Artificial Intelligence for Cyber Attacks

Speaking about Information Security and its importance in the corporate world, we can see that every organizations that has followed the trend of digitization, has kept its prime focus on mitigation external threads that are focused on the data processing frame of the organization. Cyber-security measures taken by a particular organization decides the amount of exposure the organization can handle. As we all know that companies all around the world are working hard to sustain i the ever-changing corporate market and in doing so, many companies resort too many options to criticize its competitors. But being in a healthy competition is what made all these organizations stay relevant and ethically strong in the market. Even after this fair structure, there are still some individuals who choose maligning the brand image of a firm by choosing options like data breach. Options like these are the reasons why all the firms gradually started taking up professional Information Security consultancy services. When an organization hires a firm to help with all the queries related to its IS structure, the organization always wants to buy the best firm available in this respect, and provides solution that provide visible results. Many organizations took up the mantle to provide all the other players with any consultation they require regarding cyber-attacks, but the question here is, are all of them providing the best service? And if yes, why are the cases of network breach and privacy theft have spiked since the past decade? Some would blame it all on the conventional ways of offering data security and some would say it’s all because all the individuals who have internet access are using it excessively. If we look closely, both the points go hand in hand. Let’s take a quick look at an example to better understand this correlation. Suppose, yours is a new organizations in footwear industry and your model is to provide home deliveries to your customers who can just order their favorite piece online. Now that we’ve considered that you are in the online sector with a model that involves handling all the personal data f your customers. Just like every other organization in this sector, yours too will be exposed to malicious network breaches. Viewing this as a high alert situation, you planned to hire a befitting Information Security consultant that fathoms your niche and the concerns you have, and comes up with adequate solutions. But then when you finally hired the consultant, you got to know that his strategies and solutions are both primitive and ineffective in the current market. This leaves you with a pallet full of wasted efforts, resources, and time. Are you willing to risk all this and believe that you’ll still remain relevant to the market? Absolutely not! That’s why all the Information Security consultancy firms need to be adaptive to the constant changes in technology. Because technological advancement alone takes up the largest portion of all the impact the global market witnesses.

Artificial Intelligence: The Only Option?

Considering the above discussion as the premise of your analogy, we can further add that in desperate times like today’s every Information Security consultancy firm should incorporate Artificial Intelligence as the main component o their services. When we talk about the use of AI in relation to today’s corporate world, we can find a number of upsides to it, the most important one being eradication of “human error”.

Advantages of Using AI in Cyber-Security

As we all know this for a fact that AI is designed and trained specifically to collect, process, and store significantly large amounts of data from both structured and unstructured sources. Artificial intelligence uses technologies like machine learning and deep learning to better understand about the upcoming cyber security threats. These technologies allow AI to recognize patterns and complex analytics ad help the Information Security consultant to come up with better solutions for all their clients’ issues.

Risk Identification: The Most Important Feature AI

When an Information Security consultancy firm undertakes AI, the most important benefit the firm receives from this component s risk identification. As we all know that AI’s capability of recognizing patterns in cyber-security through different channels helps in identifying potential threats and cyber risks. And once all the threats are identified; the firm can predict potential cyber-attacks and can warn the clients for the same. In today’s scenario, it is very important for an Information Security consultant to analyse the market in a way that when it comes with a solution for a particular issue, it should be relevant enough in the long run. As every organization shifted slowly towards digital platform, and the magnitude of cyber-attacks increased, every firm out there preferred a consultancy firm that has a unique approach and effective results, and Artificial Intelligence provides an organization with the same.

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