Protecting Your Firm’s Reputation During a Crisis

While a company is facing crisis, the most important factor for the company to consider is to keep a check on how it is dealing with its vital components like communication. If we observe closely, we can see that maintaining a good image is the most crucial of all the factors that drive the course of a business. When we talk about this, let’s not forget to mention just how important the role of goodwill actually is, when it comes to the overall position of a firm. If we take a quick look at all the industries in all the market we all can surely assess that all the organizations in all the tiers are subject to a certain amount of risks due to which they get exposed to a certain amount of threats, which eventually turns into a crisis for a firm. That’s where crisis management services come into play. Be it any firm in a given market, it won’t be able to sustain the harsh and competitive nature of the world economy if it lacks a resilient crisis management framework.

Safegaurding Firm’s Image: The Issue on a Global Scale

Now that we’re talking about it on a global scale, we shall look at every emerging market that has proved to be suitable in terms of crisis management services. Just like in the U.K. where every organization knows exactly what it needs in terms of expert help for itself. That’s why it’s not an issue to make all the organizations comply with solutions that are directed to resolve their issues related to crisis management in London, or any other place in U.K.’s market. The most important thing when it comes to crisis management is to overcome the internal conflicts. And that’s what every organization should primarily focus on, because any loophole in the process of assessing a critical situation can cost an organization its entire existence as a whole. This is where communication management comes into play. An organization that has an impeccable command over its communication management is always the one who survives any crisis that might befall. An effective communication management not only helps an organization assess the criticality of any situation it is in, but also provides actionable measures to mitigate the risks that may arise if it prevails. Effective crisis management services are always directed towards maintain the overall structure of an organization, and an efficient communication management can prove to be a helpful tool when it comes to fulfilling the most crucial need, i.e. brand reputation.

Ways To Protect Your Brand’s Reputation

Speaking of the importance of crisis management, let’s take a look at some effective ways to protect the brand image. In these pointers, you will see how effortlessly communication management has made its way and calls for adequate improvements accordingly. 1. Reacting with empathy: One of the requisites that are needed to be met before even commencing operation, is to own up to your mistakes. The same goes for all the organizations in all the markets around the world. Whenever a crisis hit, if an organization is ready with answers, it might get the support from the audience. People, be it existing customers or potential ones, always prefer an organization that knows what went wrong and is actually making an attempt to reach out to its customers at a personal level. To do this, every organization needs to pay attention to the communication medium through which it is going to connect with everyone regarding the crisis. The communication system should be so strong enough to make its customers believe that its crisis management services are being exercised with all the diligence “dealing with the crisis” call for. 2. Identifying risks: Assessing the crisis is the first is the first step forward in the process of mitigating it. That’s why, every organization that’s looking for redemption or sustainability, should start focusing on this front so that all the investors that are involved in the business, have an idea about the mishap. For doing all this, every organization has to keep a check on both cold and hot media. Choosing to address the risks on an emotional level, which in this scenario, means using the “hot” media, can give the firm an edge over its competitors in terms of connecting with the audience at an emotional level. And once the audience is emotionally connected with a firm, the image of the firm improves gradually.

What To Take?

On a concluding note, we all can agree that communication management is the most important component when it comes to “dealing with a crisis”. Before even starting with the crisis management services if a firm focuses on building a resilient communication system, it’ll surely mitigate half the risks. And if not that, it’ll help the firm become prepared for any crisis that might befall. To know more about crisis management process, and issues like these, you can reach out to Assured GRC. And if you’re somewhere in London, you must look us up, as we’re among the top crisis management consultants in London. Call us today at +44 (0)203 4759 932 and allow us to serve you.

Cyber Security for E-mobility

As we all know that cyber security is a very important topic to discuss right now, we can agree on the fact that all the businesses have started taking preventive measure to mitigate the risk of getting under a network breach or any other cyber attack for that matter. But even today, there are some sections that aren’t getting the assistance they require. These sections mainly comprise of start-ups. Speaking about start-ups, we’ve known this for a fact that the younger a business or an industry is, the more difficult it is to operate it effectively enough to eradicate each and every risk it has to offer. On that note, let’s start out analogy on one of the youngest player in the global market, i.e. e-mobility. When we speak about digitization, even if we don’t realize, we’re actually mitigating the traditional ways to perform day-to-day activities. Be it e-payments and online streaming platforms, each advancement is a step farther from the ways we were taught by our elders. Therefore, e-mobility can be seen not only as advancement but also as a step further towards a better tomorrow. But like every other proposition e-mobility too faced the wrath of insecurity in the environment as it became one of the biggest opportunities for hackers to tap into these networks. And the reason why they can think so is because e-mobility, as we mentioned earlier, is a young market and so, it has not invested enough in its cyber security consultancy services.


Moving forward, one might ask, “if it a technological advancement, why is not well protected?” Well, if you take a closer look at the whole process of hacking and protecting a particular device from that attack is based on the purpose with which each activity is being executed. If we talk about building softwares that can help an organization run all its vehicles at different place in the same time, it’s a tough job, but if we talk about hacking into the same structure, it’s quite easy. All you need to find is a loophole. That’s why e-mobility can be seen as one of the most vulnerable propositions out there. And the worst part is, it has gelled well with the audience and has become an integral part o their daily life. If we take a deeper look at this matter, we might uncover some other prominent reasons that supports the fact that e-mobility is not being managed well as of now. Speaking of which, according to a recent report published by Financial Times, many influential professionals including the directors of massive conglomerates, have given their individual views which showcases the degree of vulnerability of cyber security services and cyber security consultancy services in the market of e-mobility. The instance of causing a voluntary traffic jam is likeable in today’s scenario, as per some statements by these professionals. Even after knowing the gravity of such statements, these professionals went bare with it. What can be the reason behind such a move? Obviously it’s the complicated network structure behind the basic functionality of e-mobility services.


Considering the global market, we can see many influential conglomerates from across the industries, have come together to promote e-mobility. If we take a look at places like the U.K. and take cyber security consultancy in London as the premise, we can be sure that the future e-mobility is not uncertain after all. The role of the big players is very important because they act as catalysts in the overall development of the global market. Let’s understand this better with an example of e-scooters. Now, according to experts, e-scooter aren’t that much prone to cyber-attacks because of the lack of additional facilities but they can still cause some serious issues like data theft due to its unsecured bluetooth feature that allows the owner to connect their phone with the vehicle itself. But the top –tier organizations are still investing in young industries lie e-mobility. The growth in demand for driverless cars and some notable acquisitions in the recent years can both be seen as prominent reasons that showcase just how important it is for these organizations to keep the idea of revolution well and alive in the market. Involvement of these companies brings along the opportunity of improvement in the existing network structures which can gradually mitigate the existing risks and threats e-mobility is exposed to. Therefore, this very convention has also increased the overall value of cyber security consultancy services because all the smaller companies have started working with the bigger fishes of the pond and they strive to have the all the knowledge they can garner about the threats and ways to eradicate them effectively. On a concluding note, even though e-mobility has its share of risks, it will still continue to grow in the market because it is a revolution in the market. So, if you too are pursuing towards the same goal and are looking for cyber security consultancy services you can always look up Assured GRC online or you can call us at +44 (0)203 4759 932. If you are somewhere in the UK Assured GRC can be your prime choice as we have a distinguished reputation in the market as one of the best cyber security consultants in London.

Information Technology Asset Management and Cyber Security

As we speak about information security management system, we quickly focus on important components like the need for professional help to come up with solution to overcome threats in this respect and the impact on the business in their absence. When we talk about consultation services for assessing and mitigating potential threats, it is very important for a prospect company who claims to provide best information security consultation services, to know about the role of risk assessment. As we know, it’s preferable to hire an ISO 270001 company; risk assessment is one of the most important components of the compliance project of an ISO 27001 company. That’s why, if you have hired a company in this respect, you will get familiar insights about the same. Speaking of cyber-security risk assessment, let’s take a quick look at what it really is about. So, risk assessment in an information security structure, is the process of identification of potential threats that might target at the sensitive data of a firm. Adding further to this, there is a detailed method to execute the cyber-security strategy after including risk assessment, but before getting that, let us understand about ‘IT asset management’ and its relation with cyber security.

Cyber-Security and IT Asset Management (ITAM)

When we talk about Information Technology asset management, we can see how important it is for any cyber-security firm as ITAM allows these organizations to learn about all the assets their client’s organization has and where are they located exactly, so that they can be protected properly. If we take a look at ITAM and view it under a different light, we can see that it actually is an important component of a cyber-security project because it allows the firm to come up with better solutions that are more focused on the assets that a their client’s company uses. Considering ITAM and its importance in a cyber-security strategy as the premise, we can add that having a track of all the assets in the organization is beneficial in many aspects. Some of the advantages of using ITAM are: 1. Eradiating Risks: We look at the uncertainty of threats like cyber-attacks, legal and other liabilities, and some unpredictable events that prove to be a threat for the operations of an organization, we can see how difficult it becomes for an IT security professional to assess where the assets are located and how they are managed. ITAM paints the whole picture in this respect by assessing where the IT assets are, and how exactly are they tracked. This helps the IT security personnel to eradicate many risks. 2. Helps in controlling the cost of software assets: Once you know exactly which IT assets you are using in your company, you can reclaim the unused software. This helps in controlling the purchase of new softwares. 3. Helps in checking if the softwares are regularly packed and patched: We all know that older versions of softwares aren’t patched properly. That’s where ITAM comes in. It helps in keeping a track of such softwares and provides accurate data to the IT security professionals so that they can update the software. ITAM can be an important factor in cyber-security risk assessment as offers such services. When we take a look back at these benefits we can see how important ITAM is to a cyber-security framework. And that’s why asset management consultancy services are important too. If we take a look at the entire process of implementing ITAM in an existing cyber-security framework, we will know that consultancy service in this respect is an important factor to consider. One of the many reasons to support this statement could be the clarity about all the processes and important factors involved.

The Process of Assessing Risks in a Cyber-Security Framework

Now, that we have an idea about the role of asset management consultancy in a cyber-security framework, we can now take a look at the process involved: • Properly define he methodology: The first step in the process of cyber-security risk assessment is to determine the methodology that is going to be used by the firm. As we all know that an ISO 27001 firm has no particular way of assessing the risk, that’s why the approach should be in accordance with the needs of the organization. Determining important aspects like, the context of the organization, risk criteria, and risk acceptance criteria is an important requisite. • Compile a detailed informative lit of your assets: An ISO 27001 firm, allows every other organization to evaluate the assessment with an asset based approach It has its on pro and cons but is an important approach. • Identify threats and vulnerabilities: One of the most important step in cyber-security risk assessment is identifying all the risks that are associated with the assets. • Evaluate risks: The next step in the process is evaluating all the risks. • Mitigate the risks • Compile the reports • Review, monitor, audit. If you too are looking for consultation services in any of this spheres, you and reach out Assured GRC by looking us up online, or calling us at +44 (0)203 4759 932.

Artificial Intelligence for Cyber Attacks

Speaking about Information Security and its importance in the corporate world, we can see that every organizations that has followed the trend of digitization, has kept its prime focus on mitigation external threads that are focused on the data processing frame of the organization. Cyber-security measures taken by a particular organization decides the amount of exposure the organization can handle. As we all know that companies all around the world are working hard to sustain i the ever-changing corporate market and in doing so, many companies resort too many options to criticize its competitors. But being in a healthy competition is what made all these organizations stay relevant and ethically strong in the market. Even after this fair structure, there are still some individuals who choose maligning the brand image of a firm by choosing options like data breach. Options like these are the reasons why all the firms gradually started taking up professional Information Security consultancy services. When an organization hires a firm to help with all the queries related to its IS structure, the organization always wants to buy the best firm available in this respect, and provides solution that provide visible results. Many organizations took up the mantle to provide all the other players with any consultation they require regarding cyber-attacks, but the question here is, are all of them providing the best service? And if yes, why are the cases of network breach and privacy theft have spiked since the past decade? Some would blame it all on the conventional ways of offering data security and some would say it’s all because all the individuals who have internet access are using it excessively. If we look closely, both the points go hand in hand. Let’s take a quick look at an example to better understand this correlation. Suppose, yours is a new organizations in footwear industry and your model is to provide home deliveries to your customers who can just order their favorite piece online. Now that we’ve considered that you are in the online sector with a model that involves handling all the personal data f your customers. Just like every other organization in this sector, yours too will be exposed to malicious network breaches. Viewing this as a high alert situation, you planned to hire a befitting Information Security consultant that fathoms your niche and the concerns you have, and comes up with adequate solutions. But then when you finally hired the consultant, you got to know that his strategies and solutions are both primitive and ineffective in the current market. This leaves you with a pallet full of wasted efforts, resources, and time. Are you willing to risk all this and believe that you’ll still remain relevant to the market? Absolutely not! That’s why all the Information Security consultancy firms need to be adaptive to the constant changes in technology. Because technological advancement alone takes up the largest portion of all the impact the global market witnesses.

Artificial Intelligence: The Only Option?

Considering the above discussion as the premise of your analogy, we can further add that in desperate times like today’s every Information Security consultancy firm should incorporate Artificial Intelligence as the main component o their services. When we talk about the use of AI in relation to today’s corporate world, we can find a number of upsides to it, the most important one being eradication of “human error”.

Advantages of Using AI in Cyber-Security

As we all know this for a fact that AI is designed and trained specifically to collect, process, and store significantly large amounts of data from both structured and unstructured sources. Artificial intelligence uses technologies like machine learning and deep learning to better understand about the upcoming cyber security threats. These technologies allow AI to recognize patterns and complex analytics ad help the Information Security consultant to come up with better solutions for all their clients’ issues.

Risk Identification: The Most Important Feature AI

When an Information Security consultancy firm undertakes AI, the most important benefit the firm receives from this component s risk identification. As we all know that AI’s capability of recognizing patterns in cyber-security through different channels helps in identifying potential threats and cyber risks. And once all the threats are identified; the firm can predict potential cyber-attacks and can warn the clients for the same. In today’s scenario, it is very important for an Information Security consultant to analyse the market in a way that when it comes with a solution for a particular issue, it should be relevant enough in the long run. As every organization shifted slowly towards digital platform, and the magnitude of cyber-attacks increased, every firm out there preferred a consultancy firm that has a unique approach and effective results, and Artificial Intelligence provides an organization with the same.

Important Cyber Security Guidelines After the Lockdown

When we talk about cyber security services and their importance in an organization, we often tend to focus more on medium to large scale organizations, which has its own valid reason. A small business that has just started in the market would not be financial stable enough to afford professional cyber security consultancy services or other outside help regarding its data security framework. But since the current pandemic, every organization has started shifting to digital platform and coming up with innovative ideas in order to satisfy customers’ need. Even the newer players in the market are taking up the opportunity to reap the benefits out of the technology that has a user base that’s larger than the audience that watches television. Such a scenario is strictly based on the current situation of the market and shouldn’t be taken up as a stereotypical point of view regarding anything happening in the world. It is because of the Coronavirus pandemic that more and more people are using the internet to keep themselves engaged. This social convention then motivated all the businesses to start connecting to the customers via the internet. And as the organizations that entered the online sector grew in numbers, data security became direr than ever. With each subsequent week passing by, it was now a tougher time for all the organizations because on one hand, they are clueless about things getting back to normal and on the other, being on the digital platform without any past experience will continue to expose the newer firm to potential threats like data breaches that are one of the most common threats in the digital platform. Such a situation called for important measures like developing new guidelines that could help all the organizations to keep their interests secure and the cyber security framework intact. Speaking of the same, let’s talk more about the cyber security consultants that are involved in recommending measures to mitigate any forthcoming cyber attack. Below are some guidelines that any organization can follow during this harsh time and mitigate the forthcoming cyber attacks. 1. Network Access Control (NAC): One of the most important measures an organization can take is the NAC solution. When an organization doesn’t allow any unpatched device to connect to its network then it can be said that the company has successfully implemented the NAC solution. On seeing the current scenario and the amount of remote work going on around the world, we can say that NAC can prove to be effective, given that all the personal laptops of the employees are fully patched and upgraded or they get laptops from the organization’s end. 2. Changing the password: If it happens that you might need to take some professional help and you hire a cyber security consultant to help you with the issues you’re having. One of the foremost things he’ll add will be the need for your employees to change/reset the system’s password before logging out. Many organizations in the world have neglected this very point as they relaxed their password policy, but this pandemic has proved to be one of those times where focusing on the password policy is a priority. 3. Thoroughly checking the Desktop: Even though this pointer doesn’t need any explains, but for those who have a brief overview of the whole situation but cannot put a finger on what they need to, this guideline is nothing but a savior. According to this guideline, before the employees report to the office, the organization’s IT department takes a detailed test including health checks and checking whether or not the Data Prevention Tools are working perfectly. All the systems are updated to the latest versions of antivirus signatures, patches, and software versions. 4. Data Hygiene: Speaking about the most important measure to undertake in this remote work culture is to keep your personal laptops clean. This means deleting all the data, any research on the topics related to the organizations. This way you don’t leave any primary digital footprint on your system and this reduces the chances of data breach. Now that every organization has taken up its responsibility to contribute towards cyber security, the role of cyber security consultant became an integral part of an organization’s strategic planning too. If we take the example of today’s market, we can see how its dynamics are impacting the presence of an organization and malicious practices like data breach challenges all these firms to a whole new extent. That’s why hiring the best cyber security consultancy services became an important decision. Toda’s situations can make an organization seem desperate to take up cyber security services, but cyber security is such a service that has an equal importance even if a small business is pursuing it. On a concluding note, if you are looking for the finest cyber security consultancy you can always choose Assured GRC. We not only provide you with the answers to your issues but also devise such plans that might help you in the long run. Call us today at +44 (0)203 4759 932 and book your consultation.

Role of Compliance Management in the Global Market

When we talk about compliance management in a competitive market, we can fairly get the rough idea about why it is important. Whenever we talk about a competitive market, we often start seeing the sphere right from small scale businesses to big conglomerates. When we mention small businesses, we consider all the factors they, as the new players, need to focus on along with the compliance management. If these small businesses don’t comply with the regulations that have been laid out in the market, for inter-personal and legal aspects, their existence might get a threatening exposure. But since we are here to look at the broader concept, let’s discuss about compliance management and the role of compliance consultancy firms in the global market. We all know this for a fact that every company has its own level of risk that it allows itself to bear, even though these capacities differ with the scale of each business these capacities stay functional in all the organizations, be it of any scale. But while speaking about these risk assessing capacities, we shouldn’t forget the minimal requisites all of these companies need to meet. Compliance management is one of those minimal requisites that play an important role in the operation of any organization. When we take a look at the global market in this respect and observe the role of compliance consultants in London for instance, we can say that everywhere around the world companies have started taking this seriously. But still some companies have been negligent towards the whole idea of it. Therefore, this negligence has a significant impact on the global market. Speaking about the same there are a lot of benefits of compliance management that can lure in all the organizations who are neglecting its importance. 1. One of the most important benefits is that compliance management helps an organization to regulate its operations in accordance with the basic community services the organization has benefited from. In today’s world, where every business is paying its part in keeping the competition up, compliance management turns up as a way to safeguard the interests of the employees and the stakeholders and promote them to work in the cutthroat environment. Compliance management also helps the organization to regulate its personnel’s professional behavior whenever they deal with third-party resources. 2. If an organization chooses not to comply with the market regulations, it might face difficulty in maintaining trustworthy relationship with other players in the industry. If we take the premise of today’s competitive market yet again, we can see that keeping a healthy relationship with other companies is one of the key factors that drive the very existence of a firm. When every organization is paying attention to its compliance function, the chances of competition reduces to a level where every organization in the market is contributing towards the betterment of the economy. As not complying with the regulations can make an organization face quite a lot of legalities, it makes such an organization dead-weight in the market. 3. Speaking about the legalities faced by any organization that choose not to comply with the market regulations, all of these can be viewed as the consequence of not understanding the gravity of the situation down to its roots. If we put the facts and explain them in laymen’s terms, or in the sense in which a professional compliance consultancy firm would add, we can say that if these regulations are laid out in the market, it has been done after considering all the benefits it’ll provide for the smooth workflow of the companies. Compliance brings the sense of unity in the market and makes the organization to work in harmony with each other. And if any form violates these rules, and gets penalized for doing the same, it’s nothing but logical. Speaking about the legal formalities, no organization wants that to happen, especially not the small or medium scale businesses that are still in the making. 4. When you a company who chose to focus on your compliance function, and have hired the best possible compliance consultancy firm to help you with the same you ensure your firm from severe reputational damage that it could have faced. As we discussed in the previous point, if an organization choose not to comply with the regulations, it might face legalities that can damage its overall brand image. No organization would lie to work with the same and every player will avoid such a firm up to an extent that it exits the market on its own. Compliance consultancy services help such organizations to see the reality of today’s market and educate them towards the need of compliance in their business. For these organizations, compliance consultancy is a logical approach because it ensures that your company stays within the regulations and doesn’t hamper its goodwill by anything in the market.