How to get a GRC Audit certification in the UK

If you need a strategy for managing your organisation’s overall governance, enterprise risk management and compliance with regulations, GRC is a perfect solution!

Effective GRC implementation helps you align IT activities to business goals, reduce risk and improve control effectiveness, security and compliance through an integrated approach. Additionally, a well-planned GRC strategy and GRC Audit certification come with lots of benefits including improved decision-making, more optimal IT investments, elimination of silos, and reduced fragmentation among divisions and departments, and so on.

What exactly is GRC (Governance, risk, and compliance)?

Organisations develop a GRC framework for the leadership and the operation of the organisation’s IT areas to ensure that they assist and enable their strategic objectives. The framework specifies defined measurable that impact on the effectiveness of an organisation’s GRC efforts.

What is the key to a successful GRC implementation?

Governance, risk and compliance framework includes decision-making, resource and portfolio management, risk management and regulatory compliance functions. These functions are not effective unless the executive leadership of the organisation supports cultural change. In a simple word, implementing a framework will never be successful unless the culture of the organisation develops to assist GRC activities.

If you are a professional who wants to review and provide assurance to management and the board that the GRC capability or some subcategory of capabilities is designed to operate effectively, GRC Audit certification in the UK is essential for you!

What is the GRCA certification?

GRCA stands for Governance, risk and compliance audit. The GRC Audit certification ensures that you understand and can audit GRC activities. This means that GRC Audit certificationproves that you have basic knowledge and skills to evaluate and audit GRC capabilities. The GRCA (Governance, Risk and Compliance Audit) builds on top of the GRCP (Governance, Risk and Compliance Professional) certification. This means that you must have a GRC Professional certification before you can apply for GRCA documentation.

What is the GRCP certification?

GRCP certification ensures that professional has a basic knowledge about GRC processes and the skills to integrate governance, performance management, risk management, internal control, and compliance activities. This means GRC Professional documentation determines that you have the understanding and skills to apply GRC in your organisation.
Every risk, compliance, internal audit and IT professional should want to earn the GRCP certification. Whether you are a new GRC Professional or an experienced GRC professional, you must have GRCP. Getting a GRC Professional is not only a perfect way to start your career, but also an excellent way to enhance existing certifications.

This authorisation allows a brand new GRC Professional to understand the GRC disciplines’ big picture like strategy, risk, compliance, and audit. It allows an experienced professional to upgrade their skills in areas where they lack experience so that they can do even better work across all GRC disciplines. You must have GRCP certification if you want to apply for the GRC Audit certification in the UK.

Steps to Get a Governance, Risk, and Compliance Audit Certification

The GRCA does not require an additional examination. Here are four easy ways to get a GRCA certification.

1. Hold a GRCP

If you want to qualify for a GRC Audit certification, you must understand and be able to apply the fundamental principles of Governance, Risk, and Compliance. Therefore, the first step is to pass and hold and active GRC Professional certification.

2. Complete GRC Audit training

You must complete a training course to develop or improve your auditing skills as they relate to GRC. The type of training required depends on your current experience and qualifications.

For example, if you are an experienced auditor who already has a qualifying audit certification or wants to just improve existing skills to audit GRC, you must contact an internal professional services consultancy such as Assured-GRC. Our professionals will help you to know how to apply your existing knowledge to specifically audit GRC activities. If you don’t have a qualifying GRC Audit certification in the UK and want to develop new skills and apply to GRC, Assured-Governance, Risk and Compliance will teach you the basics of auditing AND how to practice these skills to auditing GRC activities.

3. Submit GRC Audit Application

Once you have completed all the required training, you need to apply to get evidence that you meet the specifications to be awarded the GRC Audit certification. To be clear, these necessities include: Hold a GRCP and Complete training based on your previous audit experience and credentials.

If you meet these necessities, your application will be reviewed and GRCA will be awarded within a few days.

4. Maintain your GRCA certification

Make sure you fulfill all essential requirements to maintain your GRCP & GRCA certifications including an active membership and continuing education.

Get in Touch with Assured – Governance, Risk, and Compliance for GRCA Certification

As an international professional services consultancy, Assured-GRC is committed to providing consistently high-value services to our clients. At A-GRC, our team holds years of expertise in delivering GRC Audit Certification in the UK. We have a dedicated team of experienced professional consultants who deliver quality assignments to our clients and pride themselves on their honesty and integrity to provide the highest standards of GRCA certification services to their clients.

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ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management System – Everything You Need To Know!

Surviving a disaster and ensuring feasible operations is a key corporate strategic objective and a fundamental necessity for any organisation. Those liable for management during emergencies need to count on verified explanations. Recent experience with disturbing events such as natural crises and terrorist attacks has shown some organisations didn’t have a disaster management capability nor adequate business continuity plans to maintain essential business activities during emergencies. That’s why ISO has an International Standards addressing continuity system.

What is ISO 22301 BCMS?

ISO 22301 standard addresses BCMS (Business Continuity Management System) to makeorganisationsmore resilient in both the private and public sectors. This standard provides a framework to plan, establish, implement, operate, monitor, review and continually improve BCMS. This system helps organisations, regardless of their size, location or activity to be better prepared and more confident, so that management can handle any type of disruption without any hassles. To get knowledge about this standard, you can get in touch with an ISO 22301 BCMS consultant London.
These types of incidents can disrupt an organisation at any time. When ISO 22301 is applied, it ensures the organisation can respond and continue its operations. From large-scale natural disasters to technology-related accidents, incidents can take many forms. While many events are small, they can have a significant impact that makes business continuity management relevant at all times.

Implementing ISO 22301

ISO 22301 is business focused and even it must be driven by the company which is where many organisations assign the responsibility. This standard employs a structured process to business continuity which starts with the identification of an administration’s key products and services. It is then important to complete a business impact analysis (BIA). This analysis identifies the critical activities that support both products and services. These activities are followed by the business continuity strategy’s determination to develop a response including plans, implanting BCMS and putting in place a maintenance and review process. The complete BCMS process needs wrapping into a management system that ensures it is operating within a defined structure. If you are looking for a consultancy for ISO certification and remediation services in the UK, A-GRC can help you! Our professionals are committed to providing consistently high-value service to our clients.

Key Themes of BCMS in ISO 22301

Leadership & Risk Management

Like Annex SL based Management System, ISO 22301 has a resilient prominence on leadership ensuring commitment from high management. Business Continuity Management forms of an organisation’s over-all Risk Management programme, and the standard addresses risks and opportunities related to the BCMS.

Business Impact Analysis

ISO 22301 BCMS standard is almost impossible to plan for every disruptive event that could occur. That’s where Business Impact Analysis comes in! BIA is used as a tool to identify the essential products/services your business needs to deliver.

As recommended in the A-GRC Good practice Guide, we can help you assess this on a strategic and operational level, to ensure business continuity is effective for your needs and embedded across the whole organisation.

Business Continuity Strategies

There are many ways to determine the right strategy for your establishment. And it may be a mixture across different products/processes.

Evaluating the Maximum Tolerable Period of Disruption (MTPD) and assessing the Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) are one method A-GRC’s ISO 22301 Consultants can guide you through when selecting strategies.

Incident Response and Communication

Planning a response to an incident including the roles and responsibilities of those involved is also essential if your business continuity planning is to succeed. At A-GRC, our ISO 22301 BCMS consultants London will help you to establish your clash response structure.

Recovery Plans and Testing

The main focus of Business Continuity programmes is to recover the actives and processes identified in your BIA. Although plans can be department or team specific, they should be tested and practiced to ensure they are effective when needed. Also, you can get in touch with A-GRC for ISO certification and remediation services in the UK. Here, at A-GRC, our experienced consultants will help you drive the continual improvement and overall awareness of BCM in the establishment.

Benefits of ISO 22301 BCMS standard

There are several benefits to applying an ISO 22301 BCMS including:

• Improving your organisation’s resilience against disruption
• Maintaining an ability to manage uninsurable risks
• Reducing the consequences of unexpected disruption
• Improving a capability to manage a business disruption
• Providing a method of restoring your ability to supply key products and services
• Protecting and improving your reputation and brand
• Obtaining a competitive advantage by a representative the ability to maintain delivery of your products and services

Achieving an ideal BCMS (Business Continuity Management System) with A-GRC

At A-GRC, we are a renowned ISO 22301 BCMS consultant in London. When you get in touch with us, we ensure you gain maximum benefits from embedding ISO 22301 by advantage of our experience of supporting organisations through documentation and our consultancy expertise.

Our consultancy services come not only with a 100 % certification guarantee but with the assurance that any implemented BCMS will be customised, appropriate and sustainable. At A-GRC, our ISO certification and remediation servicesin the UK are also completely flexible and our experts can provide guidance and knowledge transfer across the full lifecycle or specific areas such as supporting the business impact analysis, risk assessments, strategies, plans, practising and implementing in the establishment.

If you are looking to comply or certify with International Organisation for Standardisation 22301, a one-stop for! From assessing your current business continuity plans and reviewing your policies, to developing an arranged roadmap of recommended activities, our ISO 22301 BCMS consultants London are ready to help. Apart from this, you can prepare your organisation for a disruptive incident with our ISO certification and remediation services in the UK and bespoke consultancy solutions.

To reach our team of knowledgeable and skilled consultants, you can contact us at +44 (0)203 4759 932 or We, as a reputed ISO 22301 BCMS consultants London will help you understand the importance of BCMS.

Get the Best Cyber Security Consultancy Services in London

A risk based methodology implies the cyber security efforts you implement depends on the real dangers your association faces, so you won’t sit around, effort or expense addressing threats that either are probably not going to happen or will have minimal material impact on your business. This is the reason such a significant number of frameworks, principles and laws order, customary hazard appraisals as a part of their way to deal with cyber security. Assured GRC is the Best Cyber Security Consultancy Services in London. Our aim is to impart the accepted procedures in Cyber Security profound inside our client’s organizations.

What is Cyber Risk Management?

In simple words, cyber risk management is the way toward analyzing, identifying, assessing and tending to the cyber risks confronting your association. The initial segment of our cyber risk management program is the assessment of cyber risk. This will give you a preview of the security dangers that may compromise your company’s cyber security.
Our cyber risk management program will then be able to organize these risks by probability and effect, informing your selection and application regarding security controls based on your association’s risk appetite.

Our Cyber Risk Management Process:

We Follow These Steps in Our Risk Management Program:

  • To start with, we distinguish the dangers that may compromise your association’s digital security
  • Next, we investigate how each hazard may happen. This generally includes recognizing digital security
    vulnerabilities in your framework and the risks that may misuse them.
  • You should then assess the probable effect of each hazard, and compute where it sits on your hazard scale
    and how it fits inside your risk appetite – your pre-determined level of adequate risk. This will empower
    you to organize the request in which to address the risks.
  • When You Have Done that, You Ought to Conclude How to Treat Each Risk. There are Four Choices that You Can Apply:

    Treat-Change the probability or effect of the risk, normally by actualizing security controls.

    Endure-Retain the risk if it falls inside the built up chance acknowledgment criteria.
    End– Maintain a strategic distance from the risk altogether, by stopping the movement or condition causing the hazard.
    Move– Share the risk with different parties, typically by outsourcing or taking out insurance

    Cyber risk management is a ceaseless procedure. It is critical to track and screen all risks at regular interval of time, and update your hazard treatment activities as required. The assured GRC team will assist you with building an information security risk management methodology, empowering you to adopt a deliberate strategy to risk management. This methodology will decrease the related risks to your data resources and shield your business from cyber threats. You can reach our Cyber Essentials Consultants in London to stay ahead of the cyber threats and risks in your organization. Our team holds several years of experience in this field. In case you are also willing to avail any of our services then feel free to schedule an appointment with one of our consultants at +44 (0)203 4759 932 or

    Everything You Need To Know About ISO 9001 Consultancy

    No doubt, there are numerous reasons to seek ISO certifications. In case you need to genuinely take advantage of your certified status, at that point it’s important to consider the advantages of acquiring a consultant who has some expertise in ISO 9001 implementation. At present, about a million business organizations worldwide have been certified to some ISO standard. The details that have been accumulated to the present demonstrate that while various organizations approached executing ISO guidelines utilizing internal assets, those who used outside ISO 9001 consulting services profited the most as far as speed of implementation, viability and compensation. Assured GRC is one such consultancy firm that provides ISO 9001 Consultancy services in London to small and large organizations. Our Assured GRC team delivers a number of services that can be selected as per your organization’s need and requirements.

    ISO 9001 Gap Audit:

    Before applying the ISO 9001 standard to your business, you have to know what is missing between your current strategic approaches and controls comparative with ISO 9001. Engaging our ISO 9001 consulting services, you can have an audit done of your present management framework practices, controls and documentation, to build up the degree to which you fit in with ISO 9001 prerequisites. Our advisor will give you a detailed audit report showing the holes in your organization, alongside their proposals. This will help in assembling your ISO 9001 undertaking execution plan to accomplish full conformity.

    ISO 9001 System Development and Implementation:

    The main focus of ISO 9001 standard is on successful planning, operation and controls of thrust all relevant quality management system process. This is likely the most tedious and troublesome part of any ISO implementation process. Many issues may emerge concerning what procedures ought to be controlled, what makes for a compelling control, how best to impart and actualize it, communication between forms, how to set procedure objectives and targets and what records to keep. This is where our ISO 9001 consultancy will fundamentally help in responding to these inquiries, give required concentration and facilitate implementation.

    ISO 9001 Management System Documentation:

    The most recent ISO 9001:2008 standard lessens the consideration on documentation and boosts its concentration on effective planning and control. Adequate documentation is anyway required for some, business forms so as to guarantee steady utilization of powerful controls. Numerous organizations have either excessive or too little documentation. Our experienced consultant can enable your association to figure out where it is required, how much and how it ought to be documented.

    ISO 9001 Continual Improvement Process:

    The ISO 9001 standard anticipates that your quality administration framework should be dynamic and work towards ceaselessly improving the viability and effectiveness of your association and upgrade consumer loyalty. Numerous ISO 9001 counseling firms have diversified experience in consistent improvement techniques and strategies. These could incorporate critical thinking, six sigma, lean assembling, utilization of different business programming and tools, and so on.

    You can contact us at +44 (0)203 4759 932 or to reach our team of knowledgeable and skilled consultants and avail our GRC Security Services in London. Our services are best in terms of price and ensure full satisfaction of clients.

    4 Business Continuity Strategy Planning Mistakes You Should Avoid

    In case you are not prepared, your organization can face significant downtime, data loss and employee displacement due to disaster- all of these can create a serious and detrimental impact on the viability of your business. However, planning for all eventualities in advance can help you identify risks and take immediate steps to mitigate them. Also, creating a business continuity management program is only half the battle. There are certain things your organization should avoid doing if you want to make your plan successful. In case you are also looking to avail Disaster Recovery Consulting Services in London then feel free to contact our Assured GRC team.

    Identifying the Wrong Risk:

    Try not to fall into the snare of focusing on a narrow arrangement of dangers or addressing the inappropriate risks. A disaster recovery plan should be far reaching, covering all projections and identifying as many of your vulnerabilities as possible. The more circumstances, you recognize the more areas for improvement you are likely to find which gives you an opportunity to fix them.

    Lack of Plan Testing:

    Just as staying up to date with the plan, it’s additionally essential to work on implementing the plan with appropriate staff through regular training exercises. A few times each year will permit you to check whether your business continuity program is working and if there are zones of shortcoming that need alteration. Dangers change and become advance, turning out to be increasingly modern consistently, in this way testing the arrangement frequently will assist to close the resiliency perception gap that regularly goes with security measures. It will likewise be significant in keeping staff completely educated on the best way to manage a bunch of disturbances as late research found that 78% of organizations face unplanned risk and dangers for critical applications.

    Lack of Backup:

    In case of a crisis, you might be dependent on your reinforcement information, which could be stored in a secured location. This training is a bleeding edge weapon with regards to moderating cyber attacks and should form a center pillar of any business continuity program. Evaluate which applications are basic to your business’ capacity and commit separate endeavors to guaranteeing they’re refreshed, upheld up, and recoverable in instances of disruption. In case you’re not backing up consistently, you could find that information is rendered pointless on the grounds that it is outdated. Make sure to keep sponsored up information secure and pay special attention to any risks and hazard.

    Not Indentifying the Key System:

    While making a business continuity strategy, it’s enticing to see each application as basic and in this manner not tiring dedication of assets accordingly. Some part of business continuity planning is addressing resilience through business impact analysis (BIA) which helps associations viably map which frameworks are basic to the proceeded with activity and which ought to be organized as far as hazard the executives and spending distribution. This is a case of working more efficiently, and guaranteeing that key framework is adequately secured and quickly recoverable after disturbance to reestablish typical business work. We provide Business Continuity Consultancy Services in Berkshire at the best price. For more information, you can reach us at +44 (0)203 4759 932 or

    Trusted Cyber Security Consultancy Services in London

    With the growth in cyber-attacks and information breaches, costing business millions every year, cyber security is high on the critical plan. Technologies like cloud computing, social media, mobile computing, and hyper-network have revealed various new business opportunities and upgraded venture productivity. Nonetheless, this implies organizations uncover larger surfaces to cyber-attacks and are presently more vulnerable. In this case, they must safeguard their business from any such unforeseen circumstances.

    Our Cyber Security Consultancy Services give you an understanding of our security management with an assessment of your confidential information, critical frameworks, and applications. We work with you to characterize and actualize the correct procedure, target working model, and GRC structure. We make sure that your security structure and operations support your business progression and objectives. By planning with a Cyber security methodology as a significant aspect of your digital transformation journey, you will be in an increase in the more confident state to stay compliant and accomplish savings on investment.

    Do you know that 60% of organizations never recover after a cyber attack? You don’t want to become one of them. The day to day growth of cyber crime indicates that businesses of all sizes need to rethink their methods to the security of their sites and confidential data. You may believe you’re too little to even think about being of intrigue, yet it’s these littler organizations with less-stringent safety measures that fall prey to hackers. In the worst case, they may utilize your site as a ‘mule’ to convey spam. Even under the least favorable conditions, they use their skills to access your ledger or steal your thoughts.

    Our main aim is to help build resilient cyber businesses that can not only protect themselves in cyberspace but also recover and resume business operations in attack position.

    • Discussion of your needs and solution for them
    • Providing security training to Staff
    • Help businesses to identify critical assets and data
    • Performing risk assessments.
    • Help you in establishing the effective and appropriate control
    • We are p
    • roviding training to all Staff.
    • Our information security manager organizes a program to develop a tighter security culture
    • Assisting you in the development of a clear strategy for your organization
    • Provision of Virtual Data Protection Officer
    • Implementing GAP Assessment for ISO 27001 to showcase clients, you take your cyber security seriously!
    • Conducting penetration tests to done by our CREST-Certified testers

    We have in-depth experience in cyber security transformation across financial services, utilities, manufacturing, government, and other such sectors. Our team of expert consultants builds a complete picture of your current cyber security status and implements the outcomes of the In-sight and Strategy phase. We have partnered with world-class security vendors so that you can benefit from the latest tools and technologies to safeguard your business assets. In case you are also looking for Cyber Security Consultancy Services in London, then our Assured-GRC team can be the right choice. You can reach us at +44 (0)203 4759 932 or to contact our team of knowledgeable and skilled consultants.