The Importance of Versatility in Business Continuity

Business continuity is one of the most important factions of an organisation because it sets the very foundation on which an entire company relies in times of need. This is the reason why the global market is always open for consulting firms that are trying to understand this very gap and are actually doing something towards diminishing it. Just like any other consulting firm we at Assured GRC are always trying to understand the reason why we are being hired in the first place. But unlike any other firm, we are spending our time and other valuable resources towards actually finding the trends that are making their way around the global market. Our extensive research is the basis of all the services that we offer to our clients. but it is not entirely about how we find out what we have to offer; rather, we believe in training and education of all the individuals who are working in our company, so that they are proficient in have tackling any business across any industry in the world. When it comes to devising a business continuity plan for an organisation in the corporate sector, it becomes important for a consultant to understand that they have to be open to every suggestion that their client is offering at the table. This way, the client will have the feeling of inclusiveness and transparency. We understand how important it is for a business entity to trust a third party with development of search a plan that lays the foundation of all the future actions that they are going to take. This realisation gave us the opportunity to improve on our approachability and embrace versatility with open arms. BUSINESS CONTINUITY AND VERSATILITY FOR CONSULTANTS Versatility might not sound as important as it is when it comes to business continuity because its adversity is always felt in a subtle way. A business continuity plan holds credibility only if it is able to understand all the loopholes and mitigate them effectively. And to perform this very task, all the consultants are required to have adaptability as a strong trait. Our methodology reflects how much we have considered this very fact because we are always adamant towards improving our services for every client that we acquire. What makes us the best business continuity consultant in the UK is the fact that the services that we offer, are always tailored according to the need of our clients. Every business entity that is looking for professional consultancy services in this respect, always wants a consultancy organisation that understands the services that they are supposed to offer. This saves the time that they have to spend on briefing the consultant about their role. With Assured GRC an organisation is always assured about all the activities that are consultant is supposed to do. In other words, they do not have to intervene every now and then. But this does not mean that we have not Bing open with our claims about the measures that we are going to take. Along with the versatility that we offer, we also provide utmost transparency so that our client is able to maintain a transparent relationship with us. FOR NEWCOMERS For all the organisations that are starting fresh in the global market, Assured GRC has mapped out a unique approach that allows us to cater have every need or query that they might have. As far as the service goes, we start by making efforts to make each of our client compatible enough to gain a standard certification like ISO 22301. We know that an ISO certification holds much credibility in the global market to be stated as have the benchmark of a sound BCP. Our services start with defining the context of the organisation so that we have a better idea about the scope of the have business continuity management system. After that, redetermine the scope of the BCMS and establish the same. We make sure that our client is getting the service that they have opted by keeping them in a closed loop. This helps us in providing them the openness that they want. It also allows us to take the necessary suggestions that they might have about a certain plan. The best thing about our organisation is that our expertise is not confined to a particular domain. Rather, we believe in expanding our horizon by gaining stronghold of influential domains like cyber security, risk management, compliance assistance, disaster recovery, and software asset management. If you are looking for professionalism at an affordable price, you can always view our website or call us at. Reach out to us today and give us the opportunity to show you why we are always among the best business continuity consulting firms in the world. Even if it is cyber security consultancy that you are looking for, you can trust our expertise and connect with us.

How to Know the Need for a Business Continuity Consultant, and How Can They Help?

Whenever we talk about the importance of business continuity planning in the corporate sector, we are always finding that an organisation that is incapable of hiring a suitable candidate for themselves, is the same company that is neglecting the disadvantages of having a stable business continuity plan in the first place. Now that we have mentioned this, it is important to focus on the reason why any business entity in the global market is unable to understand that they require business continuity consultancy services. On that note, all of us at assured GRC find this our responsibility to acquaint all the information about assessing the situation where a business might need the help of business continuity consultants. HOW TO ASSESS THE NEED FOR A CONSULTANT WHILE BUILDING A BCP • The first thing to consider is no to find out whether or not the existing business continuity plan is out of date. Continuously improving and updating the business continuity plan is one of the most crucial steps that an organisation can take. Therefore, to keep up with the evolving threats, it is important to continuously assess the efficacy of the business continuity plan. And a consultant would help execute it with utmost efficiency. • The next step is to check whether or not the business continuity plan, both existing and newly built, is complete. In other words, the business continuity plan that an organisation is relying on should have a 360-degree organisational vision. A risk management plan that covers every aspect, always turns out to be helpful for an organisation in mitigating the risks with effective actionable steps. • An organisation can always keep a check on the skills of its entire workforce. conducting such an assessment will help the organisations in understanding the reality of the efficiency that their personnel hold in the current situation. If the concerned organisation finds it to be critical, they can always rely on consulting a professional that can help them in training their employees. IMPORTANCE OF HIRING THE BEST CONSULTANT, RIGHT FROM THE BEGINNING The above pointers help us in identifying the situations where an organisation can understand that they require professional consultants. But even though we have enough information in this respect, it is not enough because the organisations who are facing difficulty in implementing necessary measures and identifying the above situations, are not getting the attention that they deserve. Some of them still think that they are capable enough to execute all the activities in this respect, by themselves. This can be a prominent reason why these companies are not garnering enough attention in the corporate sphere. Therefore, in this situation, every entity must start focusing on relying on the best consultants that they can get, right from the inception of building a business continuity plan. When a company gets hold of suitable business continuity consultants, they get the services that can help them in understanding each aspect that comes together in the formation of a stable business continuity plan. They understand every step so that they can execute actionable measures from their end as well. OUR EXPERTISE MIGHT BE WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR At Assured GRC we understand the importance of implementing precise strategies that are specifically designed for the need of the clients that we hire, and that is what has led us to come out and hold our position as the best compliance consultancy service in the UK. We design every up in such a way, that our clients can understand the idea behind them. this helps them in complying with all the regulatory policies like the business continuity policy. Every client that we take is happy with the services that we provide; because our employees are specifically trained in implementing necessary measures within the business continuity plan, or the risk assessment, and cyber -security plan. If you are an organisation that is in dire need of professional consultants, you can visit our website and check out the domains that we provide consultancy services for. Our approach to multiple organisations from all the industries; makes us suitable for every organisation. And if you are convinced that the services that we extend hi all that you have been looking for, you can reach out to us at +44 (0)203 4759 932 and get the opportunity to experience the top-notch consulting services in the world. The quality and comprehensiveness with which we deliver every task is the reason why we have a vast client base consisting of satisfied clients from around the world. contact us today and get your organisation the professional supervision that it requires. as a consulting firm, we understand that we have to expand our horizons for the industries and the needs that we are going to satisfy, and that is why we also focus on other important domains like standard certifications. In a nutshell, even if you are looking for the best ISO 27001 consultant, you can ring us, and we would be happy to assist you.

5 Easy Steps to Create an Effective Business Continuity Plan

Businesses around the world are dealing with growing challenges due to the coronavirus crisis, which has impacted nearly every facet of business. To give your organisation the best shot at success during this disaster, organisations like yours need to create an effective business continuity plan.

What Exactly is the Business Continuity Plan (BCP)?

A business continuity plan (BCP) is a process that highlights the potential impact of disaster situations, creates policies to respond to them, and helps businesses recover quickly so they can function as usual. A BCP is usually built in advance of a disaster and includes the company’s key stakeholders. Protecting personnel and assets both during and after an emergency is the main aim of business continuity planning services in the UK. COVID-19 crisis is leading to a loss in revenue and higher costs which in turn is affecting profitability. If you have an effective or protective BCP plan, you can get the best shot at success during and after this unanticipated disaster. This plan can also benefit your business in three ways including:
  • • Your business will feel more prepared to handle the unpredicted disaster
  • • Your business will continue providing acceptable service during and after the crisis
  • • Your service will better preserve its corporate reputation, image and revenue stream

How to Create an Effective and Protective BCP for Your Organisation?

Don’t wait until the coronavirus crisis ruins your business or reputation. If your organisation doesn’t yet have an effective business continuity plan, now is the time to create one. Here are five smart tips involved in creating an effective BCP for your organisation.

Step 1: Establish an Emergency Preparedness Team

The important part of your BCP is creating an emergency preparedness team that implements and executes the business continuity plan. Your team’s structure relies on the size of your company and how you plan to roll out your programme. As a small business owner, you should include a manager, assistant manager, and administrative assistant from each department for your business continuity team. These individuals will prepare standards for the plan, tradition other team members, and identify processes to make the project flow smoother. For a medium or large organisation, you need to include additional personnel on the team and disperse responsibilities accordingly. Apart from this, you can hire business continuity consulting services for creating an effective plan without any hassle.

Step 2: Conduct a Business Impact Analysis.

Understanding the operational, financial, and physical risks your company is facing during disruption is the second step of business continuity planning. You can determine these types of risks via a business impact analysis or hire a reliable business continuity planning service in the UK. An impact analysis will help your organisation identify specific risks and threats to operations, financial performance, reputation, employees, and supply chains. It is a great starting point for risk identification and assessment. Once you have created a list of potential risks to your organisation, discuss how these risks could affect operations. Once you have got the completed questionnaire responses, review them, and conduct follow-up interviews to validate information and fill any knowledge gaps.

Step 3 – Identify Resources Needed With a Gap Analysis.

Your business continuity team has conducted an impact analysis which identified and documented potential risks to your organisation in the crisis’s wake. Your analysis may have revealed discrepancies between the resources you have and the resources you still need. This is where your team will want to conduct a “gap analysis”. After your analysis is concluded, you’ll be ready to explore and implement recovery strategies. Besides, you can hire business continuity consulting services for your business.

Step 4 – Explore and Implement Recovery Strategies.

While having knowledge about the risk of your organisation is important, knowing how to react and recover is essential to get success after an unpredicted event is also important for creating a business continuity plan. Once your business is impacted and financial losses begin to grow, it can be complicated to recover without a plan. To represent, discuss the following question samples with your team:
  • • If our facility or its equipment becomes damaged, how will we continue to meet the demand for products or services?
  • • If our facilities are impacted by a natural disaster, will employees work from home or at an alternate location?
  • • Concerns such as these will be addressed in your business continuity plan. For every disaster assembled in your business impact analysis, discuss any questions and concerns you may have regarding the circumstance.

Step 5 – Test Results

Since an organisation’s risks and requirements are never set in stone, a business continuity plan is never truly finished.quietly changes and adapts as the business grows. So, test your BCP and make sure it is effective, observe results and make recommendations for improvement. Also, you can hire business continuity consulting services in the UK for getting an effective plan at the end. Once you have followed these five steps, you will create an effective business continuity plan to protect your business from COVID-19 disaster. Apart from this, you can get in touch with Assured GRC for reliable business continuity planning services in the UK. Contact us at +44 (0)203 4759 932 or for hiring business continuity consulting services in the UK for your organisation.

How Can a Business Continuity Management System Help During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

As global concerns arise just because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic outbreak, businesses are facing rapid response challenges, from employee health and welfare to disrupted supply chains. Assured GRC advises steps to prepare and execute a rigid business continuity plan. By investing in the development, implementation, and maintenance of a viable BCM programme. Organisations can provide the most effective approach to restoring and restarting critical and important functions and processes. And most importantly, it provides a layer of protection for their most important assets, information, cash flow, and reputation.

Before knowing about how a business continuity management system can help your organisation during COVID-19, you need to know about this system.

What Exactly Is The Business Continuity Management System?

A business continuity management system in the UK is a framework for identifying an organisation’s risk of exposure to internal and external threats. The purpose of this system is to offer the business the ability to effectively respond to threats such as natural disasters or data breaches and protect the business interests of the organisation. This system includes disaster recovery, crisis management, incident management, emergency management, and contingency planning.

According to ISO 22301, a BCMS emphasises the importance of:

  • • Understanding continuity and awareness needs, as well as the necessity for establishing BCM policy and objectives
  • • Implementing and operating controls and measures for managing the overall continuity risks of an organisation
  • • Monitoring the performance and effectiveness of the business continuity management system in UK

How Can BCMS Save Your Business During A Coronavirus Pandemic?

The business continuity management system can be an essential tool for ensuring a business’s service line is sealed during the incident that causes business disruption like the coronavirus pandemic. Businesses with such plans are actively consulting and using their plans as they work through the current national emergency. And they would suggest that the plans be adjusted on a real-time basis as management pivots to resolve situations that arise.

Let’s take a look at five steps plan for business continuity management system:

Conduct a Business Impact Analysis (BIA)

A BIA can help your business identify and estimate the potential effects of the coronavirus on business operations. This process includes performing a gap analysis to consider your organisation’s willingness for continued operations. When conducting this analysis, consider the impact on stakeholder groups including employees, customers or suppliers.

Build Scenarios

Be ready for “worst” and “most-likely” case scenarios. This provides a proper range of results for the business to consider. The CGMA scenario planning tool is a great resource to guide you through this process. Don’t forget to look at the upside risks. You also hire a reliable business continuity consultancy service in the UK.

Perform Risk Analysis and Mapping

In this step, you should consider scenarios to help you identify new risks. This will help you build robust scenarios. Consider also other potential risks including financial, operational and external and even the probability of occurrence. You can get in touch with a consultant for a business continuity consulting service.

Ensure Organisational Alignment and Communication

Create a cross-functional pandemic response team to ensure organisational alignment around key objectives. Make sure approvals are in place to execute the continuity plan that confirms with governance requirements. Community with stakeholders is also an important step for every business continuity management system in the UK. Identify the content and frequency with which you want to communicate with your stakeholder groups. It’s extremely useful to create specific landing pages for employees, customers, and investors with resources and guidance.

Develop an Action Plan with Continuous Monitoring

An effective business continuity plan also focuses on key performance indicators of priority processes. Increase the frequency of determining and monitoring liquidity, sales, and stock to daily or weekly. Influence data feeds for increased responses to change risks. Try to enable continuous prediction in key functions and keep adjusting. You can also hire professionals for business continuity consulting services. Once you have followed these five easy steps of the business continuity management system in the UK, you will protect your business or employees during this coronavirus pandemic. Make sure you contact an expert consultant for marinating your BCMS.

Assured GRC Is Here For Your Help!

If you are looking for a professional consultant for business continuity consulting services in the UK, contact Assured GRC today! We know your organisations, businesses, and communities depend on your guidance during these challenging times. Our information security policy gives further guidance on risk management and information assurance. At Assured GRC, we have implemented ISO 22301 to manage its business continuity operations and this is managed by our IMS. If you have any questions or need anything about the business continuity consulting service, don’t hesitate to contact us at +44 (0)203 4759 932 or today.

ISO 22301 – Business Continuity Management Services

ISO, the world leader in creating International standard has built up the ISO 22301 standard that determines the necessities of a Business Continuity Management (BCM) System. Business Continuity Management has gotten essential to assist organisations with moderating the impacts of fiascos that might disrupt business operations. Our ISO 22301 BCMS consultants in London have years of experience in delivering certification services in all over the UK. The most recent standard is the ISO 22301:2012 standard. In the present business, delivery to the client on is the mantra to build a dependable customer relationship with preceded with business. Inability to convey on-time can scratch the picture of an organisation according to the customer. To have the option to deliver on-schedule, organisations need to work at its pre-characterized levels despite interruptions, for example, power emergency, arrange inaccessibility, worker truancy, crises and different business disturbances. You can rely upon our ISO certification and remediation services UK for best-in-class services.

Advantages of Getting ISO 22301 Certification-

Following are the benefits an organisation can procure by executing a BCMS and getting affirmed for ISO 22301:2012 standard.
  • • Identify and manage present and potential threats that could disrupt your business
  • • Minimize monetary losses due to through risk management, crisis readiness and reaction and contingency planning
  • • Ensure the coherence of basic capacities and assets during possibilities.
  • • Enhance Customer certainty and more business
  • • Institutes a framework to improve the recuperation time
  • • Reinforce hierarchical development because of continued uninterrupted business

    Who Can Get Certified for ISO 22301:2012?

    The prerequisites determined in the ISO 22301:2012 are nonexclusive in nature and, Organizations all things considered (huge, medium, little, modest, small scale, and so forth.) and types (items and additionally benefits – benefit/non-benefit – legislative/private) can get themselves affirmed to the ISO 22301:2012 standard to show the great act of BCM to their invested individuals – fundamentally clients. You can get our ISO certification and remediation services in the UK to avoid such situations.

    ISO 22301 Family of Standard:

    The list of the standards included in the ISO 22300 family is: ISO 22300:2012 – Societal Security – Terminology – This International standard gives basic phrasing to cultural security and business progression. ISO 22301:2012 – Societal Security – Business Continuity Management Systems – Requirements – This International Standard indicates the prerequisites for a business progression the board framework (BCMS) against which an association can get affirmation. This is the auditable ISO standard for BCMS. ISO 22313:2012 – Societal Security – Business Continuity Management Systems – Guidance – This standard gives direction on the arranging, execution and nonstop improvement of a BCMS. ISO 22320:2011 – Societal Security – Emergency Management –This standard determines the prerequisites for occurrence reaction. This encourages associations to improve their capacity for taking care of different crises (common/man-made) ISO/PAS 22399:2007 – Societal Security – Guideline for Incident Preparedness and Operational Continuity Management – This ISO/PAS gives direction on the standards and practice for episode readiness and operational coherence of an association. (PAS – Publicly Available Specification – A Publicly Available Specification is an institutionalization record whose structure and configuration appear to be like a proper standard yet that has an alternate. An organisation accomplishing our ISO 22301 BCMS consultants in London, suggests it has recuperation and reclamation ability for every blackout situation, be it innovation, site, seller, individuals/aptitude or some other reliance. We have a 7 stage approach of ISO certification and remediation services that begins with understanding your business and coherence destinations. This is trailed by Business Impact Analysis (BIA), and Risk Assessment (RA) to decide your base business progression goals. Every one of our ISO certification and remediation services counselling task includes the move of information, aptitudes, archived plans, and testing of every one of those plans. We make two-layer designs that incorporate reclamation of least just as full restoration. We have executed ISO 22301 for huge telecoms covering different areas, Financial Institutions, and Insurance Companies. Every one of them is effectively ISO 22301 guaranteed. What makes Assured-GRC unique in the commitment that guarantees your business is fit for effective recuperation. Our systems of understanding a business, business sway investigation, hazard appraisal, progression procedures (centre around blackout as opposed to occasions), singular reclamation plans, Disaster Recovery Plans, thorough testing, and zero imperfection ISO 22301 confirmation – every one of these highlights add to a superior return of your business continuity investment.

    How Will Our Consultancy Services Help You?

  • • Sty on target and inside your spending limit.
  • • Our experienced advisors will attract an unmistakable concentration to your business progression venture.
  • • Avoid the normal entanglements and difficulties of executing a BCMS.
  • • Deliver a persuading business case for actualizing a BCM/ISO 22301 undertaking.
  • • Use proper measurements that will unmistakably show your prosperity.
  • • Achieve worldwide status with an ISO 22301-authorize accreditation.
Likewise, with all Annex SL based ISO Management Systems, ISO 22301 has a solid emphasis on leadership, guaranteeing clear purchase in and duty from top administration. Business Continuity Management frames some part of an organisation’s general Risk Management Program, and the standard tends to dangers and opportunities related to the BCMS. You can reach us at +44 (0)203 4759 932 or to know about our ISO certification and remediation services the UK.

ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management System – Everything You Need To Know!

Surviving a disaster and ensuring feasible operations is a key corporate strategic objective and a fundamental necessity for any organisation. Those liable for management during emergencies need to count on verified explanations. Recent experience with disturbing events such as natural crises and terrorist attacks has shown some organisations didn’t have a disaster management capability nor adequate business continuity plans to maintain essential business activities during emergencies. That’s why ISO has an International Standards addressing continuity system.

What is ISO 22301 BCMS?

ISO 22301 standard addresses BCMS (Business Continuity Management System) to makeorganisationsmore resilient in both the private and public sectors. This standard provides a framework to plan, establish, implement, operate, monitor, review and continually improve BCMS. This system helps organisations, regardless of their size, location or activity to be better prepared and more confident, so that management can handle any type of disruption without any hassles. To get knowledge about this standard, you can get in touch with an ISO 22301 BCMS consultant London. These types of incidents can disrupt an organisation at any time. When ISO 22301 is applied, it ensures the organisation can respond and continue its operations. From large-scale natural disasters to technology-related accidents, incidents can take many forms. While many events are small, they can have a significant impact that makes business continuity management relevant at all times.

Implementing ISO 22301

ISO 22301 is business focused and even it must be driven by the company which is where many organisations assign the responsibility. This standard employs a structured process to business continuity which starts with the identification of an administration’s key products and services. It is then important to complete a business impact analysis (BIA). This analysis identifies the critical activities that support both products and services. These activities are followed by the business continuity strategy’s determination to develop a response including plans, implanting BCMS and putting in place a maintenance and review process. The complete BCMS process needs wrapping into a management system that ensures it is operating within a defined structure. If you are looking for a consultancy for ISO certification and remediation services in the UK, A-GRC can help you! Our professionals are committed to providing consistently high-value service to our clients.

Key Themes of BCMS in ISO 22301

Leadership & Risk Management

Like Annex SL based Management System, ISO 22301 has a resilient prominence on leadership ensuring commitment from high management. Business Continuity Management forms of an organisation’s over-all Risk Management programme, and the standard addresses risks and opportunities related to the BCMS.

Business Impact Analysis

ISO 22301 BCMS standard is almost impossible to plan for every disruptive event that could occur. That’s where Business Impact Analysis comes in! BIA is used as a tool to identify the essential products/services your business needs to deliver. As recommended in the A-GRC Good practice Guide, we can help you assess this on a strategic and operational level, to ensure business continuity is effective for your needs and embedded across the whole organisation.

Business Continuity Strategies

There are many ways to determine the right strategy for your establishment. And it may be a mixture across different products/processes. Evaluating the Maximum Tolerable Period of Disruption (MTPD) and assessing the Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) are one method A-GRC’s ISO 22301 Consultants can guide you through when selecting strategies.

Incident Response and Communication

Planning a response to an incident including the roles and responsibilities of those involved is also essential if your business continuity planning is to succeed. At A-GRC, our ISO 22301 BCMS consultants London will help you to establish your clash response structure.

Recovery Plans and Testing

The main focus of Business Continuity programmes is to recover the actives and processes identified in your BIA. Although plans can be department or team specific, they should be tested and practiced to ensure they are effective when needed. Also, you can get in touch with A-GRC for ISO certification and remediation services in the UK. Here, at A-GRC, our experienced consultants will help you drive the continual improvement and overall awareness of BCM in the establishment.

Benefits of ISO 22301 BCMS standard

There are several benefits to applying an ISO 22301 BCMS including:

• Improving your organisation’s resilience against disruption • Maintaining an ability to manage uninsurable risks • Reducing the consequences of unexpected disruption • Improving a capability to manage a business disruption • Providing a method of restoring your ability to supply key products and services • Protecting and improving your reputation and brand • Obtaining a competitive advantage by a representative the ability to maintain delivery of your products and services

Achieving an ideal BCMS (Business Continuity Management System) with A-GRC

At A-GRC, we are a renowned ISO 22301 BCMS consultant in London. When you get in touch with us, we ensure you gain maximum benefits from embedding ISO 22301 by advantage of our experience of supporting organisations through documentation and our consultancy expertise. Our consultancy services come not only with a 100 % certification guarantee but with the assurance that any implemented BCMS will be customised, appropriate and sustainable. At A-GRC, our ISO certification and remediation servicesin the UK are also completely flexible and our experts can provide guidance and knowledge transfer across the full lifecycle or specific areas such as supporting the business impact analysis, risk assessments, strategies, plans, practising and implementing in the establishment. If you are looking to comply or certify with International Organisation for Standardisation 22301, a one-stop for! From assessing your current business continuity plans and reviewing your policies, to developing an arranged roadmap of recommended activities, our ISO 22301 BCMS consultants London are ready to help. Apart from this, you can prepare your organisation for a disruptive incident with our ISO certification and remediation services in the UK and bespoke consultancy solutions. To reach our team of knowledgeable and skilled consultants, you can contact us at +44 (0)203 4759 932 or We, as a reputed ISO 22301 BCMS consultants London will help you understand the importance of BCMS.