Assured-GRC and Interel Group collaborate to provide Crisis Management services

Assured-GRC and Interel Group collaborate to provide Crisis Management services

At some time or another most businesses, whether large or small, will face a crisis that threatens their operations, their people, their income, and if managed badly, their very existence. Those companies that already have in place and regularly exercise a crisis management plan are known to be significantly more resilient to sudden shock. Everyone has their favorite tale of crisis to recite but how many CEO and top-level stakeholder’s sleep comfortable at night knowing that when the unthinkable happens they have the top team and mechanism in place to divert a crisis or even turn it to their advantage. Very few… Given their experience in Crisis Management (CM) planning for major Telco’s and a National Central Bank, Assured-GRC people are uniquely placed to be able to guide their clients in developing a CM plan designed for their business sector. A typical crisis management plan will define the organization’s policy regarding CM, highlight the crisis events most likely to affect that company, and establish the policies and procedures required to identify a given crisis at its inception, and manage it through to a successful conclusion. Today’s announcement by Assured-GRC and Interel Group to combine their strengths in producing a collaborative CM service offering is a new milestone in service capability. Assured-GRC’s comprehensive and proven capability is further enhanced with the introduction of Interel’s global presence and influence, combined with their stakeholder, issues and communications expertise.

Our Approach

Given that a company’s CM arrangements must operate with the authority of the CEO, an Assured-GRC representative will initially meet with that person or their designate to establish and document a precise remit, with outline timings. This will then be expanded into a project, where the most important deliverables are established in a logical order such that quite early on the customer can feel confident that they have some defenses in place.

Service Offering

    • Whether your organization already has a CM capability or not, we will work with you to either test the efficacy of your existing arrangements, or help you establish a crisis management capability that suits your company, and the threats most likely to arise in your business sector.
    • In particular we will help you define and document the various threats, and help you to convert those threats into a risk score, thereby assisting the inevitable prioritization process; some threats that have the ability to become a crisis are common, but usually relatively low impact, while others are uncommon, but potentially very high impact, so your crisis management procedures need to be sufficiently adaptable to be able to cover all eventualities.
    • Where needed, we will help you define your CM policies, create, brief and prepare a top-level CM team, establish supporting processes and procedures (including decision logs etc.), develop a communications and stakeholder engagement capability, and if required, prepare suitable accommodation.
    • We will then help you test and hone your CM team’s decision making and execution skills, via suitably designed desk top exercises, providing both personal and written feed-back.
    • As agreed with the customer, we will then return to test the effectiveness of the company CM processes and procedures on a regular (ideally, annual) basis.
    • BS11200 (Crisis Management. Guidance and Good Practice.) will be used as a baseline to design a plan that precisely matches your particular operating environment and global footprint.
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