Professional Help and Compliance Management Related Issues

Compliance management holds the importance of becoming an integral part of an organisational structure, because it is only after becoming completely compliant that an organisation can be protected from any kind of loose ends have that might lead it towards any threat or crisis. As soon as the general data protection regulation has become effective, all the business entities are rapidly turning towards gaining compliance with utmost efficiency. therefore, this is the only reason why professionals like us, are as important as any other imperative faction of a company. If we dig deep into the matter itself, we will understand back whenever there is a discussion about business entities becoming compliant in nature, it is not entirely because of the approach of compliance consultancy services. If the company does not understand the importance of a compliance consultant, it will not hire one; and therefore, sooner or later, it will find itself exposed to a number of threats. WHAT WE MEAN BY PROFESSIONAL HELP? If a business entity does not understand the importance of have compliance management by themselves, it isn’t the fault of any particular consultancy firm that has try to approach them. But, On the contrary, this situation stands on a slippery ground because in a way, the approach of a consultancy firm could have made a significant difference. But then, everything would have been boiled down to the fact that consultancy firms are not being able to manage the clients that they have acquired because they do not have any knowledge about how the various strategies are going to be placed. So, it can be said that the experience held by an ideal consultant is prominent when the major problem regarding this perception is identified and is efficiently tackled by the firm/professional. In other words, we can say that when it comes to choosing the most suitable consistency organisation for compliance management, the most alluring factor have about the decision is to look for a candidate that has been looking for you have all this while. For example, if you are certain about hiring Assured GRC as your compliance consultant in the foreseeable future, you will soon realise that we believe in understanding the issue that you are facing analyse it till its very foundation so that we can come up with a strategy that can uproot the issue completely. While providing compliance management consultancy services to each of our clients, we make sure that each one of them is getting what they have asked for so that we can charge them for the services that they have asked for; nothing more, nothing less. In an indirect way, one can always say that our attention to cost effectiveness is one of the most important reasons why we have been surviving the cutthroat market fluctuations triumphantly. In today’s competitive world, it is important to understand value behind the money battle organisations spends on professional help. And if as a consultant, we are helpful in mitigating the financial strain that these companies have to suffer from in order to streamline their processes, then it is the only suitable professional help bat all the companies have been longing for. With that in mind, we always move forward to extending quality consultancy services that are both affordable and effective at the same time. CONSIDER ALL THE FACTS, AND THEN MAKE A SOUND CHOICE As a consultancy organisation, we focus on delivering top-quality consultancy services across all the important domains like risk management, cyber security consultancy, compliance management and information governance consultancy services. But in all these services, the most common factor that prevails, is the methodology that we move forward with. Our approach and methodology give us the opportunity to provide services like gap analysis and continuous audits, that helps our clients to stay ahead in the game. When it comes to compliance, or any other domain for that matter, we do not confine ourselves to any particular group of domains. On the contrary, we also offer expert help in getting governance risk and compliance certification to any business entity that has decided to get it. In a nutshell, if you are looking for the finest consultant for your company, hello you might be hesitant towards trying out a new consulting company. Assured GRC understands this and helps you in being familiar with all the technicalities before getting ahead with the task that you might assign us. We should visit our website; you will see the entire service palate that we awful to all the clients that we undertake. It will help you in gauging whether or not we are relevant for your company. And if we are, you can always call us at +44 (0)203 4759 932 and hire the services that makes us the finest consultant of disaster recovery in London as well.

The Importance of Versatility in Business Continuity

Business continuity is one of the most important factions of an organisation because it sets the very foundation on which an entire company relies in times of need. This is the reason why the global market is always open for consulting firms that are trying to understand this very gap and are actually doing something towards diminishing it. Just like any other consulting firm we at Assured GRC are always trying to understand the reason why we are being hired in the first place. But unlike any other firm, we are spending our time and other valuable resources towards actually finding the trends that are making their way around the global market. Our extensive research is the basis of all the services that we offer to our clients. but it is not entirely about how we find out what we have to offer; rather, we believe in training and education of all the individuals who are working in our company, so that they are proficient in have tackling any business across any industry in the world. When it comes to devising a business continuity plan for an organisation in the corporate sector, it becomes important for a consultant to understand that they have to be open to every suggestion that their client is offering at the table. This way, the client will have the feeling of inclusiveness and transparency. We understand how important it is for a business entity to trust a third party with development of search a plan that lays the foundation of all the future actions that they are going to take. This realisation gave us the opportunity to improve on our approachability and embrace versatility with open arms. BUSINESS CONTINUITY AND VERSATILITY FOR CONSULTANTS Versatility might not sound as important as it is when it comes to business continuity because its adversity is always felt in a subtle way. A business continuity plan holds credibility only if it is able to understand all the loopholes and mitigate them effectively. And to perform this very task, all the consultants are required to have adaptability as a strong trait. Our methodology reflects how much we have considered this very fact because we are always adamant towards improving our services for every client that we acquire. What makes us the best business continuity consultant in the UK is the fact that the services that we offer, are always tailored according to the need of our clients. Every business entity that is looking for professional consultancy services in this respect, always wants a consultancy organisation that understands the services that they are supposed to offer. This saves the time that they have to spend on briefing the consultant about their role. With Assured GRC an organisation is always assured about all the activities that are consultant is supposed to do. In other words, they do not have to intervene every now and then. But this does not mean that we have not Bing open with our claims about the measures that we are going to take. Along with the versatility that we offer, we also provide utmost transparency so that our client is able to maintain a transparent relationship with us. FOR NEWCOMERS For all the organisations that are starting fresh in the global market, Assured GRC has mapped out a unique approach that allows us to cater have every need or query that they might have. As far as the service goes, we start by making efforts to make each of our client compatible enough to gain a standard certification like ISO 22301. We know that an ISO certification holds much credibility in the global market to be stated as have the benchmark of a sound BCP. Our services start with defining the context of the organisation so that we have a better idea about the scope of the have business continuity management system. After that, redetermine the scope of the BCMS and establish the same. We make sure that our client is getting the service that they have opted by keeping them in a closed loop. This helps us in providing them the openness that they want. It also allows us to take the necessary suggestions that they might have about a certain plan. The best thing about our organisation is that our expertise is not confined to a particular domain. Rather, we believe in expanding our horizon by gaining stronghold of influential domains like cyber security, risk management, compliance assistance, disaster recovery, and software asset management. If you are looking for professionalism at an affordable price, you can always view our website or call us at. Reach out to us today and give us the opportunity to show you why we are always among the best business continuity consulting firms in the world. Even if it is cyber security consultancy that you are looking for, you can trust our expertise and connect with us.

GDPR and Its Need in an Organisational Structure

The personal data of all the individuals who are working in an organisational structure should be handled with proper supervision so that the company is free from any chances of data theft. Regulations like general data protection regulation have always motivated this idea by making it compulsory for every business to meet all the requirements better lay down within the regulation. It is drafted in such a way that whenever an organisation is found violating the guidelines of GDPR, it is made sure that they face certain inconsistency and negative impact in their overall workflow. Even then, some companies are still not paying much attention to being compliant with such laws. But when we look at the numbers, we can see that not every organisation is behind in the race because every business entity is now aware of the fact that they do require GDPR consultancy services.


One of the many reasons why any business entity in the global market should start focusing on the data privacy of their customers and employees as well as their stakeholders are the fact that every time they do this, they are prioritising rights over user experience. Every organisation in a given structure will agree with the fact that meeting all the requirements of general data protection regulation is a hectic task in its own right. Training of employees and introducing new policies and procedures is a laborious task but it is a one-time investment because once your organisation is free from any loose-end, then the customers, as well as the employees and stakeholders who are associated with the firm, will regain the trust that they had; and they will also understand that the company is giving more importance on there right rather than their overall experience. General data protection regulation in the UK can be seen as the benchmark for all the consultants around the world because every firm in the UK’s consultancy niche, is aware of the many issues that the companies who seek consultancy services have. The situation has gotten pretty easy for all the service seeking companies because the overall approach of consultants around the world has drastically improved as soon as they have started to look up to the consultancy organisations in the United Kingdom. Whenever it is about consultancy services, the main focus should always be boiled down to the fact that client retention is the most important aspect for every successful venture in this field. And to retain clients they must be always provided with the expertise that they are looking for. Assured GRC Is aware of this very fact and always focuses on providing quality consultancy services even to those who are not yet determined whether or not if they should hire a consultant for themselves. Whenever the global market realises that your organisation is prioritising human rights over anything else, you will instantly gain enough goodwill to garner more and more clients in your clientele. All you have to do is look for a suitable consultancy organisation that is ready to guide you through every requirement that you are supposed to follow.


When you are out there looking for the best GDPR consultants, you should always remember that you are required to hire a candidate that has enough experience in the global market to understand every loophole within your organisational structure. Looking for professionals and seasoned companies is always a better option because then you do not have to focus on acquainting them with the issue. For example, if you Assured GRC as your long term consultant, the first thing that you will notice that we are always admin towards examining the current situation that your organisation is in. after proper assessment, we start focusing on the implementation of consultancy services that are required by your organisation. While we are at it, we also make sure that a definite if the scope of the GDPR compliance plan is determined for your company so that you can do a reality check for yourself. We believe in forming a personal information management system for your organisation that can help you in meeting all the privacy requirements that are laid down in the global market. The PIMS is a strategy that is specific to our own methodology that helps every business entity in meeting whatever the requirement that they are supposed to follow. This helps them in understanding all the loopholes within their structure, end after determining the scope of the PIMS, we make sure that it is implemented successfully within the structure of our client’s company. We also believe in conducting regular health cheque ups so that regular audits and gap analysis is conducted actively. We are very well aware of the health and safety policy in the UK, but we are actively involved in extending protection to an organisational structure. Call us today at +44 (0)203 4759 932 and allow us to show you what makes the best GDPR consultants in the UK and around the world.

RegTech and The Process of Mitigating Regulatory Risk

Out of the many reasons why regulatory risk is one of the most prevailing threats around the global market, is the fact that whatever might be the regulatory reason for a particular downtime, the company has to face immense loss in terms of revenue and time every time whenever the company has failed to predict at least one change beforehand. In other words, regulatory risk is always a challenge for an organisation that calls for optimization from its end. Even if it is one of the most casual of the risks from one point of view, it is a disastrous one from the other. This is the reason why most of the companies across the industries are still failing in coming up with an integrated plan for tackling regulatory risks.

How Regtech Can Help

Regulatory technology can be a viable answer to all the limitations that financial institutions and other companies are facing in terms of regulatory risks. The use of information technology and artificial intelligence has made it possible for consultants around the world, to come up with effective measures to tackle previous regulatory and compliance risks with more efficiency and accuracy. Everyone in the global market will agree to the fact that regulatory risk management is a difficult process to master. and for the companies themselves, it is such a faction of their structure, that it requires expert supervision at each level of completion. This is the reason why financial institutions are actively moving towards using regulated technology solutions so that they can predict regulatory risks long before it is too late.

Should You Rely On Consultants After Being Introduced To Regtech?

Using regulatory technology for regulatory and compliance risks is useful only when it is backed by professional supervision so that the company that is applying the same is not misled during the execution. Some of the articles and other literary evidence have shown that an integrated plan is the best way to move forward in this pursuit. This is because when an organisation or a group of companies are using regulator technology if they go with an integrated approach, they will have the data that has gone through rigorous vulnerability scans before being processed in further operations. But to accomplish every task, the requirement of an expert professional is always the most logical approach because then an organisation has the ability to look into the matters that they could have neglected otherwise.

Why Are Consultants So Important?

The small and medium scale organisational structures are always indecisive regarding the help of professionals that might leave them to success in the foreseeable future also the main reason why such a perception has been built in most of the companies out there, is that all of them are viewing this as an additional cost and not as a long term investment. But from a consultant’s perspective, the role of a consultancy firm them is in mitigating these risks is realised when a seasoned organisation like ourselves, is successfully able to implement risk assessment measures along with compliance efforts. Doing so can diminish the chances of getting exposed to regulatory risks. At Assured GRC, we fathom the need our role is supposed to fulfil because we are actively on the quest of finding any organisation that is needed for our services. In all these years of service in the global market; one thing that we have accepted is the fact that every service-seeking firm requires supervision in a certain domain. And risk management is such an important aspect of a firm’s overall resilience, that the need for an expert, is not confined to any particular group of firms or industries. On the contrary, it should be addressed with equal diligence by every entity operating in the global market. That is why, at Assured GRC, we know that coming up with the scope of a risk assessment plan is the most important decision for a consultant. Our approach allows us to come up with an approach that targets these issues, right at the beginning, so that the subsequent steps are executed properly. We target IT security risks as a part of our risk assessment strategy so that all the loose-ends are at the same place, and we can evaluate all the options for risk treatment. To ensure risk management security even further, we make sure that our strategies are according to the demand of the clients that we have acquired. This is what makes us all the more approachable. If you think that your organisation requires expert supervision that is bad by affluent research, open always rely on Assured GRC for any type of consultancy service that you require and deem necessary. Call us today at +44 (0)203 4759 932 and allow us to offer you the finest consultancy services that your company might need.

Pros of a Cyber-Security Consultant and the Best One for You

Cyber-security has always been one of the most prominent factors that determine how an organisation will move forward in the global market. This is the reason why every industry is progressively turning to expert help. In a study that was conducted a couple of years ago, it was mentioned that the skill gap has enormously increased to such an extent that the requirement of suitable employees to manage cyber-security roles with an organisational structure increased by a margin of 62% in America. This very finding clearly showcases the fact that in the time of need, most of the business entities in the American economy find themselves short-handed in terms of ideal workforce. This can be traced as a primary reason why every company decided to shift to managed service providers. This shift was a boon for everyone because this gave them access to Top Notch quality services from professionals who are not only certified but are considerate when it comes to keeping their clients in a closed-loop so that they can handle such situations themselves. In other words, we can safely say that cyber-security managed services have always been around and the global market to assess every service-seeking organisation towards the part of overall growth. And also, that every managed service provider is aware of the importance of cyber-security in a way that motivates them to keep a check on every technological advancement and their implication on the type of vulnerability business entities can get exposed to. HOW THESE EXPERTS HELP VIA MONITORING When a provider is hired for managing cyber-security issues in an organisation, one of the most initial steps taken by such a company is to continuously monitor their clients’ network system throughout the day for the entire tenure. There are some experts that are able to provide compliance monitoring on the online platform. This gives them the ability to offer expert supervision to their client’s organisational network as well as their cloud infrastructure. But they do not understand the main reason why a company can trust them with every detail that they require in order to process a well-thought plan. This is why Assured GRC believes in working on a strict approach that helps us in addressing all the data access points within an organisational structure. Therefore, hiring us can help you in understanding your vulnerabilities more efficiently and effectively. WHY SHOULD YOU TRUST WHAT WE SAY? There might be an organisation that is facing a certain amount of difficulty in getting hold of expert supervision and cyber-security-related issues. By falling into the skills gap, they have not only exhausted their chances of finding a suitable consultant for themselves, but are also unable to afford a reasonably priced consulting firm. To organisation s like those, Assured GRC has all the ways extended all the help that they need, and is still continuing doing so because we understand how important it is to be protected from cyber-security threats that can erase any company on the face of the earth, by uprooting it from its very foundation. And this compassion is the reason why we are able to optimize every strategy according to the needs of our clients, and give our expertise in the areas that need it most. In a way, one can very well draw the conclusion that every upside of hiring us, can very well guide you through the path of understanding why we have a satisfied clientele that thinks we are the best consultancy firm providing security services in London UK. A WELL-THOUGHT DECISION IS ALWAYS THE BEST WAY TO ENSURE GROWTH A well-thought-out decision for any organisation is always the one that covers every threat and vulnerability that an organisation is facing in the current situation. And when it comes to getting exposed to cyber-security issues, one of the prominent reasons for the same is to get caught in non-compliance matters. Our company understands this situation and always strives to deal with it closely enough to understand the main reason behind our client’s non-compliance. We follow a methodology that helps us in evaluating the current state of our client’s organisation and helps us in understanding the areas where our clients are exposed to any kind of vulnerability. By performing an effective risk management process, we fathom what recommendations we have to give out. Therefore, if your organisation is looking for the best compliance consultants in London UK, you can always rely on Assured GRC with every need that you have. Our expertise and approachability can help your organisation for a long time because every company that hires us as their consultant, seems to find a one-stop solution in us. Call us today at +44 (0)203 4759 932 and give us the reason to show you why we are best at what we do including cyber-security managed services, compliance, and risk management issues as well.

Looking for the Best Consultancy Organisation

When it comes to security consultancy, the main reason why every organisation in the global market should hire a professional is that they provide a clear direction for every client that they undertake. All in all, a consultancy firm with great experience helps in understanding the situation at hand from a clear and unbiased point of view. Apart from this, it also helps in understanding every important aspect that requires attention, which obviously is not possible for an organisation that has difficulty in maintaining its levels on its own. Therefore, saving time and money can be the most important and prominent reason why one should always consider getting professional help. Now, the main focus is always on choosing the best consultant and not only understand the ulterior motive that you have, but also understands what exactly your weak spots are, and how to mitigate them so that you can become completely resilient against any upcoming threat. THE QUEST OF FINDING THE MOST SUITABLE CONSULTANT For any service-seeking organisation in the global market, it is important to understand that there is a pool of consultancy firms that is looking forward to having a client. • The price factor: For any new organisation, it is a difficult task to find the most suitable consultant. Because suitability of a consultancy organisation is also dependent on the price range that it offers. The price of a consultancy firm always indicates the scale that it operates in. If the price is a little too high, it automatically becomes unavailable for most small and medium-scale organisations. And according to the current scenario, the SMB sector requires consultancy services the most; and so, an ideal consultant is always the one that emphasises on this factor. Therefore, if an organisation is looking for a suitable firm in the consultancy niche, it should always consider looking at the priciness factor. • The versatility factor: Ideal security consultancy services always believe in providing a wide range of consultancy services so that they can become a one-stop solution for any organisation that hires them. Therefore, the client base often organisation in the consultancy sector can also be determined by the service pallet it offers to its prospective clients. But versatility should also not be seen as the only reflection of a consultant’s approachability. • The quality factor: It is true that every organisation that looks for consultancy services, is always on a quest for such an organisation that can help them in every domain. For example, if it is looking for cyber-security consultancy services, it hopes that the consultancy organisation that can help them to deal with cyber-security threats could help them with risk management services as well. But this way, they might be compromising with the quality of the consultancy services that they should get. If an organisation is impeccably providing the best consultancy services for that price range, it is also a sound choice. • The experience factor: When a consultancy organisation becomes experienced in its sector, it becomes available for a wide variety of companies that have different needs for different domains. this is when an ideal consultant decides to open its horizon and embrace versatility with open arms. Therefore, in this state, a consultancy organisation becomes able to extend top-notch quality services to a variety of companies. This is also the phase when they also decide about limiting internal issues like the price range. In a nutshell, if an organisation is on a quest for an experienced consultancy firm, it should always look for the journey that it has gone through since its commencement in the global market. NOW, WHICH FIRM SHOULD YOU CHOOSE? Based on the above pointers, it is evident that looking for a suitable consultant is a systematic approach in itself. But we at Assured GRC can help in ending your quest by providing you exactly what you have been looking for. At Assured GRC, we not only offer a variety of consultancy services, but we offer top-notch quality services for each one of them as well. Be it cyber-security, or ISO 20000 consultancy, we cater to every need. You can always visit our website to understand how we do what we do in a better light. you can also contact us directly by calling us at +44 (0)203 4759 932. The only reason from our end want to get, is our approachability and the global stature that we hold. Our client base is not confined to any particular industry. Rather, we believe in offering services that are acceptable and accessible to every industry that is looking for consultancy needs. So, if you are looking for the same, you can always reach out to us and allow us to show you while we are one of the best information security consultancy services in the UK.