A-GRC Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you only handle big projects?

  • No. We handle large and small projects. We offer the same services to all and we work for government as well as the private sector, in APAC, EMEA or USA.

  • What does A-GRC actually do?

  • We are a Management Consultancy that specialises in the Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC), information assurance and management systems arena. All of our income is derived from our Management Consultancy – we do not sell any product at all, though we may occasionally recommend a supplier or product as appropriate for our Clients.

  • How many employees do you have?

  • We work with carefully selected Associates, who can bring the most appropriate skills, experience and competence, as well as cultural fit, to every project. Thus, we are able to call on a large reservoir of Consultants with diverse and complementary skills.

  • What is your approach?

  • We see GRC as a Board level issue and that is the level at which we prefer to engage. All of our work is driven by you, the Client, and whilst we use our standard approaches (defined on this web site), we are able to accommodate any specific approach or methodologies that you require us to use.

  • How do you determine how much work needs to be done to get to the level needed for certification?

  • We undertake a ‘Gap Assessment’, which compares where you are now in management system terms with where you need to be for certification. This works out the ‘gap’ and that it can be used to determine effort needed, and so elapsed time.

  • What services can you help me with?

  • A list of our skill set is given here, with details of the services supplied.

  • What makes you experts?

  • All of our Consultants have at least 10years experience in their chosen field(s), with some having 20 or more years. We have employees with a large range of professional qualifications and certifications showing that they can demonstrate their competence to a third party. A-GRC also has a number of industry endorsements for our chosen business market sectors

  • How much will A-GRC charge me for their services?

  • That depends on the work to be performed and the services that you require. You will get a good idea of your requirements from a Gap Analysis. A-GRC always do a Gap Analysis at a fixed price depending on the scope. We prefer to have a fixed price for the whole project as this shares the risk of delivery with you and the final payment is due only after you receive your certification, though we will work on a time and materials basis if required.

  • Do you guarantee success?

  • No, no one can do that. However, when we work for a fixed price to deliver a defined objective we share the delivery risk with you by being paid on acceptable delivery. We have never failed in a certification or implementation rollout within the APAC, EMEA or USA.