The Severity of Crisis Management and the Role of an Ideal Partner

Crisis management services are just as important as other aspects of a particular business like risk assessment and quality control. But what makes crisis management one of the most important aspects of an organization is the fact that crisis management alone can help the management and the employees of an organization to protect their operation from any crisis or threat that might be lurking in the market. On that note, let us all agree on the fact that when it comes to hiring the best consultancy services, most of the organizations consider those candidates who can offer a large variety of services stock because a large service palette always makes a candidate more approachable in the global market. And the more or a consultancy firm is approachable the more it holds the expertise in performing the stipulated task. THE TRADITIONAL VS THE NEW CRISIS AND THREATS One of the many reasons why, if you take a look at the crisis management firms in London, you would find all of them eager enough to serve more and more organizations, because of the drastic change in the nature of the crisis in the global market. Yes, the nature of the prices that are hitting the Global market has changed, and. not in a good way. Back in the days when all the organizations were new to the tricks of the trade of the Global market the competition grieve but not at an exponential rate. It was after the invention of the internet when all the players in the global market started considering shifting to the digital platform which gave them exposure to a large number of customers. This shift also brought along a series of threats which included cyber-attacks and network breaches. Now, we all know that cyber crisis management services are one of the most important ones when it comes to you looking for Consultancy Services for important factors of a business. But addressing such instances is equally important which is why the consultancy services are approached with Great Expectations from all the organizations across all the industries. HOW CAN ASSURED GRC, HELP YOUR FIRM? Talking about Crisis management be it in the sector of cyber-security or any other sphere in the business, at the very fundamental level, it might seem the same as the need for GDPR consultants in the UK. Just because of the fact that crisis management consultancy Services will help an organization to prepare itself for the most brutal cyber attacks on network breaches, it has become all the more important in today’s digital age. But let us consider that you have decided to try the best candidate out there as your professional help. And with that in mind, you have decided to go with Assured GRC. Let my hypothetical example be an optimistic one so that you can get a better perception of our services along with getting an even better idea about how we offer what we offer. With that being said, Assured GRC works with you closely and tests the efficacy of your existing crisis management plan and also helps you in identifying the loopholes in at. And for the organizations that don’t have an existing plan, our organization helps you establish a crisis management capability that suits your organization the best. The crisis management plan which we will help you to come up with will skilfully tackle all the threats that are most likely to arise within your business niche. After that, we will help you in defining and documenting all the various threats that your organization is exposed to and will also help you to convert these threads into a potentially successful risk score. ON A CONCLUDING NOTE If you think that your organization might need our professional assistance you can always look us up online by visiting our website or you can call us and talk to our professionals to know more about our top-notch services, which will provide all-around security to your organization. connect with us today at +44 (0) 203 4759 932, and experience the services which not only make us one of the best crisis management companies in the UK but in the entire world, for that matter.

Importance of a Communication Plan during the Times of Crisis

In recent times we have seen that every organization in the Global market is subjected to a certain level of threat which might affect the overall operation. This is why crisis management consultancy services in London have been one of the most prominent and dire needs for all the players out there. But if we take a closer look and analyze the current market scenario, all of us can agree to a simple fact that none of the companies in the global market is entirely capable of mitigating immediate fraction crisis just with the help of one or two professionals who claim to have adequate knowledge to handle any given situation. This is why it has been advised by the expert that every company should hire a set of professionals who can perform the task of critical thinking with great efficiency. These critical thinkers will not only analyze all the happenings in the market but also help the organization to skilfully handle any situation that might be unfavorable for them. Adding further to the topic is the suggestion of keeping this team of critical thinkers, independent to an extent where they can take up important decisions without any interference. When we talk about giving this team an independent status within the organization, we don’t necessarily mean giving them entire anonymity. This team will be backed by significant leadership but their leadership should intervene with the decisions that they have taken in their particular sector. When we talk about critical thinking professionals we focus on subject matter experts who not only have the ability to understand the current market scenario but also have the capability to handle some minimal crisis situations. We all know this for a fact that a stable crisis management plan is always followed by more questions than answers. And when this team of radical thinkers, or subject matter experts, are given permission to operate freely, they only ask the question about, “whether or not our organization is ready to take up something big.” This helps them in assessing the current situation or for the current ground their organization holds. But most importantly it makes the organization realize the importance of a stable crisis communication plan. CRISIS COMMUNICATION PLAN The crisis communication plan helps the organization by serving as a route based on which all the employees within the organization will take up appropriate steps when the crisis hits them. In layman terms, a stable crisis communication plan helps an organization to be prepared for any crisis of threat that might befall upon them. And once the land is successfully structured it provides a wide variety of benefits to the company that are as follows: • Safeguarding the brand image of the company • Keeping the confidence of the shareholders which they have in the organization, intact. • Boosting the overall morale of all the employees. • Keeping the financial resources of the organization safe and sound. Therefore, coming up with a stable crisis communication plan not only helps the organization to tactically mitigate immediate risks but also helps them in eradicating the long-term impact of the same. IS THAT IT? Many companies out there might think that creating a crisis communication plan alone will help them in eradicating a particular crisis or threat. But that’s not it. On the contrary, creating a crisis communication plan can never sure the safety of your organization from a particular crisis if your organization isn’t ready with a Communications Management Team, consisting of individuals who will be provided that quality strategize and implement suitable crisis management strategies for the organization. when a sturdy Communications Management Team present place, it would be responsible for analyzing any particular incident in the Global market that might be a crisis, after which it will gather all the information related to the incident and after devising a suitable plan of action as a resolution it will pass on the information to the stakeholders so that further steps can be taken. This gives the organization a complete plan that is both well-structured and Holly inspected for any loopholes. Therefore, if any organization thinks that the crisis management communication plan is capable enough to keep the organization safe; it would be nothing more than an ambiguous notion on their part. A best suitable example of such a well-structured plan is the security consultancy services in London. When we talk about the United Kingdom and the consultancy organizations that extend professional help to all the organizations in the market, we see firms providing all-inclusive services to their clients and help them in overcoming all the issues with all the efficiency and effectiveness that they have been looking for. So, on that note, if you are looking forward to hiring the best crisis management consultancy services, you can always look up Assured GRC. Our team of professionally trained employees always helps your firm in structuring the best crisis management plan, and that too with all the resilience. Call us today at +44 (0)203 4759 932 and hire our top-notch services today.

Why Choosing the Right Consultancy is The Best for You?

As we speak about risk management and its role in the overall development of an organization we tend to see that each and every effort made by the professionals in the particular organization is dependent on the effect it will have on the overall efficiency of the work environment and the structure of the concerned organization. We all know for a fact that after the pandemic, the market has not only been stagnant for a long time but also has experienced some significant changes in terms of the ways in which important steps like risk management and crisis management are taken. On that note, the shift to the digital platform and the allocation of all the employees on the remote platform has made it important for every company to focus on the new risks that might take place because of the increased activity and interaction on the overall digital platform. GET THE BEST HELP YOU CAN FIND Surely, when it comes to planning regulatory Risk Management Services you are required to take external help so that you can have expert supervision at each level of execution. It’s not like your organisation, or your employees are lacking somewhere but hiring a third party organisation to help you with your endeavour, can help you focus on other important management decisions which require your expert supervision. So now that you have understood that a professional consultancy firm can be an effective way of planning your risk management plan it’s now time for you to look around in the global market and choose the best suitable option for your company. WHOM TO CHOOSE? When it comes to choosing the best consultancy firm for your organisation you should keep in mind a few parameters which every third party consultation service providing company should fulfill. Coming down to the services that a consultancy company should provide, you should keep insects that the service palette is according to the operation and the current situation of your organisation so that you don’t have to waste any time 10 making the consultancy firm understand the basic operation of your organisation. Speaking about the same, let’s take a look at the services an ideal organisation should provide: • Assistance in defining all the risk assessment options available for your organisation: when it comes to integrated Risk Management Services, all risk management in general, for any organisation the best consultancy company is always the one that has enough resources to identify all the options available for your company to identify all the risk and vulnerabilities that it is exposed to. There might be some instances where if you don’t have enough help from the consultancy firm that you hired, you missed out on most of the lucrative of Sins available for your company full stop and this includes risk assessment as well. Therefore any company that claims to offer the best consultation service for assessing and devising a risk management plan should always be capable of finding out all the options for its clients. • Training your staff for operating in the relevant risk management process and procedures: any consultancy company that has offered to help your organisation in coming up with efficient strategies for the overall risk management process, should always be able to train your staff to work in the plan that they will come up with. This will help your organisation blend in with the new plan and will effectively result in mitigating all the risks and threats in the near future. • executing risk assessments according to the procedures of your choice: if a consultancy organisation always keep in check, all the choices made by your organisation while planning the risk assessment procedure it gives them the opportunity to provide your organisation with the best resources men procedure because any process that has been chosen bye by the professionals of your organisation is not only suitable but also the best one full stop and when the best procedure is being executed by the professionals in this field your organisation gets the ultimate results. On a concluding note, whether it is risk management, or grc consultancy services in London, if yours is an organisation in the United Kingdom you should always go with the professionals. The above analogy surely things a better picture about the importance of this statement. So, if you are opting for the same you should check out assured grc and the versatile services that we have to offer. Our expertise is not only confined to risk management services but also includes important consulting services in the field of cybersecurity and crisis management. Call us at +44 (0)203 4759 932 and know more about our services.

A Reality-Check For a Prevailing Vulnerability

Cyber-attacks have been one of the most prominent get dangerous activities in the Global market because of the severity and the thread it possesses to all the organizations in the entire world. If we take a look at some of the recent cyber attacks we can see that all the organizations among all the industry in the Global market have witnessed at least one cyber attack in the past couple of years. We all know that there is an 11% growth in the total number of Cyber attacks since 2018. This proves that all the cyber attackers are growing efficient in their ways bye refining their processes and security building their anonymity. According to a recently published article that mentioned some cybersecurity statistics for 2020 an average lifespan of a security breach or cyber attack is 316 days. THE DETORIATED CONDITION Now if we take a look at statistics we can see that not only the organizations but the Consultancy Services are also been negligent towards protecting their clients from cyber threats. An interesting fact added to this discussion is bat recently a survey found out that 81% of all the American audience feel that their personal data is being mishandled by the organization who is asking for it. What can we make out of this figure? The fact that the organizations that you are being targeted by the attackers are being unable to maintain their customer base while they are constantly being breached. If we talk about the intention with which the attackers target their victim defamation can be the most prominent one. WHY? The reason to think that tarnishing the credibility of the target is one of the main reasons for the Tractors is that in most cases the reason behind the attack goes unknown. It might seem ambiguous and absurd at the same time but it can be a valid point because enormity can only be traced back to vigilantism. But this doesn’t justify the network breaches and the trade of stolen data on the dark web. WHERE ARE WE LACKING? If we talk about the UK’s market alone, according to an article published by in May this year, 65% of UK Chief Information Security Officer report to the Chief Information Officer. Whereas 12% of all the companies in the market have stated that the CISO is a friend of the Chief Information Officer. This might be the reason why 57% of all the companies in the market have witnessed cyber-security incidents since the last year. Now if we take a look at these facts we can say that every organization is at fault here. As per findings, a total of 60% of cybersecurity firms in the UK suffer from skill gaps in the cybersecurity field. This can be seen as one of the most prominent drawbacks for or the organizations in the market. WHAT ARE THE EXPERTS DOING? If we take a look at the cyber-security consultancy firms in the United Kingdom there are 1221 of them who are perpetually providing security products and services. These organizations hire almost 43000 full-time employees for the role of cybersecurity and other related functions. This helps them generate a total of 8.3 billion pounds as annual revenue. The fact that makes this entire point interesting is that the total number of cyber-security Consultancy Services has grown at a rate of 35% in the last couple of years. Yet the numbers for the United Kingdom is daunting for every small and medium scale companies. Not only the companies, but the customers as well. But can really blame the cyber-security consultants for all the network breaches? Well, this is a question that needs more attention by the players in the market than the ones who learn about them. If you think that the cyber-security consultancy services in the UK are not at par and based on the above analogy if you have decided to not choose any firm, you are always welcome to check out Assured GRC and its detailed cyber-security services. At Assured GRC we understand that your urgency is our top priority. This is why we not only of quality consultancy services but also help you getting important certifications like ISO 27001. Call us today at +44 (0)203 4759 932 and experience the top-notch quality services which make us the best ISO 27001 Consultants out there.

Why Customers are Worried About Their Data

When we talk about information being handled by big conglomerates, we focus on every scenario where the organization can mishandle the user data and/or fails to explain to its customer about the process. In any scenario, it’s entirely dependent on the fact that if any organization is ever caught up in any of the given situation, it not only disrupts its relationship with its customers but also the employees and other important associates like stakeholders. This is why; every company has started focusing on gdpr consultants and their expert help. But can any external help ever prove to be beneficial if the concerned organization is at default at their very fundamental level? Absolutely not! That’s why; focusing on the very fundamentals and keeping a thorough check on them should always be the primary requisite for all the organizations, irrespective of their scale. Added to the analogy, is the fact that, most of the global audience don’t trust the organizations when it comes to data protection and privacy protection, because of which, every company in the global market has been facing intense backlash from their customer base. According to a report published by Pew Research Center, 81% of Americans believe that the potential risk of data collection by all the companies is more than the benefits the companies are claiming to provide. Therefore, below is a detailed analogy discussing the origination of this despair, followed by some points to consider, for all the companies out there by studying some the biggest GDPR violations in the last couple of months. WHY HAS THIS BOILED DOWN TO THIS? We all know the shift to the digital platform was quite a jump for the global audience. Over the years, every individual has embraced the technology they have been introduced to, and have skilfully turned it to a medium of decision making from their end. This includes data collection and the permit to store private information for better experience in personalized advertisement too. Mentioning surveys conducted by established sources like Business news daily, that states, 77% of Americans have somehow heard that companies often use personal data to extend targeted advertisement and even to monitor how risky their customers can be. Insights like these, shows that, all the companies in the US have somehow managed to build a negative reputation for themselves in the market. Therefore, instances like these are among the primary reasons why their overall presence in the global market has detoriated too. But this isn’t it. The horror for the customers continued on a global scale when German company Knuddels was charged with €20,000 when its client server was hacked and the data was released. From the perspective a prominent player in a stipulated market, the fine might seem mild, but the stress prevails and still haunts the customers who use chatting apps like these. Adding to the data breaches that took place on a global level and are till haunting customers on a global level, is the breach committed by British Airways. In the year 2019, the airline carrier company was charged with a fine of £183 million for a cyber attack on their website which resulted in confiscation of over 500,000 customer records. This fine stands tall as one of the biggest ever levied on an organization, and also as an example of gdpr regulation in UK. Last but not the least, is the GDPR breach committed by tech giant Google, that lead to a fine of $44 million. This breach was first discovered in 2018 by CNIL and was charged with the fine by the same. If we take a look at the Knuddels’ case, both of them have been tangled in the similar circumstance, but the fines tell the reason why a big conglomerate is at a greater risk for breaching the GDPR regulation. WHAT SHOULD THE OTHER LEARN FROM THIS? Talking further about the Google GDPR breach, the levied fine isn’t worth stressing about, but the loss of confidence among its customers, is. The tech giant stated that they’re now aware of the transparency their customers have been asking, and have further improved the consent requirement. This example goes a long way to show how any organization that violates any regulation, can be charged with a huge amount of fine and be subjected to a detailed investigation. This investigation might have save Google from losing all its customers but it won’t be the same for a small or medium scale organization. On a concluding note, if you think it’s time for you to start focusing on complying with all the regulations, and are looking for the best GDPR consultants in UK, you can always reach out to Assured GRC, and get a firsthand experience of the services that not only makes us the best at what we do, but also one of the prominent organizations to keep the GDPR regulation in UK. Call us today at +44 (0)203 4759 932 to know more about us.

How Cyber Attacks are Hampering The Entire GRC Model of An Organization

Whenever we talk about cyber security attacks and their penetration on the overall market, we base our analogy on the freshly updated statistics laid down by credible sources all on the digital and print media. But even after taking a look at them, many organizations still lack the attention they need to put while maintaining their network infrastructure., When it comes to protecting your organization against a particular kind of cyber attack, the entire process is dependent on the fact that you assess the threat in the nick of time. But that’s where the organizations and the digital risk management consultancy services face the problem. FACTS SUPPORTING THE ISSUE AT HAND When it comes to cyber attacks, one thing that remains constant in each of the cases is the fact that none of the professionals or organizations has exactly identified the threat, at the point of breach. The fact that 2019 alone suffered from a loss of $470 million in spoofing frauds, is the proof that the attackers might have access to their surrounding network pretty easily. With being said, every network in a stipulated area is exposed to the threat of being monitored by these attackers. The procedures have been improving from their end, and have turned out to be immaculate enough to avoid any breach of identity, in any scenario whatsoever. If we take a look at some of the common attempts of scanning and breaching a particular network, everything from network mapping till hacking the particular network counts as viable aspects to consider. But the fact that everyone is aware of these terms doesn’t really assure their security. When we take a look at the risk management services being extended to a stipulated organization, these attacks harm them the most. RISK MANAGEMENT AND CYBER ATTACKS Risk professionals work tirelessly to mitigate any potential threat headed towards the organization. But they can’t really do their job if they have the fear of being watched by an anonymous third-party entity. Considering the current market scenario, as the workforce of an entire organization has moved to the remote platform, the threat of being attacked has risen too. According to a research report published by Check Point, Apple, Netflix, and Yahoo have collectively reported 25% of all the brand impersonation fraud via phishing attacks in the first quarter of 2020. Netflix, who was on 7th rank last year, topped the chart as of now, with almost 10% of the entire brand impersonation attacks happened till now. This shows it’s not only about the risk management services but the entire GRC model of the organizations that is being targeted by these attackers. We all are aware how important an addition cyber-security risk management is in the risk management model of an organization, but when we trace the severity of these attacks, we can notice how the governance risk and compliance altogether have been impeached by these attackers, simply by keeping an eye on each movement in the stipulated LAN of the organization. Let’s suppose all the employees who have been working remotely since the past six months, suddenly have to be cautious just because a group of hackers might be watching every step they take. This jeopardises all the functions because it creates gaps between the actual point of initiation and the time of delivery. If everyone in an organization have to be sure whether or not a particular file, document, or image is secure, it will be reflected in the delay of shift timings of the firm. On the contrary, if the top-level management directs their subordinates to take all the possible measures to secure themselves, and carry on with the work, it might lead the organization to face a serious cyber attack that might erase its entire existence from the market. WHAT SHOULD BE DONE? When companies like Netflix and Yahoo have successfully become the target of such heinous attacks, the only others can do is learn and try to be more resilient while devising cyber-security measures. On that note, if you want to make your overall network infrastructure stable enough to survive such attacks, you might take a look at Assured GRC and our expert consultation services that covers all aspects of cyber-security and risk management. Call us at +44 (0)203 4759 932 and enjoy our services today.