Cyber Security for E-mobility

As we all know that cyber security is a very important topic to discuss right now, we can agree on the fact that all the businesses have started taking preventive measure to mitigate the risk of getting under a network breach or any other cyber attack for that matter. But even today, there are some sections that aren’t getting the assistance they require. These sections mainly comprise of start-ups. Speaking about start-ups, we’ve known this for a fact that the younger a business or an industry is, the more difficult it is to operate it effectively enough to eradicate each and every risk it has to offer. On that note, let’s start out analogy on one of the youngest player in the global market, i.e. e-mobility. When we speak about digitization, even if we don’t realize, we’re actually mitigating the traditional ways to perform day-to-day activities. Be it e-payments and online streaming platforms, each advancement is a step farther from the ways we were taught by our elders. Therefore, e-mobility can be seen not only as advancement but also as a step further towards a better tomorrow. But like every other proposition e-mobility too faced the wrath of insecurity in the environment as it became one of the biggest opportunities for hackers to tap into these networks. And the reason why they can think so is because e-mobility, as we mentioned earlier, is a young market and so, it has not invested enough in its cyber security consultancy services.


Moving forward, one might ask, “if it a technological advancement, why is not well protected?” Well, if you take a closer look at the whole process of hacking and protecting a particular device from that attack is based on the purpose with which each activity is being executed. If we talk about building softwares that can help an organization run all its vehicles at different place in the same time, it’s a tough job, but if we talk about hacking into the same structure, it’s quite easy. All you need to find is a loophole. That’s why e-mobility can be seen as one of the most vulnerable propositions out there. And the worst part is, it has gelled well with the audience and has become an integral part o their daily life. If we take a deeper look at this matter, we might uncover some other prominent reasons that supports the fact that e-mobility is not being managed well as of now. Speaking of which, according to a recent report published by Financial Times, many influential professionals including the directors of massive conglomerates, have given their individual views which showcases the degree of vulnerability of cyber security services and cyber security consultancy services in the market of e-mobility. The instance of causing a voluntary traffic jam is likeable in today’s scenario, as per some statements by these professionals. Even after knowing the gravity of such statements, these professionals went bare with it. What can be the reason behind such a move? Obviously it’s the complicated network structure behind the basic functionality of e-mobility services.


Considering the global market, we can see many influential conglomerates from across the industries, have come together to promote e-mobility. If we take a look at places like the U.K. and take cyber security consultancy in London as the premise, we can be sure that the future e-mobility is not uncertain after all. The role of the big players is very important because they act as catalysts in the overall development of the global market. Let’s understand this better with an example of e-scooters. Now, according to experts, e-scooter aren’t that much prone to cyber-attacks because of the lack of additional facilities but they can still cause some serious issues like data theft due to its unsecured bluetooth feature that allows the owner to connect their phone with the vehicle itself. But the top –tier organizations are still investing in young industries lie e-mobility. The growth in demand for driverless cars and some notable acquisitions in the recent years can both be seen as prominent reasons that showcase just how important it is for these organizations to keep the idea of revolution well and alive in the market. Involvement of these companies brings along the opportunity of improvement in the existing network structures which can gradually mitigate the existing risks and threats e-mobility is exposed to. Therefore, this very convention has also increased the overall value of cyber security consultancy services because all the smaller companies have started working with the bigger fishes of the pond and they strive to have the all the knowledge they can garner about the threats and ways to eradicate them effectively. On a concluding note, even though e-mobility has its share of risks, it will still continue to grow in the market because it is a revolution in the market. So, if you too are pursuing towards the same goal and are looking for cyber security consultancy services you can always look up Assured GRC online or you can call us at +44 (0)203 4759 932. If you are somewhere in the UK Assured GRC can be your prime choice as we have a distinguished reputation in the market as one of the best cyber security consultants in London.

Important Cyber Security Guidelines After the Lockdown

When we talk about cyber security services and their importance in an organization, we often tend to focus more on medium to large scale organizations, which has its own valid reason. A small business that has just started in the market would not be financial stable enough to afford professional cyber security consultancy services or other outside help regarding its data security framework. But since the current pandemic, every organization has started shifting to digital platform and coming up with innovative ideas in order to satisfy customers’ need. Even the newer players in the market are taking up the opportunity to reap the benefits out of the technology that has a user base that’s larger than the audience that watches television. Such a scenario is strictly based on the current situation of the market and shouldn’t be taken up as a stereotypical point of view regarding anything happening in the world. It is because of the Coronavirus pandemic that more and more people are using the internet to keep themselves engaged. This social convention then motivated all the businesses to start connecting to the customers via the internet. And as the organizations that entered the online sector grew in numbers, data security became direr than ever. With each subsequent week passing by, it was now a tougher time for all the organizations because on one hand, they are clueless about things getting back to normal and on the other, being on the digital platform without any past experience will continue to expose the newer firm to potential threats like data breaches that are one of the most common threats in the digital platform. Such a situation called for important measures like developing new guidelines that could help all the organizations to keep their interests secure and the cyber security framework intact. Speaking of the same, let’s talk more about the cyber security consultants that are involved in recommending measures to mitigate any forthcoming cyber attack. Below are some guidelines that any organization can follow during this harsh time and mitigate the forthcoming cyber attacks. 1. Network Access Control (NAC): One of the most important measures an organization can take is the NAC solution. When an organization doesn’t allow any unpatched device to connect to its network then it can be said that the company has successfully implemented the NAC solution. On seeing the current scenario and the amount of remote work going on around the world, we can say that NAC can prove to be effective, given that all the personal laptops of the employees are fully patched and upgraded or they get laptops from the organization’s end. 2. Changing the password: If it happens that you might need to take some professional help and you hire a cyber security consultant to help you with the issues you’re having. One of the foremost things he’ll add will be the need for your employees to change/reset the system’s password before logging out. Many organizations in the world have neglected this very point as they relaxed their password policy, but this pandemic has proved to be one of those times where focusing on the password policy is a priority. 3. Thoroughly checking the Desktop: Even though this pointer doesn’t need any explains, but for those who have a brief overview of the whole situation but cannot put a finger on what they need to, this guideline is nothing but a savior. According to this guideline, before the employees report to the office, the organization’s IT department takes a detailed test including health checks and checking whether or not the Data Prevention Tools are working perfectly. All the systems are updated to the latest versions of antivirus signatures, patches, and software versions. 4. Data Hygiene: Speaking about the most important measure to undertake in this remote work culture is to keep your personal laptops clean. This means deleting all the data, any research on the topics related to the organizations. This way you don’t leave any primary digital footprint on your system and this reduces the chances of data breach. Now that every organization has taken up its responsibility to contribute towards cyber security, the role of cyber security consultant became an integral part of an organization’s strategic planning too. If we take the example of today’s market, we can see how its dynamics are impacting the presence of an organization and malicious practices like data breach challenges all these firms to a whole new extent. That’s why hiring the best cyber security consultancy services became an important decision. Toda’s situations can make an organization seem desperate to take up cyber security services, but cyber security is such a service that has an equal importance even if a small business is pursuing it. On a concluding note, if you are looking for the finest cyber security consultancy you can always choose Assured GRC. We not only provide you with the answers to your issues but also devise such plans that might help you in the long run. Call us today at +44 (0)203 4759 932 and book your consultation.

Sure Shot Way to Find Your Ideal Cyber Security Consultancy That’s The Perfect Match

Let’s face it, cyber security is a menace that involves a lot of patience, pertinence, and risk factors. That’s a scenario in an everyday world where more than a million sites are hacked and erased from the root by cyber criminals and malware alike. When it comes to cyber-attacks, no firm or organisation is foolproof or solid enough to cover every risk on its own. Placing an effective and organic security and risk management system is the first proactive step that every organisation should take before indulging in too much data-centric business. However, the companies face the following challenges – a) Addressing their internal systems and having no time to cater to the outside needs. Simply, not enough time on their hands to guide the whole security framework alongside. Hence outsourcing this headache to a robust cyber security consultancy is always a wise method to shoulder only those responsibilities that you can control. b) Employing in-house security can cut your costs but can also reduce the efficiency with which these security and risk management systems work. There can also be a privacy issue that can hamper your security and data theft chances subsequently can increase. This leaves you with the option of employing a cyber security consultant not known to the firm’s who’s who or simply hiring them on associate basis. Once you’re done addressing these issues, you’ll be in a much safer and gentler state of mind thinking about only things that deserve your attention. For example, how to improve the production or how to cater to customers better. When the cyber risk factor stops playing on your mind you can easily divert to more meaningful and resourceful working hours. Cutting straight to the chase, let us talk about the factors that should influence your choice of cyber security consultancy and how you should determine what works and what doesn’t. Here are some guidelines to follow when hiring a cyber security consultant or consultancy – whichever suits your business needs – depending on the size of the firm: 1. Type of Security Providers – mind you, not all cyber security consultants will give you equal space and time. Not everyone prefers to work on an individual-client basis but have simultaneous projects going side by side. You may choose to outsource only a particular section of your IT security to the consultant that you’re hiring. Some may cater to only an extent that they build and manage your firewall security systems and setup a fool-proof virtual private network (VPN). Advanced processes may require a complete batch of cyber security consultants to monitor all your security operations that range from viruses, malware and other intrusions to larger security threat analysis and management forums. The end game is to reason your requirements well and look for options that work on reducing the risk of cyber-attacks, protect your systems, networks and tech from unauthorized infringement and maintain productivity by maintaining the servers well. 2. Invest on a Consultancy that’s into Strategy – once you’ve identified your stringent requirements, you must opt for a cyber security consultancy that aligns on giving out solutions and not just reporting the problems. The right match will be a consultancy that helps at a strategic and tactical level rather than build basic systems and troubleshoots. Asset discovery, vulnerability assessments, intrusion detection patterns, threat AI and deploying the right and fair practices is also the task of an efficient cyber security consultancy. 3. Ask for Examples – every cyber security consultancy that’s leading in a city like London in the United Kingdom must provide case studies as evidence of customer success after years of building that portfolio, which they claim brought them on the top of the industry. Look for IT certifications and consulting in ISO 9001, ISO 27001, and ISO 20000 etc. Certifications can also range from a series of core areas like Cloud Security, Incident Handling, and Information Security Management. 4. Custom Solutions and Multi-Layered Approach – most security providers offer the same level of protection but how they do it and how they stay at it is the real ball game. Some are simply more comprehensive and detailed than others. You can work this well around with firms that are utilise your IT base to resource solutions for all locations, all systems and all employees. To have industry-specific security compliance and give space to a risk management expert is the key for a multi-layered approach. Some can be data-centric and some reasoned well to safeguard you from all types of threats. Ensure, if you are in the regulated industries, to have a system that meets the specific security regulations and compliance requirements to avoid serving hefty fines. Now that you know what to ask you can simply fulfil your checklists by looking for all these services at the same place in London. With A-GRC – Assured Governance, Risk, and Compliance – you’re not only fulfilling all the requirements to have an all-round security system in place but you’re actually giving yourself some peace of mind with all the burdening. Leave it to the expert cyber security consultants right here in London.

Cyber Security Best Practices For Your Business

It’s no misrepresentation: any organization can become a victim of cybercrime. Reports of digital attacks originate from government associations, instructive and medicinal services establishments, banks, law offices, charities, and numerous different associations. Smart organizations are putting more in cybersecurity and Cyber Security Consultancy services in London to kill dangers and protect their delicate information, and this has just brought the principal results. It is quite difficult to imagine that since you have a private venture; cybercriminals will disregard attacking your organization. The “very little to take” attitude is regular with entrepreneurs concerning digital security, yet it is likewise totally erroneous and out of match up with the present digital security best practices. Practically all digital attacks are to acquire individual information to use in charge card or identify theft. While bigger undertakings normally have more information to take, private ventures have less secure systems, making it simpler to break the system. by IDG’s article “Why lawbreakers single out independent ventures” says that by utilizing mechanized attacks, cybercriminals can break at least thousands of private ventures, making the size less of an issue than the system security. Assured-GRC delivers best-in-class and reliable Cyber Security Consultancy services in the UK at the best price. Different reasons incorporate not having an IT security expert, not monitoring the hazard, absence of representative preparing, not refreshing security programs, redistributing security and inability to make sure about endpoints and not to mention, not taking Cyber Security Consultancy services on time.

Use of Firewall-

One of the primary lines of the guard in a digital attack is a firewall. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recommends that all SMBs set up a firewall to give an obstruction between your data and cybercriminals. Notwithstanding the standard outer firewall, numerous organizations are beginning to introduce inside firewalls to give extra insurance. It’s also significant that representatives telecommuting introduce a firewall on their home system also. Consider giving firewall programming and backing to home systems to guarantee consistency and availing Cyber Security Consultancy services.


While private companies frequently work by overhearing people’s conversations and intuitional information, digital security is one area where it is fundamental to archive your conventions. The Small Business Administration (SBA’s) Cybersecurity entry gives internet preparation, agendas, and data explicit to secure online organizations. The FCC’s Cyberplanner 2.0 gives a beginning stage to your security record. Consider likewise taking an interest in the Cyber Security Consultancy services for Small Businesses, which contains a definite toolbox for deciding and archiving digital security best practices and digital security approaches.

Educate Your Employees-

People wear numerous hats at SMBs, making it essential that all employees getting to the system be prepared on your organization’s system digital security best practices and security strategies. Since the approaches are advancing as cybercriminals become savvier, it’s fundamental to have standard reports on new conventions. To consider workers responsible, have every representative sign an archive expressing that they have been educated regarding the policies and Cyber Security Consultancy services.

Safe Password Practices-

Indeed, employees see changing passwords as pain. In any case, the Verizon 2016 Data Breach Investigations Report found that 63 percent of information breaks occurred because of lost, taken or powerless passwords. As indicated by the Keeper Security and Ponemon Institute Report, 65 percent of SMBs with secret phrase approaches don’t authorize it. In the present BYOD world, it’s basic that all representative gadgets getting to the organization arrange to be secret word ensured.

Regularly Back Up Your Data-

While it’s critical to forestall however many attacks as could reasonably be expected, it is as yet possible to be ruptured paying little heed to your safety measures. The SBA suggests backing up word preparing reports, electronic spreadsheets, databases, budgetary records, HR documents, and records receivable/payable documents. Make certain to likewise back up all information put away on the cloud. Ensure that reinforcements are put away in a different area if there should be an occurrence of fire or flood. To guarantee that you will have the most recent reinforcement if you ever need it, check your reinforcement normally to guarantee that it is working effectively.

Install Anti-Malware Software-

It’s anything but difficult to expect that your workers know to never open phishing messages. In any case, the Verizon 2016 Data Breach Investigations Report found that 30 percent of representatives opened phishing messages, a 7 percent expansion from 2015. Since phishing assaults include introducing malware on the worker’s PC when the connection is clicked, it’s fundamental to have hostile to malware programming introduced on all gadgets and the system along with taking Cyber Security Consultancy services from a reputed organization.

Avoid Pop-Ups-

Be careful with phishing. Phishers attempt to fool you into tapping on a connection that may bring about a security break. Phishers go after representatives in trusts they will open spring up windows or different noxious connections that could have infections and malware implanted in them. Therefore, consider taking Cyber Security Consultancy services from the Assured-GRC team. The digital crooks get further developed each day. To ensure your information however much as could reasonably be expected, every single organization must focus on digital security and take Cyber Security Consultancy services in the UK.

Guaranteed Top Cyber Security Services

An increase in digital expansion worldwide has resulted in the ever increased demand for trusted and reliable security services to safeguard valuable information.Being a professional services consultancy, our main focus is to provide cyber assurance services in London to cater to effective business solutions. A UK government-organized initiative; Cyber Essentials was incepted to provide a foundation of best-administered protections for their data and systems. Cyber Essentials is anapplicative set of security regulations that should be utilized by all functioning businesses. We deliver matchless cyber security consultancy services to businesses at a reasonable cost. Extensively adapted in the UK, it has now become a prerequisite for all vendors of UK central government contracts. Cyber essentials are also incorporated by private enterprises to ensure exhibiting compliance with NCSC good practices for data protection. To achieve or for scope for any certification, organizations can avail two levels of cyber assurance services in London which may or may not include any part of the organization (as per requirement). Cyber Essentials – Organizations self-evaluate their systems, and this evaluation is independently verified. Cyber Essentials Plus – Under our cyber security consultancy services, all systems are individually examined, and Cyber Essentials is mainstreamed into the organization’s data risk management.

The Five Significant Level Key Control Areas Are:

  • • Boundary firewalls and internet gateways
  • • Secure configuration
  • • Access control
  • • Malware protection
  • • Patch management
These are additionally segmented down into more granular controls. The controls can also be traced to other security management systems such as ISO/IEC 27001. Cyber Essentialsfocuses on underlining technical regulations instead of governance, risk and policy.

Why Assured GRC?

Our goal is to provide the best cyber assurance services in London in a protected condition and also intend to maintain this tradition in the future as well. At Assured GRC, we respect and realize the importance of your time, data and requirements. We integrate the top cyber security consultancy serviceswith your team to factually analyze the five key control areas against your business or the section of the business in scale for certification.We offer a precise evaluation of your present state of security measures with gap assessment of any limitations to match the specifications for certification. This results in delivering senior management with an authentic and targeted perspective of the existing state of security controls and cyber risk. Further, we involve with your team not only to resolve any issues for certification but also bridge any operational gaps that would furthermore contribute to thedisintegration of control and where needed streamline Cyber Essentials into your organization’s risk management model or make a fresh where a framework isn’t existent.

Our Outlook

To provide the best cyber security consultancy services, we use an all-round perspective to –
  • • Offer only the level of consultancy you need, [no more, no less] enabling cost efficiency.
  • • Customized to your organization and requirements
  • • Assure senior management buy-in, critical to the project accomplishment.
  • • A precisely stated range with solutions projected from the inception.
  • • Engaging users by giving the knowledge transfer within the team to further expand its utilization.
  • • Continuous guidanceanytime on call and complimentary consultation for past customers.


Our approach to mutual working develops optimism at a functional and shareholder stage that encourages a flow of practice and constant progress.
  • • Enabling you to make contractual bids, where if you were not certified, you may be precluded.
  • • Safeguarding management and customers of data security levels in position.
  • • Boost customer relianceon your products and services
  • • Displaying conformance to Cyber Essentials Plus and examined by a third-party Conformance Assessment Body.
  • • Ensuring senior management takes the right calls on operational risk.
  • • Integrate business requirements with data security solutions.
  • • Make an organizationalframework to ascertain roles and responsibilities for data security management.
  • • Build a statement of applicability (SOA) that recognizes controls to be carried out to resolve the risks found out in your organization.
  • • Allow interoperability between different systems
  • • Make sure that a top-level corporate data security policy exists
  • • Make sure that an apt incident management process is in position
  • • Make sure that an information asset register is made and enabled
  • • Emphasis on personnel security concerns to be resolved
  • • Enable ongoing compliance and inspecting mechanism in position
  • • Make sure that there is suitable security of assets within the set range
The increase in digitization overtime has also opened paths for security breaches, data losses and a rise in the number of exposures to IT systems that requires immediate attention. This concern is becoming worrisome for multiple organizations on a global level. The importance of effective cyber security consultancy services related to the importance of your information and data systems. Because a small risk in your security might put the entire organization’s security and reputation at threat. You can reach us at +44 (0)203 4759 932 or to know more about our cyber assurance services in London.

Get the Best Cyber Security Consultancy Services in London

A risk based methodology implies the cyber security efforts you implement depends on the real dangers your association faces, so you won’t sit around, effort or expense addressing threats that either are probably not going to happen or will have minimal material impact on your business. This is the reason such a significant number of frameworks, principles and laws order, customary hazard appraisals as a part of their way to deal with cyber security. Assured GRC is the Best Cyber Security Consultancy Services in London. Our aim is to impart the accepted procedures in Cyber Security profound inside our client’s organizations.

What is Cyber Risk Management?

In simple words, cyber risk management is the way toward analyzing, identifying, assessing and tending to the cyber risks confronting your association. The initial segment of our cyber risk management program is the assessment of cyber risk. This will give you a preview of the security dangers that may compromise your company’s cyber security. Our cyber risk management program will then be able to organize these risks by probability and effect, informing your selection and application regarding security controls based on your association’s risk appetite.

Our Cyber Risk Management Process:

We Follow These Steps in Our Risk Management Program:

  • To start with, we distinguish the dangers that may compromise your association’s digital security
  • Next, we investigate how each hazard may happen. This generally includes recognizing digital security vulnerabilities in your framework and the risks that may misuse them.
  • You should then assess the probable effect of each hazard, and compute where it sits on your hazard scale and how it fits inside your risk appetite – your pre-determined level of adequate risk. This will empower you to organize the request in which to address the risks.
  • When You Have Done that, You Ought to Conclude How to Treat Each Risk. There are Four Choices that You Can Apply:

    Treat-Change the probability or effect of the risk, normally by actualizing security controls.
    Endure-Retain the risk if it falls inside the built up chance acknowledgment criteria.
    End– Maintain a strategic distance from the risk altogether, by stopping the movement or condition causing the hazard.
    Move– Share the risk with different parties, typically by outsourcing or taking out insurance Cyber risk management is a ceaseless procedure. It is critical to track and screen all risks at regular interval of time, and update your hazard treatment activities as required. The assured GRC team will assist you with building an information security risk management methodology, empowering you to adopt a deliberate strategy to risk management. This methodology will decrease the related risks to your data resources and shield your business from cyber threats. You can reach our Cyber Essentials Consultants in London to stay ahead of the cyber threats and risks in your organization. Our team holds several years of experience in this field. In case you are also willing to avail any of our services then feel free to schedule an appointment with one of our consultants at +44 (0)203 4759 932 or