work thorough their policies and guide their members to tackle important threats. This way we try to build a strong relationship that proves to be effective in the long run. And that’s what differentiates us from other firms in the market. One of the many reasons to trust our firm with GDPR consultancy services, is that we focus on all the solutions that an ideal GDPR consultancy firm should offer and perform them with all the professional delicacy you can expect, and as per the coaching services are concerned, we train them for the ever changing and ever growing competitive market and fill them up with tactics that they can apply to any particular issue. As we all know that every employee of an organization is supposed to take guidance for overcoming situations like this, we at Assured GRC for this sake, provide consultancy services to each of the employee regardless of the management. As far as GDPR compliance is concerned, providing consultancy to each of the employee can contribute to the overall betterment of the organization.

Examining the Underlying Facts of GRC

When we talk about other operations a business needs to perform without losing the focus that it has on the competitive market, we need to consider the fact that these responsibilities are performed with the sole purpose of mitigating the broader issues that might hinder with all the other activities in the business. Looking at the competition in the current scenario, it is evident why every company should fulfill all the requisites that are required for safeguarding the business. If we take a look at the global market, many nations have already focused on the competitive nature of their economy and have laid such regulations like GDPR. Europe came up with one of the most revolutionary regulation to protect its businesses from data theft and privacy reach of their customers. If we take a broader look the matter, we can find that the growth in the demand of a GDPR consultant is nothing but an indication that businesses taken this proposition seriously and also that it is effective for them.

Equating GRC with GDPR

Speaking of GDPR, as we all know it has its focus on data protection of the firms; it can also be viewed as an integral component in a company’s GRC policies. To understand this statement, let’s understand the term first. Only after knowing what Governance, Risk, and Compliance is all about, can we fathom the fact that GDPR is actually a part of GRC. 1. Governance: It reflects how effectively and ethically the top-tier management of a company tackles all the management-related issues. 2. Risk: Risk showcases the company’s ability to cost-efficiently tackle the risks that have the potential to attack the business operation. 3. Compliance: Compliance is when a company abides by all the regulatory requirements for the business’s operation, like data retention and other practices Now that we have known what GRC really is all about, we can take “Compliance” as the premise to further conclude that both, data protection and other services provided by a GDPR consultant are a part of GRC policies Speaking of these policies, there are issues that are tackled by successfully implementing them, and if not, the company can expose itself to such threats that might affect its very existence in the market.

Interpretation of GRC in Recent Times

According to a recent report, many experts refrain from agreeing on the standard definition of Governance, Risk, and Compliance for the issue that it doesn’t showcase the whole idea. The Open Compliance and Ethics Group have defined GRC in a more comprehensive way. It has defined GRC as a system of people, processes, and technologies that enables the organization to perform multiple tasks that ensures its security against multiple threats.

GRC strategies according to OCEG help the organization to:

• Understand the issues of the stakeholders and prioritize them accordingly • Establish objectives that are in accordance with the values and risk • Achievement of objectives along with optimizing the risk profile of the company • Ensure if all the activities are being performed within the legal, contractual, internal, social, and ethical boundaries. • Provide accurate and relevant data to the stakeholders under a stipulated schedule • Measuring if the system’s performance as well as its effectiveness is in place.

Understanding the Concept

While we see many interpretations, is it an issue of confusion? Not at all. If we take a closer look at both the definitions, we can see that Governance, Risk, and Compliance mean exactly the same. The underlying fact that GRC is a set of strategies that an organization executes in order to protect its business form both internal and external threats. Data protection can be viewed as one of the components of GRC framework because GRC includes the regulation of data protection in the interest of an organization. If we take a look at the second definition, we can find that OCEG has kept in mind the core principles of a GRC framework and has defined a newer concept that includes all the aspects that are supposed to be covered in an ideal GRC framework. Moving further, if we consider the services provided by a GDPR consultant, we can say that all the services that he provides are congruent to the value of the company and the amount of risk it faces, thus, proving bullet point number three mentioned above as the new definition of Governance, Risk, and Compliance. A befitting analogy of this research being, if a business is looking for GRC consultancy services, it should pick an agency that can provide such services that are correlated to its values, risk, and GDPR needs if necessary. Assured GRC can be your topmost choice in this respect as we provide our clients with services that are both transparent to our clients and are easy and effective to perform. Call us at +44 (0)203 4759 932 and connect with us today.

Important Facts You Need To Know About GDPR?

GDPR regulates just about every piece of information or data you collect from the users, customers, and anyone else who get in touch with your website or business. GDPR might be a new term for you, but data privacy & protection regulations are surely not. At Assured-GRC, our excellent team of data protection and GDPR consultants offer new-age, practical, and useful solutions for all your GDPR, privacy, and cybersecurity challenges. Regardless of your organization size and module, our solutions are regulated and endorsed by a Fellow of Information Privacy and completely safeguarded, giving you the consolation that you are in the best hands and leaving you allowed to concentrate on your core business activities. Our GDPR execution specialist encourages you to keep your business lined up with the new GDPR compliance. Our teams advise on how you can manage, protect, and process the personal data of both the customers and staff line with the organization’s legal and regulatory obligations. Some of the Critical Privacy and Data Protection Requirements of the GDPR are: • Requiring the consent of subjects for information processing • Giving notification about data breaching • Anonymizing gathered information to ensure protection • Securely taking care of the infomation exchange across borders • Requiring specific organizations to name an information security officer to supervise GDPR compliance Whether you require an answer for a particular challenge or need assistance with your start to finish the compliance process, we have the tailor-made solution for your organization. We are well-known as a GDPR and Privacy Services Consultancy in London. We have been working in information security for more than 20 years and have encountered information protection advisors; industry demonstrated systems and has upheld various associations and enterprises in complying with applicable privacy requirements. We have people with driving security experience and certifications like Chartered Information Privacy Professional / Europe (CIPP/E), Chartered Information Privacy Technologist (CIPT), etc. You Can Trust Assured –GRC as Your GDPR Compliance Solution Provider to Get Relieved from the Issues Like:

Web analytics:

As web analytics collects all the data and analyze the user information to understand your website, sometimes things flip dangerous while browsing information through this tracking gets in mischievous hands. In that case, you need to keep informed and specific consent from the end-user. This is where our GDPR specialist comes into play and helps you tackle it correctly.

Third-Party Widgets:

The third-party widgets are added by the website owners in the interest of serving the audience best or adding new functionality to the site. This identification is enforced to come up with the user profile, and it’s lined beneath GDPR. To get an excellent solution for such issues, feel free to avail our GDPR and Privacy Services Consultancy in London. You can reach us at +44 (0)203 4759 932 or to contact our team of knowledgeable and skilled consultants. Our team has 15+ years of expertise in delivering quality assignments to the clients.